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Hi. I'm twenty four years old, and have been writing fanfics for more than half of my life. I'm a cosplayer, an artist, increasingly adept cook and what I jokingly call a method writer, because my wardrobe is influenced by what I'm writing at the time. As I now work full time, my updates are a lot more sporadic than they used to be.

At the moment, my favorite currently-running TV shows include Mr. Robot, The Flash, Grey's Anatomy, Steven Universe, We Bare Bears and Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Cisco is my alternate universe best friend and makes me wish I retained more freshman year Spanish. My favorite comic books are Ms. Marvel and essentially anything written by Brian K. Vaughan.

In terms of my inspirations, I blame Joss Whedon and Lemony Snicket for a good amount of my writing style. I recently realized my username owes something to A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I used to have extra notes on my in-progress projects so please consider this my bonus page.

The Five Fingered Journal is designed to act as a sort of continuation to Gravity Falls, as I've refused to accept the idea that Dipper and Mabel's excursions are over. It's been mutating from there, and, thanks to some terrible signs from both the universe and my brain, is poising itself to be progressively less compliant to the "straightforward season 3" idea it started off as--because I so needed a reminder that my brain is a horror show and I can't write for children. Of all my works, this one is my main priority, so it should be updated the most often. However, even if I'm going dark and creepy with this, I'm very passionate about making this a canon-compliant continuiation. It just happens to be one that would never, ever, ever get past the censors on Disney XD anymore!

Now that my NYCC hiatus is over, the only thing that is going to delay me from updating will be regular work stuff and holiday preparations. I'm hoping to be back to drafting the fifth chapter when the election is over. I also ordered a special edition Journal 3, so, once I've bought my blacklight and it comes to me in late Feb/early March 2017, the story will become compliant with any new information from that as well.

I recently was writing the outline on my phone on the subway, when I looked away for a moment at a psychic with the triangle-and-eye logo that was four limbs and a top hat from strongly resembling Bill. When I looked back to my phone, all of my notes related to the fic had been erased. In a very old, otherwise long-retired habit of mine, I'm in the process of curating a playlist for this fanfic. It will be posted here at a later time.

However Improbable was at one point based on the weirdest idea I had for a fanfic. It's an alternate universe to the BBC Sherlock, but is eventually intended to roughly align with the canon universe for Twilight as a sort of sequel. It was the first story of any kind I'd written in first person POV in years, which made it a challenge. My detailed outline of the story got a little mangled in a laptop crash incident last summer, but some frantic digging through my notebooks let me unearth a rough outline of where this is supposed to go. Like most of my stories with romantic elements, the romance in question is an infuriatingly slow burn, because I like characters to suffer through plot to bond--at least two fully outlined and partially written chapters have been unearthed, and may be posted once cobbled the rest of the way together over the coming months.

Darcy Dursley and the Oversight is my second attempt at a Harry Potter Next Gen fic. Like the books, it's written primarily in third person limited, with the focal character being one baby faced bratty jerk, the eponymous Darcy Dursley. It operates off the premise of something that JK suggested but ultimately rejected turning out to be true. Dudley did send one of his two kids off to Hogwarts, just, not the year of the epilogue. the older child, Darcy, in grand family tradition, utterly fails to cope with his younger sibling's magic, and then it gets worse. At the moment, it's a story without couples. Which is honestly likely how most of my stories feel. I do plan for there to be a pairing with the main character eventually, after he gets some character development out of being such a snarky little shit. I'm still debating between two likely options. If you get a second, feel free to guess. I'd love to read what people're thinking I'm thinking. Please note that this story is currently on hold--the chapter I recently posted was unearthed from said laptop crash and recently edited.

In Devotion and Sacrifice: Rewrite is, as the subtitle after the colon would indicate, a re-working of what was at one point my most followed story, Devotion and Sacrifice. Of my stories, it's by far the one where I end up giggling at myself too much while writing. I felt the need to go back to it from the beginning, as I've since changed my writing style, characterization style and some of my narrative style--so basically everything. But I still really like the core concept and the characters.

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Right after the confrontation with Connor on the first day of school, Evan goes to his appointment with Dr. Sherman, just as planned. Except, he didn't plan to be here in the first place today, let alone without that stupid letter. First person POV alternating. Still technically canon-compliant, though it may become AU if it continues.
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