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"Laughter is the Key to Happiness"

Instagram: @kristhyyy

Hello everyone! My name is Kristhy or on FanFiction NekoMataDemon. Drawing is my passion and writing is my hobby. I love to make up stories and share it to the readers of Fanfiction. I enjoy receiving reviews, so keep those coming please! You guys inspire me even more to keep on writing. I love to write humorous stories that make everyone laugh, and also I love to make my friends laugh as well. I mean who wouldn't want to laugh? I would have died in two seconds if i didn't at least smile c:

[ Profile Picture: My Elsword icon I drew.]

My favorite couples/pairings [In order] are...1.) Rima/Shiki (Vampire Knight) 2.) Momo/Toshiro (Bleach) 3.) Jellal/Erza (Fairy Tail) 4.) Li Chang Ge/Ashina Sun (Chouka Kou) 5.) Yamuraiha/Sharrkan (Magi) 6.)Laxus/Mirajane (Fairy Tail) 7.) Cynthia/Steven (Pokemon) 8. Roy/Riza (Fullmetal Alchemest) 9.) Si Mun Lee/Sophia (S.I.D.) 10 Kagura/Okita (Gintama)

-[I have this habit on falling in love with side characters. Mmmhmmm Side chars are always the best!]-

To Love or Not to Love Because He is a Jock

Anime/Manga: Vampire Knight (ShikiXRima)

Summary: Rima and Shiki are both famous models, popular, and they attend the same school as each other, but the ironic thing is, they have never met. Everything changes when both mothers schedule a photo shoot for the

two. Including Romance, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, and of course DRAMA.

Upload: Processing

Notes from me: I can't tell you guys how excited I was on publishing this story on FanFiction. I foreshadowed this story to be one of my best and it actually is. I am having a blash writing/typing this story! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as i enjoy writing it!

As You Sing To Me


Anime/Manga: Vampire Knight (ShikiXRima)

Summary:Rima gets accepted into Cross Arts Academy, a prestige school where only the talented are admitted. As a gifted pianist, Rima lacks confidence to share her voice. Will she ever open up? Shima c:

Upload: After i finish Today My Life Begins

Note from me: I was reading some fanfiction and a thought just came to my head that i wanted to write a story about Shima but instead of being JUST models, they can sing as well. It's not a musical but more of an arts school where high schoolers can just be themselves. It's supposed to be a 'fun' or to say 'funny' story but all stories will have their own conflict. Well what is 'Fun' with out the cast of the Vampire Knights? Each student has their own talent and don't worry, it won't always be about Rima and Shiki!

[Character Talents]

Shiki: Model, Musician, Choreographer, Singer, and Actor

Rima: Pianist (state champion) and Singer

Kaname: Singer and Musician

Yuki: Guitarist, Singer, and Musician

Aido: Singer and Musician

Yori: Violinist (5 time state champion)

Kain: Dancer, Singer, and Drumline

Ruka: Actor, Musician, and cosmetologist

Zero: Artist and Dancer

Ichijo: Actor

This is Wonderland


Anime/Manga: Bleach (MomoXToshiro)

Summary: Momo is kidnapped by a man who 'claims' to be the Mad Hatter. He takes her to Wonderland and tells her she is his long lost fiance. But, what other secrets are the people of Wonderland hiding from her?

Upload: MAYBE after I complete Peach Prodigy.

Note from me: This story is going to be full of Fantasy and all that stuff. I love the story of Alice In Wonderland and wanted to create my own twist to it. This is Wonderland will involve a lot of cray cray secrets. Basically, to spoil it a little, Momo as you know is 'Alice'. By the summary, you all can tell Toshiro is the Mad Hatter Hottie (Idk but I have this love for the Mad Hatter. lol). The things I added into the story is a 'Supreme Court' and the country Toshiro takes Momo to is Called 'The Country of Hearts' which is currently ruled by someone...can't spoil that much. XD I just hope you guys stick around to read it! I'll make it as interesting as possible. (:


Alice: Momo Hinamori

Mad Hatter: Toshiro

Red Queen: (not yet decided)

Knave (Knight) of Hearts: (Not yet decided)

Tweedledee/Tweedledum: Kiyone/Sentaro

White Rabbit: (not yet decided)

Cheshire Cat: Kenpachi and Yachiru

Blue Caterpillar: Mayuri Kurotsuchi

March Hare: (not yet decided)

I want to have at least all of the Bleach characters participate in this story if possible. c:

Today My Life Begins


Anime/Manga: Bleach (ToshiroXMomo)

Summary: For the past 16 years, Momo has been homeschooled all her life because of her over protective parents. Until one day, her uncle successfully persuades her father in letting Momo go to private school. The brunettes first goal was making friends but will she makes friends with the right crowd or fall in love while on the way? HUMOR HUMOR ROMANCE DRAMAA!! XD

Upload: MAYBE after I finish Peach Prodigy.

