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I've changed my screen name, as you can see :) and finished DiC

Yay!!!! Order of the Phoenix is here!!!!!
Whoa - I thought it was awesome. The plot, as usual, kept me going from beginning to end, with all the usual wit, humor and character. The conclusion was a little disappointing, though - not as complex a plot as GoF. The Prophecy was...depressing T_T. Not to mention Sirius dying (SOB)...Losing the whole little-kid adventure innocence. Still, I think the world is continuing to develop beautifully and I think it's better than GoF. And all the bits and pieces of information I am quite sure is going to lead up to a spectacular ending in the 7th book...OotP has the feeling of the start of a trilogy.

Let's see...I liked the explosive!Harry, but I think he could've been more dark and cynical. I loved Fred and George - god they're geniuses, Ginny (she turned out SO hot!! 100% F+G's lil sister), Luna Lovegood cuz she's so independent (I swear she's going to end up with Harry), loved noble!Neville, loved to hate Umbridge (REVOLTING!), loved to hate Cho (bitch.. :P), loved Sirius and Remus - JKR's just asking for slash (how can someone so hot and special and close to Harry die??? *SOB* poor can someone so hot and special suffer???), and I feel guilty saying this cuz I love Snape, too...but GOD I LOVE JAMES POTTER!!!! The arrogant/cruel!James gives the old saintly!James a total new sparkle ^_^

And of course, everyone else continued to grow and be loved (Hermione, Ron, McGonagall, Draco, Hagrid - I forgive him for all his blunders)
I would quote more book 5, but then I'd be here forever. *lol*. I'm done.

I ship Draco/Hermione! Even tho JKR plainly states that Draco is a nothing but an asshole. I ship Sirius/Remus - god they're so hot together o_o. Ditto Harry/Draco :D. Harry/Ginny, Harry/Luna, Hermione/Ron, Lily/Severus, James/Lily, James/Sirius...waiii XD everything's so cuuuTe!

As you can see, however, I'm not the world's most prolific author. I only have one ol' fic out (but finished at least). DiC (Dr/Hm), a vampire-tinged epic. Not your typical Dr/Hm. I am told that I have a very original plot^^ enjoy!~


My favorite fics and authors:

The Very Secret Diaries of the LotR Characters* (LOL!), A Season in Hell, and the *Draco Trilogy* by Cassie Claire (possibly the world's most famous fan author), neither of which are on ff.n, unfortunately

Roman Holiday/Jewel of the Nile/Last Tango in Paris* Trilogy by Anna (no longer on ff.n, but

Fics by _Bohemian Vixen aka QoS_ and _She's a Star_ and _Rhysenn_

Happy Ficcing!
Tabbycat ;)

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