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Pen-chan: Hello, my dearest reader. :D

Here's a little about myself if you'd like to know - and of course you would, I'm pretty amazing, being a Talking Pen and all, I mean, where else would you find a TALKING PEN?! I'm so freakin' special! Hehe, I know I am. Yeah I don't like to brag or anything but-- /gets clonked on the head with a keyboard/ Owww. T_T;

Random reader: Yeah, yeah, shut up and get on with it!

Pen-chan: God, readers nowadays can be so damn violent... rubs head sadly while muttering colorful words

Random reader: I TOLD YOU TO GET ON WITH IT-!

Pen-chan: MEEP. o_o; Alright, alright. Don't get your pretty little Hello Kitty undergarments all in a bunch... .




Name - Well, my pen name here is 'The Talking Pen', and no, obviously I am not really a pen. xD I am a normal, healthy, breathing teenage girl who just THINKS she's a pen... No, not really. I don't have that many issues. is just an uncreative spazz by nature Hm. If you must know, my daddy gave me the name 'Michelle' when I was born, so I suppose you can call me that if you want. o: Though... I think Pen-chan is much easier.

Age - I'M NOT OLD! ... Nor am I THAT young! ... Nor am I telling you! (Cos' it's a pain to update the number every year, y'anno?)

Gender - Ah, well, my birth certificate says I'm female, so let's go with that. xD

Personality - Okay, well, I see myself as a lazy-ass, unhygienic at times, irresponsible, very nonsensical, gets infatuated with something very, very easily, gets more of angry than sad most of the time... and I can proudly say that I am super random to the point that it's somewhat idiotic. :D Oh... and I have low self-esteem. Little do you all know, sometimes I take the slightest things to heart. -_-; It's a pain in the ass, really. (But heck no! I'm not going to cry over it all day! ... depending on what it is. But don't worry, I'll get over it. Eventually.) Yes, well, I'm a geeky Otaku.

Prone to - Injuries? Sometimes. I can be quite klutzy. Infatuation with something (mostly anime)? 99.9 of the time. Laziness? Ehhh... I guess it's safe to say most of the time? ;

Music? - YES! I listen to music all the time! Especially when I'm on the computer. Music is such a great thing isn't it? I like all types of music, but especially rock. /peace sign/

Books? - Yep. I love to read! But my tastes vary from picture books to books as thick as dictionaries. Oh, and I'm probably the only person in the world who hasn't read Harry Potter yet. /guilty/ I fell asleep while watching the movie, and never ever wanted to watch it again. Sorry HP fans. D: But hey, if I do take HP seriously, I'm sure I would have loved it. :D

Anime? - YESSSSS, YESSSS AND YESSSSSS! /screams like a crazy fangirl/ I LOVE it! :D My first anime was Pokemon. xD My favorites at the moment are Naruto and Death note. Pure brilliant-ness.

Drink? - I love meh some Coca cola! Coke is addictive. :3 Oh, and I love any sweet drink, too. Can't stand coffee though. Bleh.

Snack? - Chocolate, please! :3 But I think peanuts are nice to eat when I need something to munch on. When I eat one, I seriously can't stop until my jaws get tired. _

Flavor? - I adore sweet things, but salty is the flavor that I won't get sick of, most likely. Sour is fine, and bitter? YECK. Spicy is nice sometimes. Not TOO spicy though.

Smoking/Drinking? - Uhhhhhh. No thank you? My school told me to say no to people who offer me a cigarette. D:

Swearing? - Like a pirate! I love swearing. xD And no - I do not kiss my mother with this mouth. I have an extra one in my drawer.

Dislikes? - A lot of things. A looooot of things. /throws you long-ass list lazily/

Likes? - The list is even worse than the 'dislike' one. You sure you wanna drown in paper? o:

Straight pairings/Yuri/Yaoi? - Mostly straight pairings. But I do love mah Yuri. :D Let's face it; girlxgirl is smexy! Admit it! Not a big fan of Yaoi, though. I want my anime hotties to myself cos' I'm really greedy. _

Shoujo/Shonen? - Both. I'm totally fine with it as long as the storyline isn't crap. Shoujo makes me happy, Shonen makes me hyper.

My Favorite...

Pairing? - NARUSAKU FTW, BIATCHES! SAKURA AND NARUTO ARE MEANT TO BE! GWUHAHAHAH. /obviously holds a lot of unhealthy passion for this couple/

Colour? - ... rainbow?

Male anime character? - Hard decision! VERY! I love them all! But my current obsession is L Lawliet from Death Note. GAWD, HE IS THE SMEX! /drools as hearts fly everywhere/

Female anime character? - Hm. I... actually, I do have a lot, also. .; But Sakura Haruno is badass, that's all I can say.

Magical creature? - If I said Shinigami, would you leave me alone? xD

Hairstyle? - I like long hair. :3

Flower? - Ehh. Flowers are pretty. I like roses. They're always the first flower that comes to mind for me.

Meat? - Yum! I eat mostly chicken meat. But I love all kinds of meat! Fish, duck, beef, pork, ect. Uh, No offense to any animal lovers. /sweatdrops/

Place to sleep? - ... my bed, you fool.

Emotion? - I'm a happy person! I like being happy! Happpppyyyyyyy! Are you happy? Cos' I'm happy! Yay~! We're ALL happy!




...Okay, you all realize that this is getting pretty damn random and pointless, right? xD Hehehe.




Pen-chan: So there you have it! All the shit you need to know about ME!

Random reader: ... wow. I think my eyes are bleeding.

Pen-chan: ... is that a good thing or bad thing, if I may ask?

Random reader: ... you suck.

Pen-chan: D: /ignores/ Okay, well, anyway, I'm pretty mediocre at writing, so please help me improve by commenting and what not! Please take care of me! Arigatou!

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