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Hello, I am Shireen. I love Vampires and everything to do with them! FUN! . My current Fanfic is 'Roses Black.'

BIO! I'm supposed to have a BIO!? Okie Dokie.

I'm a five foot nothing 14 year old from Canada with a thirst for Dark mysterious novels and literature. I love to write and read and I already have my major and minor courses picked out for when I go to University, Minor in English, creative writing and that, and a Major in Psychology.
Erm...I'm your standered teenager...though I'm 'an upright citizen' Or as upright as a Slytherin can be. *chuckles darkly*
Slash is just fine by me...I read it. Erm...I have no 'favorite pairing' Mostly, it's all fine: H/G, H/H, H/D or H/OC, R/HG, HG/D, G/D, SS/Whoever, Sir/Whoever, Lupin/Whoever or anything. Except for Harry/Ron or Ron/Draco, I'm perfectly fine with every thing.

My Favorite Characters in Harry Potter are: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, and Voldemort also Tom Riddle...the young one.

My LEAST favorite Characters are: Ron Weasley, Fudge *snickers at a memory, and Minerva McImaVriginandBitter.

Erm...I don't know what else to tell you...I'm in Grade 9 and I'm concidered the yearbook writing gets insane.

Dark!Harry is my muse, and he's also the character in my story.

Dark!Harry: Oh, just pass me by like that, I feel loved *sniffs*

Shireen: Stop it, you cry baby/

Dark!Harry: *glares* I do NOT cry!

Shireen: What about that time when you and I-

Dark!Harry: *blushes* I'd thank you NOT to go there.

Shireen: Suit yourself!

Dark!Harry is based of a guy friend of mine who I have known for 13 years, we often come up with the conversations between the two-Shireen and Dark!Harry- on the phone.

Oh and 1 more thing...SLYTHERIN RULES!

Thank you and good bye.


A newer version the Fifth Chapter of Roses Black is up, and I changed somethings at the request of Atawalpa, one of my beta's. My sixth chapter is being worked on.

Darkness, My Friend, was a one shot deal. I am now working on an original story called, "My last Sunset" A fic about Vampires and their society.
A Trio of Vampires stalks the thinning world of the Lamia and are lost in waves of seduction and violence. The first in a Series called, "Lamia: Acerbus Veritas"
Or, Vampire: Painful Truth

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