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I decided that I needed to update my profile because it doesn't actually say anything about me. Then, I realized that if it said anything about me, then people could track me down and, inevitably kill me. So, the only thing I will tell you is that I'm a thirteen year old Asian girl who has nothing better to do with her time than talk about how weird she is.

Ooooh. A page where I can blabber on and on and nobody can stop me. Well, nobody can stop me and nobody's gonna read it either. Ah well. Life can’t be perfect, now can it? If you're poor, you're happy, but you work your butt off to be rich. if you're rich, your unhappy, and you work you're butt off to be happy. lol. the idiocy of life. it’s stupid. like that guy who discovered E=mc2 said (what's his name? Einstein??) "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." lol. he has a funny name. EINstEIN. so, if he didn’t have the "st" he’d be Einein. Albert Einein. i wonder if ppl would’ve thought him to be a genius then. Einstein=scientific, einein=retarded. maybe he owes his whole life's work to the letters s and t. Maybe the letters s and t is what pushed him over to the genius side. cuz he sure don’t look like no genius. i wondered if he ever did his homework. i know he got kicked outa school. so maybe super-geniuses don’t need to go to school, or do homework. watch me try telling my mom that. can u imagine? maybe we'd both end up being dragged away to the big padded crazy-rooms. I’ve always wanted to see one of those, all soft and squishy. if they added a trampoline to the bottom, then they could put it in the cheap McDonalds playgrounds, or charge an admission fee for it. I’d still pay to get in though. Can u imagine one of those places? It’d be awesome. Unless there were more people in it. Then heads might be cracked. Like in “Pump-It-Up”. ugh. I hate crashing into ppl when I really wanna just PLAY in the jumpy thing. If I were rich, id totally buy my own personal one, after a helicopter, a bookstore, a giant plastic bubble thing that floats on water and rolls down slopes while im screaming inside, and big wings. Oh. And one of those things that make fake things seem real. Like those big rooms with a giant screen and u wear a special suit and stuff that the computer scans and makes u a person inside a video game or whatever. So cool. What are they called? Interactive worlds? I know its inter-something. Hmm. Oh virtual reality. Haha! Where'd the inter part go?


I'm Shooey, the shu of Shu, fan of Eragon, NCIS, and books in general, especially those oober thick ones that you can almost drown in. Like a lot of people here, I'm a nerdy dork. A dorky nerd. A giant weirdo. Yea. Hopefully, I'll actually write a fanfic, but that's very unlikely. (nvm bout that! haha, so proud of me.)

You might be wondering why I'm called Shooey, the shu of Shu. Well, surprisingly, there's actually a good reason for it. You see, I live in the town of Shu. It's a charming little town in a charming little state, in the charming middle of nowhere. Shu is a very traditional town. If you were a baker's son, then you'd better grow up to be a baker, or suffer the extreme dis-pleasures of everyone in the town. If all your siblings became rich and famous, then boy, you'd better work until the same became of you, or you dropped dead. That's why EVERYONE's name is Shooey here.
Way back when, the founder of Shu, Sir Shooey, proclaimed that his wife, Mrs. Shooey, and son, little Shooey, were named Shooey by the spirits of Shu, and anyone not named Shooey would be struck down by a bolt of lightning, drown, starve, or suffer some horrible death or another. Immediately, all names were changed to read Shooey. No last names, no numberings, no ANYTHING to set one Shooey apart from another. This was the beginning of the curse upon our little town, all caused by the arrogance of the original Shooey.
You see, with no way to tell one man from another, our town fell into shambles. If Shooey, a lowly peasant, stole money from Lord Shooey, there'd be no way to prove that all that money hadn't always been Shooey-the-peasant's. Judges once again had to rule based on what they knew about each Shooey, because laws just weren't enough now. The poor Roman's, all their work gone to waste. At school, learning was always slow.
"Shooey! What's five times two?"
"Who? Me?"
"No, Shooey!"
"Who, me, Ms. Shooey?"
"No! Not you! Yes. You. Shooey!"
"Who, me? Oh, okay..."
As you can see, life is tough like this. What about homework?, you ask. Homework? Homework is impossible. Not that that's a bad thing, but on the rare occassion we actually do have to turn in something, though, I only have a small chance of getting my paper and grade back. Luckily for us, once a year, there is a ceremony electing the very best Shooey the "shu". Being the "shu" isn't only a great honor, but an opportunity to, for the first time in our lifetime, have an identity.
So, because I'm so insanely awesome, I was elected the "shu" of this year. Shooey the shu of Shu does have a nice ring to it, no?

