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PLEASE don't hesitate to leave a review for any of my stories. I write first and foremost for my own enjoyment, so there's no chance I'll ever hold a chapter hostage or anything cruel like that. I am, however, motivated to write faster and put out chapters in a more timely manner when I know people are actually invested in my writing. More importantly, I thrive on feedback and constructive criticism as a way to improve my craft.

Giovanni Chronicles Artwork:

Any links I provide will automatically redirect back to this page, so if you're interested in viewing the artwork associated with this story, either by me or generous readers, you can find it under my Deviantart account lordrogersmith6485.

Short Change Hero's cover art was created at my request by https: //www.deviantart .com/sakurahimeart and I have full permission to use this artwork here. Please check out her other wonderful artwork.


Pokémon Rebirth

Several ideas/concepts used in the Enigma Chronicles: Sedition, the Enigma Chronicles: Echoes, and Short Change Hero originated from the Pokémon Rebirth project. The site contains a number of creative, well-thought stories written to flesh out and enrich the Anime world of Pokémon. I encourage my readers to check all of them out.

Link: http: //pokemonrebirth.niftihalostudios .com/index2.html


My name is Austen and I love to write. It's my passion. And... it's how I kill time, mostly.

My biggest project would be "The Giovanni Chronicles Saga", which is a prequel series to the anime and follows the rise and fall of Team Rocket Boss Giovanni The first three installments can be found in my story list below, along with a collection of bonus stories.

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1. The Enigma Chronicles: Oath - A collection of tales that follows the early life and adventures of young academic Samuel Oak in a world predating Generation 1's technology. This story is interspersed within the timeline of my 'Giovanni Chronicles' series but CAN BE READ AS A STAND-ALONE.

2. Heirs to the Ashes: Vol. IV of the Giovanni Chronicles.

3. No Man's Land: Vol. V of the Giovanni Chronicles.

4. The Last Chronicles of Giovanni: Vol. VI of the Giovanni Chronicles. The final volume.

STORY ORDER (Giovanni Chronicles Saga)

Since the "Giovanni Chronicles" will be my primary project, I decided to make a chronological order for anyone who may be interested in reading from the beginning. Titles in bold indicate the main entries in the timeline, while italicized titles are completely optional to read. More stories will be listed once published on the site.

1. Enigma Chronicle: Sedition (can be read as a standalone)

2. Enigma Chronicles: Echoes

3. The Lost Chronicles of Giovanni

4. Blessed Defiance

5. Short Change Hero



Two years after Blessed Defiance, eighteen years before the Anime.


Two years have passed since the disbandment of the Rocket Empire. The world is changing and fast. As the Pokémon Association and the Military Government work together to repair the catastrophic damages wrought by Metsuma Rocket and rebuild the nation, the Rocket Gang (also known as Team Rocket) quietly dominates the black market undisputed under the leadership of Madame Boss, Giovanni's mother. Her focus, as always, is profit. And nothing brings in profits quite like poached Pokémon.

Meanwhile, Giovanni has taken the surname Sakaki after giving up his Ketchum identity and continues to uphold his duties as Viridian City's Gym Leader; but in secret, he spearheads Team Righteous—a mischievous biker gang contracted by Team Rocket to rack up Pokémon in Viridian City and Pallet Town, regardless if they are wild or trained. Gio takes no pride in this alliance and only cooperates on the condition that Team Rocket stays out of his jurisdiction and out of the lives of the people he cares about, believing his team to be the lesser of two evils. However, despite his best efforts to keep the peace and maintain balance, his daily gym duties and nightly chores for Team Rocket have kept him at arm's length from Delia. This rift has cast him deeper into the helpless abyss of his innermost darkness; it has been growing over the years and he can no longer stand carrying the burden alone.

For Team Rocket, however, trouble begins to brew yet again, this time in the form of the Saffron Mafia, who are now holding Madame Boss accountable for a substantial debt owed by the late Metsuma Rocket. Under the command of the young Don Giuseppe, who also happens to be Rita's illegitimate son and Giovanni's half-brother, the crime families left bankrupt and fractured after the collapse of the Rocket Empire have since been quietly reconsolidating their manpower and resources in preparation to depose Madame Boss and take back the criminal underworld. Fearing the breakout of an unwinnable and unfinanceable crime war, Madame Boss dispatches Team Righteous and Rocket Commando Apollo (better known as Archer) to the Sinnoh Region to strike a deal with a mysterious tycoon with powerful connections as well as to harvest rare Pokémon, the profits of which she hopes can compensate Giuseppe.