Note frome mee: This story was originally meant for D.Gray-man but i decided to change it up to Bleach. I have this story planned out and most likely there will be more than thirty chapters! This story will have a load of humor and DRAMA! I hope you guys are looking forward on reading it! c:

Peach Prodigy

Anime/Manga:Bleach (Momo and Toshiro)

Summary: Momo is the school geek but when she's behind the computer playing Elsword, a MMORPG game that is well known in her school, Momo becomes a gamer prodigy in hiding. As a well known person in Elsword, how long will she keep her secret hidden? Especially from a curious white haired boy...

Upload: Processing

Note from mee: Elsword is an actual MMORPG game and I play it when i have time! My character's name is MiniLove. (Proud Player of Void Princess since Beta!) if any Elsword fans play the game or want to play, YOU SHOULD TELL ME! It's really fun and It would be kinda cool playing with my readers. For more information go to (this is the main web) or [I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING C: !!!!]

Also,This story was brought to me when I was leveling my character (level 60! CAPED.) and I thought about what it would be like to make a gaming story! And I have everything ready and set! This story is going to be a BIG HIT! I have a feeling!! I hope you guys stick around and read it! MWAH! C:


Name/Username/Job class/PVP rank [ Lowest..F,E,D,C,B,A,S,SS..Highest]

Momo/Dreamy/Void Princess/SS

Toshiro/FrozenKnight/Lord Knight/SS

Rukia/Chappy/Code Empress/C

Ichigo/Mindless/Lord Knight/S

Renji/ViralRA/Rune Slayer/S

Matsumoto/ArchRose/Grand Archer/A

Ikkaku/DarkLord99/Over Taker/F

Orihime/ILoveCake/Wind Sneaker/D

Festival Dresses:

Rima's Dress:

Rima's Shoes:

Matsumoto's Dress:

Matsumoto's Shoes:

Orihime's Dress:

Orihime's Shoes:

Rukia's Dress:

Rukia's Shoes:

Hamel Outskirts:,r:29,s:0,i:178&tx=98&ty=70

[Go and check out the characters on their website to get a better idea on what and who they are!!]

Bring it On


Anime/Manga: Vampire Knight (Rima/Shiki)

Summary: At her old school, Rima was one of the best dancers and also the Drill team's captain, but when she has to move to another city, the strawberry blonde suddenly stirs up trouble at her new school and gets into a dance off with their captain of their drill team who is a rich snobby wannabe and thinks she is the better dancer then her. What Rima doesnt know is she has been watched by the schools basketball captain, a Chestnut haired player who seemed to have taken an interest in the strawberry blonde...

Upload: MAYBE after I finish To Love or not to Love b/c he's a Jock

Note from mee: This story was inspired by my BEST COUSIN (Kristina aka Tina) who is also in the drill team. I was at dance practice at my temple one Sunday and Tina showed us her drill team dance and they were AMAZING! The dance her school did just have me the chills!! I loved it and i just happened to think about making a dance story! Rima is actually going to be the badass girl in the story while Shiki is the manipulative player and the basketball captain. It's going to be 'intense' love because he tries to win her heart but Momo doesnt fall for him that fast. Okay enough spoiling the story! Just wait for it to come out! I want to make this story short so maybe no more than 10 chapters hopefully... c:

Sinister Void


Game: Elsword (Aisha/Elsword)

Summary: After getting transferred to Elder HQ, Elsword, a young general, was given orders to protect his majesty's daughter from a dark magic called Void which has destroyed several villages leaving nothing behind. Will the knight successfully protect the princess or have his heart stolen in the process?

Upload: Future

Note from mee: I had gotten many requests on whether I was ever going to create an Elsword story since Peach Prodigy struck new liking from the Elsword community! So after a long time planning and research, I decided to make one! This story will be dark with a touch of romance (; I have always loved the couple Aisha x Elsword since it was cannoned (not a fan of Raven x Aisha) and the two have so much chemistry together in the game and out. I'm super excited on writing this story and I hope you guys enjoy it too!

(DW)Aisha: Princess of Elder

(IS)Elsword: Former General of Bethma HQ

(BM)Raven: General of Feita HQ

(IP)Chung: Emperor of Hamel

(CE)Eve: Queen of Altera (Queen Nasod)

(GA)Rena: Lady of Ruben

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To Love or Not to Love because he is a Jock reviews
Rima and Shiki are both famous models, adored by their fans, living the life of luxury, and attend the same exact school, but the ironic thing is, they have never met one another before...not until both mother's schedule a photo shoot for the two. R&R
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Bleach - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 100,094 - Reviews: 334 - Favs: 129 - Follows: 112 - Updated: 4/2/2014 - Published: 8/10/2012 - M. Hinamori, T. Hitsugaya - Complete
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