Boring Fave Stuffs

Fave color: brown, either a rich chocolate brown, or a red-brown, like polished wood. Or rust that's shiny-ish. Or redwood trees. Or polished Cherry wood stuff. Or... well, you get the point, right?

Fave fanfic: an unusual case, a harry potter/ NCIS crossover. unlike a lot of these stories, it doesnt have flashes of disgusting sickness that springs up randomly in the middle.

Fave genre of music: pop, what else? Abba=pop, Coldplay=pop, Simon/Garfunkel=pop
well, other than Disney music, which is surprisingly good :P, and I have absolutely NO IDEA what genre that falls into.

Fave genre of book: Fantasy, no doubt about it. (I believe in dragons, magic, and flying. Yes, I do know I may grow up needing meds. I'm only half kidding about this...)

Fave Song: For some reason, George Winston's Variation on Kanon. Long name, not pop, classical piano, lame, yea, I know...

Fave Foods: Anything rich. Chocolate, pasta, lasagna, chicken pot-pie, stew (never actually had stew, but the books make it sound so goood. I've dreamed about it before...). I love this stuff until i get sick. Then I like apples and eggs. Applesauce with cinnamon or brown sugar is good. Once I mentioned that ketchup would be good too, but people just stared. Ketchup with EGGS though, is very good. And hardboiled eggs with soy sauce.

Fave... Umm... I'm out of ideas. And I'm bored.

My opinions on...

Seriously people? Do you really need to debate whether or not a baby deserves to live? To debate whether or not a baby is even a baby? This is as ridiculous as Hitler! Whoever came up with abortion is stupid. If you say that the places most likely to use abortion are places where if the child is born, they would have a hard life and likely grow up to become a criminal, then that's not really an argument at all. That's just like saying "Let's blow up everyone on Earth before somebody decides to steal from someone!"And if you think their life is going to be so hard that they shouldn't live at all, then you should let them decide! If it's really that bad, they can kill themselves, but at least they would know what it felt like to live!

Very addicting. Even more so than pistachios.

Gay Marriage
Yes, it's against the Bible (I'm Christian) but all it says is man should not sleep with man. Not allowing people to get married really isn't going to affect that much, so go stick your nose in your own business. (I'm pretty sure I'm straight, FYI, and gayness does gross me out. I just find that the people arguing against it sound like stupid, obsessive hypocrites.)

Guys, the best stuff on Earth just go better!

Loved it until I ate so much I almost barfed.

Scariest things in the world. Strangely, when I was younger, I wanted to be one.

I don't have the guts to cuss. Wish I did. But I don't. Therefore, I dislike anyone else who has the guts to cuss, except for that old lady in Avatar. She used cussing in the proper way. I just hate people who cuss when they don't have to. What's wrong with saying "I have to go to the bathroom"? Why would people rather say "I need to take a sht." ? Idiots.

I love love love my computer, even while it's sucking away my life. I would rather trust you random viewers of my profile and/or story with details of my life than my actual friends. So sad. But I'm still stuck to my computer.

Fuzzy Toe Socks
Yes, Angela, I know it cuts off the circulation in your toes. I, however, adore them. They're so CUTE! and your toes get individual treatment. Don't you want your poor, crooked little pinky toe to feel good once in a while?

Its great to go to a new place and kick back on a new bed and watch different tv channels once awhile.

Spending lots of money= BAD
Walking around all day= BAD
Feet hurting= BAD
Being bored= BAD
Getting new stuff= good
all in all, mostly bad...

(I know the above format is all messed up. Weird glitch in the font I can't seem to fix.)

Random Blabberings!! WHOOO!

Preps who think they're better than nerds are never gonna get good jobs. Why? Because almost every big business is run by a nerd.

I used to want to be a clown. For real.

Disney rocks. I rewatched so many of the movies to finally understand why all the older people were laughing in strange places. Oh, the power of subtle innuendo.

I don't care if you're a big, selfish, evil, jerk. If you cried during UP (the movie), you're a good person.

Yes, I listen to really old music. However, that doesn't make me weird. It's all the other stuff.

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