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Author has written 10 stories for Naruto, Harvest Moon, Hunger Games, and Shake It Up!.

ok i am saying this right now so i dont have to say it in my stories, i do not own anything exept my oc's and even if i dont own them i will tell you...

first off, yes we know we have a long and pointless poll but we dont want to think of another one at this point soooo...

Hey guys, SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE AFTER BEING ON HIATUS FOR 4 FUCKING YEARS! Expect much better grammar and more advanced plots and story lines, I can't wait to show you all of my new content!

things about myself:

Name: Just call me Tab please :)

age: 15

Height: Why do you need my height?

hair color: Blonde, blue, green, it's different every week, don't hurt yourself.

eye color: Green

check out my deviant art profile! don't have any drawings cause I suck but have tons of favs!:


Status: accepting

I got this Idea from going to the anime convention near where i live and I thought it would be a good idea to take commissions on my work. They will be Oneshots, and no longer than 4500 word (if I can Help it). But this is only when I have time, so you will have to keep an eye on my profile to see if I'm accepting at the moment or not. You will know when my status (which is above this paragraph) says that i'm accepting commisions. I will only do a certain number at a time. If you send a request and it is not chosen than feel free to send it again at another time that I'm taking requests. I will post on my profile the requested stories I am working on so that you know if your story was chosen. Be sure to read all the rules before you send a request. And all requests should be sent to me in an e-mail through fanfiction or if you know me... just ask.

Thank you, And I hope to hear from you soon.

p.s. if you chose from the list below, it might get done faster, because i won't have to do research


1. Only one commission per person (so before you send a request be absolutly sure it is what you want)

2. Do not send request unless my Status says "Accepting commissions" if you do, they will be ignored.

3. Do not post my work on your profile or take credit for my work

4. Do not harass me about not getting to your work. Doing so will result in me either discontinuing your work or refusing your e-mails from that point onward.

5. Do not complain if you do not like how it turned out, (i only did what you asked)

6. Do not request a sequel to a previous oneshot

7. Do not ask for it to just be sent to you, all requests will be posted on fanfiction

ok... i think that is it for the rules... if i think of more... i will update it...

Things I would like in your request. (all things with an "M" are mandatory)

"M" Pen Name (profile name on Fanfiction)

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"M" Couple (yaoi allowed)

"M" Rating (K, K, T, M)(Lime/Lemon)

situation(can be one word ex: bondage, incest, affair, coffee, ice cream)

any other character that you want to appear

anything special you want added (lines, actions, places, etc.)

Once that is done just send me a message through Fanfiction with all that information and let me take care of the rest.

couples I approve of (there wont be a 'couples i don't approve' because I am open to new ideas) :

Naruto Shippuden:

nejixtenten (Neji and Tenten)

naruhina (Naruto and Hinata)

sasusaka (Sasuke and Sakura)

deidaraxsakura (Deidara and Sakura)

kibaxhinata (Kiba and Hinata)

gaasaku (Gaara and Sakura)

itasaku (Itachi and Sakura)

gaahina (Gaara and Hinata)

Harvest moon

akarixany guy...

I, Tabs14, do solemnly swear to review all the fics I enjoy, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

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Underneath his headband, on his forehead, was not the usual, but strange, blue cross, but a red scar, in the shape of a lightning bolt. Tenten gaped at him.

“Tenten, I am Harry Potter.” He said this so seriously, and Tenten couldn’t help but stare, eye’s bugging out of her head, her jaw hanging open. She stared at him for ages.

Five minutes.

Ten minutes.

“You’re kidding, aren’t you Neji?”

“You’ll never know.”

13 tips, 24 hours (this story was rated M, this is your warning)

#5: Do not initiate body-heat sharing.


Sakura sighed, and tried again. “Gaara...”


“...i’m cold.



She gave him a glare. “Freezing cold. You do know what that means, don’t you?”

“...that you’ll be too tired to talk?”

“No!” she snapped, albeit the slight chattering of her teeth. “It means...I need body heat.”


“...then use your own, dimwit.”

“I am not a dimwit, you dimwit!” Sakura screamed, jumping up from where she was seated on a rock. “I meant—I need your body heat!”

“ want to have sex with me?”

There was a choke, as Sakura stared at him with shock and horror in her face.

“How dare—you—even—suggest it!” she spluttered, still choking a bit.

“I was asking, not suggesting. You said body heat.”

“Which means hugging!”

“...which leads to sex.”

“No! Where did you get that idea??”


“...oh. But I thought he’s...gone.”

Gaara shrugged. “ He was right, wasn’t he? Sex is body heat.”

It was galling to think that he was right—but he was.

“Yeah,” Sakura replied reluctantly. “”


“ you want body heat.”

“Yes—no!” Sakura couldn’t believe it—now she wasn’t only choking, she was stuttering! And all because of...this! “I want body heat—“

“Which is sex.”

“But I don’t want sex—“

“Which is body heat.”

“Oh!! let’s just end this conversation, you—you—pervert!” she screamed. Then she stalked off, red in the face and muttering curses under her breath.



“’re weird.”

Maybe she could just kill herself and be done with this madness. Seriously.

Little Miss Seductress : Take two








*Several Seconds Later*

"Oh. Hi, teme. What was that you were saying?"

Sasuke looked up towards the top of the hole in the ground that he had just dropped into.

"Shut up. Naruto. Or I will punch you."

