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I am known to some of you as the Unknown Artist who doesn't sign in to review. Well, I decided to change that. Now I am the Unknown Artist of Hanagakure. That is only because of the fact that Unknown Artist and The Unknown Artist were already taken and I had already set my heart on the 'Unknown Artist' part and refused to even change my ways. I am a stubborn mule when it comes to things such as that.

My addiction here on Fanfiction is Deidara/Sakura pairing. Itachi/Sakura pairings are good as well, with the right writer. I loath the instant love stories where both just fall in love just after seeing each other. No, dear readers, love is not like a Disney movie that has the princess meeting the prince one time and singing about true love's kiss. No offense to Enchanted because I do like it, but love is not like that at all. Maybe with some people that works, but not enemies like Sakura and Deidara.

Another pet peeve of mine is the whiney Sakura. She is not whiney. Maybe as a twelve (or thirteen) year old, but not as the sixteen year old. She has inferiority complex problems where she does not think she is strong enough and feels left behind, but she is not a whiney b(beep). She is agressive; quick tempered when it comes to her teammates, not patients at the hospital; smart and quick at learning; and I even like the idea of her being a bit of a tomboy, unlike Ino who is a total girly-girl.

Second pet peeve of mine has to do with Deidara. Most people who do this are not writing a Sakura/Deidara paring story. They make him out to be an idiot. Deidara is no idiot. He is apart of Akatsuki and even Tobi who acts like and idiot is really the evil mastermind. So no idiots other then Hidan could survive Akatsuki and their missions. He had to have been let in at either the age of 13 or 14. Most likely 13. So he is smart, quick witted, and even deadly skilled with his arts. He probably even has some good taijutsu just as back up.

I do like writing humor, though I don't know if I'm all that good with it. I do enjoy reading stories that make Deidara squirm a bit... okay a lot. He just seems like the kind of guy that is easily ruffled and he reminds me of a bird or cat when he is flustered. All those feathers fluffing up or the hackles of a cat rising in annoyance. So cute. So that is usually what I try to create, but I know when to be serious.

I do not like Yuri or Yaoi nor slash. I will not read lemons, but I will read stories with lemons in them. It's called skipping.

My friend here in Fanfiction is Volleys-chan and we do soundboard off of each other, so that is why our writing is somewhat similar. Both of us pick up things from others writing styles and add it to our own. We just read a lot of the same stories.

So I will add more once I return.

Till then,

Unknown Artist of Hanagakure is signing out.

Ja Ne

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