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Author has written 3 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Sailor Moon, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

The great, epic tale on how my fanfictions went belly up:

Bah, I have re-wrote Imperial Moon three times before this one and I now realize I am never going to be able to please myself enough to keep writing it. Combined the loss of my Flash drive as well as all the information saved onto my computer, I have been discouraged from continuing it. Maybe one day…one day. The sheer idea of how many years I wasted on the re-writes of Imperial Moon while retaining the thoughts of abandoning it makes me want to smack myself. I started the original Imperial Moon when I was twelve years old and in the seventh grade. Of course it had a different name back then. Right now, I am seventeen years old and am a senior in high school. So I will allow anyone reading this to do ze math.

On to the next lame ass excuse:

Exodus was going to be authored by three different people. I have read so many next generation Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction and each time, I rolled my eyes thinking I could do better. I also always wanted to co-write anything with someone. While making random doodles in class, the idea of Exodus was born. I don’t even want to get into the idea I had, which I believed deviated from the usual Yu-Gi-Oh antagonists. Unfortunately, one of the authors dropped out of the project. Right now, I don’t have the heart to ask my other co-author if she would like to continue the story or not. The ideas is dead and probably buried. As much as I would thoroughly enjoy angst, doom, and some more doom in Yu-Gi-Oh—especially when I write for Bakura (swoon,) I don’t see this working out too well. Now, when I think of the story, my mind glazes over it in favor of something more interesting. Like watching paint dry.

Not that anyone cares…moving on.

Tainted Bloodlines was my most popular fanfiction, gaining more than 100 reviews. Then I removed it and re-wrote it and there it sits. Rotting. Re-reading it, I wonder how the formatting became so screwed up. I do not know what made me give up on it since it was well received at one point.

Oh wait, Imperial Moon. That’s right, I entertained the notion that in order to avoid re-writing Imperial Moon again, I should focus on one fanfiction and only one fanfiction. So I chose. Anyway, I rambled long enough. This was just a cute little update incase anyone stumbles across her and sees all these dead fics. I’m not entirely sure anyone will read this in the near future. Oh well. I entertained myself for half an hour--go me!

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