When Hiashi Wants Grandkids

"We are gathered her today to blah blah blah blah...this man and woman...blah blah blah Tenten, do you take Neji to your husband?" Hiashi said.

"I don't-" She started.

"Want Hiashi to kill me prematurely so I say yes." Hiashi finished. Hanabi and Hinata giggled. "And do you Neji take Tenten to be your wife?"

"I do not-" Neji started.

"Want to follow Tenten shortly after so I will also say yes." Hiashi once again finished. The newlyweds sighed. GREAT... "Okay! Now sign these papers so that you will be offically married!"

Tenten growled."I REFUSE-"

"To think that Hiashi will kill me fast, .WILL." Hiashi growled. Tenten sighed and signed the papers, knowing there was no way to get out of this. Neji also signed, not wanting to anger Hiashi anymore. Hiashi picked up the papers and smirked to the pair. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. Now you may go make babies!" Neji and Tenten glared at him. Like HELL they are! Hiashi turned to them and whispered, "There's a empty room down the hall...feel free to use it.."

--i really like this story_

"Anyway," She continued. "How should we get out of here?"

Right after she said that, a shout came from above. "DO NOT WORRY MY DEAR! CAPITAN EMO FIRE LEAF IS HERE!"

Tenten gasped. "It's a bird! IT'S A PLANE!"

Neji cut her off. "It's an OOC idiot wearing a cheap ass costume from halloween last year." He stated.

Sasuke pouted. "RUIN MY MOMENT WHY DON'T YOU?"



Hiashi gasped and look behind him. He chuckled. "Some guy in a cheap old batman halloween costume is going to beat me?"

Sasuke stomped on them ground. "NO!" He complained like a little kid. "I am CAPITAN EMO FIRE LEAF! I will DEFEAT YOU!" He punched the air. "COME ON SPARKLES!"

"Sparkles?" Hiashi questioned.

Right after he said that, Sasuke's hair flipped off his head and a head, two wings and popped out off it. It was a chicken! "BAGAAAAAAAAG!" It screamed as it went into it's karate stance.

"YES!" Sasuke cheered. He went into the same stance as Sparkles. "CAPITAN EMO FIRE LEAF and SPARKLES vs. HIASHI!" He yelled.


Naruto!” Kiba exclaimed as he skidded to a stop near his friend. He was panting slightly, but this did nothing to deplete his excitement. “You’ll never believe it! I’ve-”

“‘Just met the most amazing woman!’ Right?” Naruto guessed, the acoustics of his locker causing his voice to be amplified and echoed in all sorts of weird ways.

“Huh?” Kiba cocked his head to the side like a puppy. “How did you know?”

“Because, Kiba,” Naruto pulled his head from his locker and looked his friend in the eye, preparing to start in on a lecture. “Every single year it’s the same old, ‘Naruto! Naruto! You’ll never believe it! I’ve just met the most amazing woman!’ Then you become an obsessive stalker for months until you’ve finally been rejected enough times to realize that she’s not interested. Then you spent God knows how many more months as a heartbroken zombie who never leaves his house and just sits in the corner petting Akamaru all day! Then, after you finally get over all that only to come running at me, yelling, ‘Naruto! Naruto!’ again! You know what you are? You’re a pervert! No, you’re like a cat lady! Except you’re a guy and it’s with dogs. You’re like a… Hey! Kiba! Are you listening to me?”

But Kiba had long since lost interest in whatever the hell Naruto was saying. At that point was looking right past Naruto’s shoulder to a clump of blushing girls who were huddled together against the wall. They kept whispering and giggling and shooting glances in Kiba’s direction.

Kiba raised his eyebrows at them flirtatiously, winking in the gaggle’s direction. “’Sup?”

The girls all made a high-pitched squealing noise, which was most likely one of pleasure. One even ventured to say a shy, “Hi, Kiba!” before the whole group scurried off, buzzing with newly excited conversation. He grinned with self-satisfaction.

“Kiba!” Naruto snapped, calling him back to reality. “Did you even hear a word I said?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Kiba brushed the subject off with the wave of his hand. “Stalker, rejection, heartbreak, cat woman. Got it.”

Betting againest Love

"Hey Chase! What's up?" Luke waved to him. "Chase? Hello? Hey Chase! Earth to Chase! Do you read me? Oh no, we lost him! Curse you cruel fate!" Luke shook his fist in the air. "Chase! Chase, it's me, Luke, your pal! You remember me, right? Chase? Chase!" Luke started shaking him.

"Did you say something?" He broke out of his phase.

"Chase, you're alive! Thank the gods!"

...(this indicates my favorite parts of the same story!)

"Akari, it's still raining, so there's nothing to show me."

"But, Gill, look! I think the rain is letting up!" Gill got up from his seat and marched toward the window. He looked up at the gloomy gray clouds overhead. Bolts of lightning shot through them. "See? Can I go outside now?"

Gill's face twitched. "Are you crazy?! No way! Did you see the lightning?" Then the booming sound of thunder was heard. "Did you hear the thunder? You're not going outside!"

"But, but it is letting up! Before it was apocalyptic, now it's just catastrophic!"

"When did you learn those words? Did you just recently read a book up in the library or something?"

"No, but can I go outside?"

"No! Wait for it cease. When it stops raining, Akari, the puddles will still be there. Just be patient! Patience is a virtue! Have you heard of it?"

"Probably not."

"Akari...don't do anything stupid!"

"Define stupid."

"Anything Chase or I wouldn't approve of."

The End Of My Profile, I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them! :)

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