Joining Archer's task force is Giovanni himself and, without invitation, twelve-year-old Tucker Oak. While Gio desperately seeks to make contact with his lost father and acquire his counsel in taming and controlling his inner demons, Tucker begins his first-ever Pokémon journey, wanting nothing more than to experience the exhilarating pleasures of his youth instead of having to worry about his father's expectations for his future.

But in addition to overcoming their personal conflicts, Giovanni and his allies must also face a new kind of threat, one that operates from the shadows and exists in great and powerful numbers. And rest assured, they are not a force to be reckoned with...


Giovanni Sakaki [POV]

The twenty-one-year-old son of Clint and Rita Ketchum who wrestles with an identity crises after discarding his Ketchum name. By daylight, he is a Gym Leader; by moonlight, he is the leader of the biker gang Team Righteous. He seeks to end his contract with Team Rocket and locate his missing father in an effort to rid himself of his inner demons. To do this, he agrees to undertake a perilous errand that will once again take him and his faithful Meowth far from home.

Tucker Oak [POV]

A rambunctious boy of twelve with a big heart and a fearless attitude. He is also the son of Samuel Oak and godson to Giovanni Sakaki. Despite his father's expectations for his future, he has his sights set beyond Pallet Town and yearns to be a free-roaming Pokémon Trainer like any other kid. To make sure he gets his wish, he goes to extreme lengths.

Aurora [POV]

A female Lucario with strong morals. She trains under a retired Aura Master to develop her powers and someday inherit her title as the Guardian of Paradise Kingdom. Though she serves the Coalition, she has grown disillusioned with them and often finds herself at odds with their members. Lord Brutis holds her responsible for the loss of the Lustrous Orb.

Marco Sapone [POV]

A boy of sixteen who was taken under the Saffron Mafia's protection after losing his family and home. He is intensely loyal to Giuseppe and would do anything for him. With the Saffron Mafia and Team Rocket locked in a cold war, Marco agrees to take on a secret mission in the hopes of averting an all-out bloodbath.


A newly promoted Class A Team Rocket member, and Giovanni's longtime friend. He is appointed by Madame Boss herself to accompany Giovanni and his gang on a dangerous mission to the Sinnoh Region. Though he takes his work seriously, he also recognizes the potential in his friend and wishes to see him aspire to a position of real power.

Ariana Phate [POV]

A leading member of Team Righteous who considers herself more of a business associate to Giovanni. She harbors an intense crush on Giovanni and repeatedly tries to move in on him when Delia isn't present. She also shares a comedic rivalry with Petrel, as the two are always at each other's throats, and considers him a daily nuisance.


A founding member of Team Righteous, and friend of Giovanni's. A trickster of the sorts, Petrel is obsessed with disguises, riddles, puzzles, and words games. He also takes great pleasure in tormenting Ariana, viewing it as a hobby.


The youngest member of Team Righteous, but also one of its original members. He is indifferent to most things and holds a fondness for literature and stories, believing them to be the most optimal escape from boredom.


A late-joining member of Team Righteous who was recruited after immigrating to Kanto from Scotland. He has a bleak but pragmatic outlook on life, but is still known for his sarcasm, wit, and womanizing. His duties for Giovanni include reconnaissance, surveillance, and even bodyguarding.

Lord Brutis [POV]

The Grand Secretariat of the Brotherhood of the Blue Flame (more commonly called the Coalition) who oversees the Red Fold as well as most jurisdictions in the Under Region. Though he does not possess the ability to use the Aura, he has managed to rise to the rank of Red Cloak. He dutifully serves Lord Morbis and the White Cloaks in his bid to gain more power, and secretly plots to take over the Coalition.

Lord Morbis

Also called the High Prophet, he is the leader of the Coalition and the Under Region. He has a quiet, mysterious nature and is rumored to be a most fearsome Aura User. He desires justice for the fallen Aura Guardians of old.

Luna Silvers [POV]

An eccentric but carefree traveling artist with a checkered past. She believes she can help Giovanni stabilize and resist his Aggressive Conscience before it can drive him down a dark path. She has an odd fondness for fire and Fire-Type Pokémon.

