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If you actually want to know something about me, go to my homepage. I just can't be bothered to write yet another pointless bio...

All of my stories are at least partially HG/SS, and they're rated R for the most part , so if you don't like it, don't read! I also post at Ashwinder as Crimson Ghoste and at Whispers as Sharptiger.

I started a yahoo group, for HP humor fanfiction. I tried to link to it in chapter three of 'Inked' but I guess I can't do that. So here it is:


I've removed my novel-length fic, Don't Look Back. It was my firt fanfic, and I didn't feel that it was up to my current standards of writing. So, I'm going to revise it and repost it. I will take into consideration the suggestions everyone gave me. Thanks again to everyone who reviewed it, and I hope you'll read it when I have it back up.