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Poll: Please vote for your two favorite entries in the Esme Erotic Ecstasy Contest. Winner will be announced on November 15th. Vote Now!
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Esme’s Erotic Ecstasy Contest: Hosted by kikiwhore (aka kikikinz and coldplaywhore)

Voting is Officially over... thanks so much to everyone who entered and voted! You guys really made some contest newbies kikikinz & coldplaywhore really happy!

Without further adieu, the winners, as announced on P.I.C's Fan Fic Blog this morning:

First Place: Acts of Endless Forgiveness by Elise Shaw
Story Link:
Story Summary:Canon, set during Twilight. In the aftermath of James' attack at the ballet studio, Carlisle returns home to Esme, each of them sorely missing the other after three weeks apart.

Second Place: Taking Chances by the-glory-days
Story Link:
Story Summary: After finalizing her divorce, Esme finds herself trying to drink her pain away at a hotel bar, and she finds herself being entranced and seduced by the young bartender.

Third Place: The Masquerade by Zeewriter
Story Link:
Story Summary: He's waited for her and she never knew. One Halloween night changes everything.

Thanks again for all the wonderful support! - kikiwhore!

For the love of all that is holy… when will Esme get her loving? TELL ME WHEN!! (on hands and knees begging like a little bitch)

Okay, now that that is done… kikikinz and coldplaywhore (aka kikiwhore) have decided, against their better judgment, to host a little contest to celebrate all things Esme. She’s not only a strong female role model, she’s also quite the MILF who doesn’t get nearly enough play in the Fan Fic World.

So we are imploring both newbies and established writers and readers to jump on the bandwagon and throw some love behind Esme. Lemons are not required, but are encouraged.

The overall objective of this contest is to give Esme some much needed loving. We would prefer a drunken, flirty and downright wicked Esme, but it’s not a requirement, she’s just sassier and funnier this way.

We’re also all for Esme getting her loving from anywhere and anyone. Do you want to see Esme the cougar with Jasper or perhaps she’s getting it on in a threesome with Carlisle and Newton. Hell, bring on the ladies and have Esme and Angela get it on. We’re up for anything that you want to write as Esme gets the love she so oh clearly needs. Bring on the Crack-Fic and Twi-Slash!

The only rules of the Esme contest are: No rape, no pedophilia, no drugs and NO creepy stuff. ‘Nuff said.

We even have one of those fancy schmanzy banner things so you know we're legit! : Check it out here!

Contest is open to everyone as long as you're old enough to vote. If you're under the age of 18, you shouldn’t be anywhere near this ‘M’ rated stuff, we know you are out there youngins.

All entries must be a one shot story with a 10k word limit and please do your best to edit and get your stuff beta’d. There really are people out there who want to pre-read and edit your stuff for you, find them. Feel free to enter as many times as you would like and you are welcome to do a collaboration with another author should you wish.

This is a one-shot contest. Should you wish to expand on your story after the contest has closed and winners are announced, please feel free, but don’t do that shit beforehand. It’s not fair to everyone else and you will be disqualified.

Upload your story to your profile, with the following items at the top and then send us a PM so we can upload it to the C2. Easy peasy? Yeah, I thoughts so.

kikiwhore presents Esme’s Erotic Ecstasy Contest

Story Title:



Vamp or Human:


Depending on the amount of entries, it'll either be a straight poll vote OR if there are a lot (crosses fingers in excitement) judges will narrow down the choices and then the public will choose a winner.

First place will get the option of either basking in the glory of winning this fucktabulous contest or having a banner designed by my personal banner bitch, flightlessbird11.

Entries accepted between September 15th and midnight on October 31st. Voting will take place between November 1st -14th with the winner of the public to be announced on November 15th.