Nylie Silvers

Luna's younger foster sister who, like Luna, is parentless and roams Sinnoh freely, more or less raising herself. Her troubled life has made her aloof, self-serving, and hardened. Her disinterest in Pokémon, especially, manages to catch Tucker's attention.

Jaxton Titian [POV]

A young, hotshot mercenary with a rebellious streak. He is the black sheep of his family and is always looking to see what trouble he can get into. A traumatic encounter with Lord Brutis and the Coalition, however, flips his whole world upside-down.

Ryker Titian

Founder and owner of Titian Technologies. He is a wealthy, successful industrialist and philanderer responsible for most of the Sinnoh Region's architectural and technological advances. He believes it is his duty to usher the Sinnoh Region into a new age of prosperity and innovation, focusing most of his resources on solving Sinnoh's energy crisis. He regularly holds motivational seminars encouraging people to follow in his steps and seize their desires.

Crissela [POV]

Once Metsuma Rocket's most ruthless general before turning traitor. Blaming the late crime lord for her woes, she now seeks to destroy his legacy by ridding the world of Team Rocket and anyone associated with them. She has spent the past two years quietly gathering manpower, supplies, and intel in preparation to unleash Neo Torino upon the criminal underworld.

Delia Rezumi [POV]

A young, purehearted woman who is also Giovanni's girlfriend. She works full-time as a waitress at her family diner to help her mother make ends meet, putting a strain on her relationship with Gio. Certain events make her realize life is short and that it's not too late to go out and carve a better future for herself.

Samuel Oak

A brilliant Pokémon Professor, not to mention a gifted inventor, sketcher, and poet. After the loss of his wife, he was left to raise his son Tucker by himself. He is leaving Pallet Town for an extended period to accept a prestigious teaching position at Celadon University.


Cyrus Titian

The youngest son of the Ryker Titian. He is a troubled young boy who prefers the company of machines and robotics over people and Pokémon, considering the former to be at a level of perfection beyond humans.


Formerly the bumbling cameraman Lawrence. His never-ending search for identity and purpose has now led him to join Neo Torino and serve directly under Crissela.

Lady Jadis

A member of the Reverent Ones who secretly detests her fellow White Cloaks, including Morbis. Brutis enlists her help in hatching a coup to take over the Coalition.

Lady Avis [POV]

A brazen and outspoken Black Cloak with a thirst for revenge. She joins Brutis' coup for her own personal reasons.

Lord Salvis

A brilliant but timid Red Cloak who serves as a personal attendant to Lord Brutis.

The Grandmaster

A mysterious denizen of the Under Region and Aurora's master. He is held in high esteem by Lord Morbis.

Ebony Thorne

Chancellor of Celadon University and an old friend of Delia's mother. He has significant pull in the local political and social circles.

Heather Newberry

A nursing student at Celadon University who befriends Delia.

Giuseppe Depiro

The fifteen-year-old don of the Saffron Mafia and Giovanni's half-brother. He is determined to overthrow Team Rocket and claim the criminal underworld as his own.

Priestess Rue

A telepathic Delphox who worships a deity known as Ronazak. She convinces Giuseppe that his ambitions are part of some grand, prophetic destiny.

Darius Scouter

A police officer who was demoted and relocated to Sinnoh following his actions in the last story. He is still bent on exposing Giovanni as a criminal.

Madame Boss (Rita Ketchum) [POV]

The stubborn and absentminded leader of Team Rocket. She is struggling to hold on to her power as the Saffron Mafia moves to conquer the criminal underworld.


An elite agent of Team Rocket who takes orders directly from Madame Boss. He assumes most of Miyamoto's duties in her absence.

Freya and Esma

Twin sisters who serve as Neo Torino operatives. While Freya is uptight with a strict sense of duty, Esma is more down to earth and just a tad flirtatious.

Kade Sorhagen

Team Rocket admin and close friend of Madame Boss. The Saffron Mafia holds him ransom as part of their bid to take back the criminal underworld from Team Rocket.

Spencer Hale

A graduate student and budding researcher in the field of Legendary Pokémon. He is also an old friend to both Delia and Giovanni.

Roland Whitley

Best friend and schoolmate of Tucker. Despite his efforts, he always finds himself pulled into Tucker's shenanigans.

Tiegan Smith

Friend and co-worker of Delia. She served under Torino before straightening out her life.

Zerelda Miyamoto

An elite Team Rocket agent and close friend of Madame Boss. She has set out to find and capture the Mythical Pokémon Mew.

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