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Gosh, this thing desperately needs an updated version...

So, it's been two years since I ventured into the wide field of fanfiction. Quite a lot of stuff got written in these two years and I very seriously consider that I've gone leaps and bounds beyond my initial level of writing. The overall premise of my fics remains roughly the same tho- using underdeveloped characters and/or OCs to tell a story of my own in some already established setting. I decided to make a short list of my works so far, both future ones and work in progress because a lot of stuff has been written since last time I updated this bio.

A Stolen Heart: A Fate/Stay Night AU detective story set in a almost-classical noir world. I'm very very very fond of it because it actually proves that I can finish a fic when I seriously decide to. The story is told in first person from Lancer's POV, a washed-out ex-cop who now works as a PI. An otherwise run-on-the-mill case turns out to cover up a conspiracy that can shake the whole city to the core but despite all this, the grizzled hound dives in head-first, willing to do what needs to be done, come hell or high water. Many cameos by other F/SN characters, taking roles both different and similar in this noir setting compared to their original medium. And again, finally, a fic of mine that is Completed.

Downfall of a Master: Even after all this time I consider DoaM one of my best achievements in fanfiction. It's a one-off dark fic that focuses more on the psychological aspect of the dark fic genre than on the more... bloody parts. This one is told from first-person POV as well and is a retelling of the last night of Kale, the main character from my first major fic- 'The Road to Mastership (than still bearing the positively ingenious title of 'The Sinnoh Journey'). It portrays a possible distant epilogue for the fic, portraying Kale's possible future if professional Pokémon battling and the thrill of challenging anyone who's stronger overcomes Kale and becomes his sole reason for living. DoaM won first place in the First Quarterly Bulbagarden Fic Awards in the categories Best One-shot and Best Darkfic. I think that's quite the achievement considering that BMGf is one of the big three of Pokémon communities in the whole world. One-shot, completed.

Pokémon LX: The Road to Mastership: My first real fanfic, it's a journey fic focusing on an young trainer from Celestic Town setting out on his journey. Even tho I've more or less dropped the fic, it's still my longest at around 130k words and 20 chapters. In my opinion it's main points are the characters and my takes on the possibilities that can come up during a Pokémon journey. Kale, the protagonist, while being naturally somewhat hot-blooded when it came to battles always prefers to plan his moves beforehand or brainstorm during the match itself. Vivianne was my first try on a female main character that ended surprisingly well- it seemed that I was good enough in both decosntructing and playing the Tsundere trope straight that some guys at Serebii pointed out how her journey through Sinnoh more or less mirrored Asuka's numerous trys and fails of standing out as a pilot. And that was before I had watched NGE. My fave character tho, was and remains, Jed. Writing someone so obviously crazy and just raving mad was awesome, considering that his insanity ranged from trying to kill a bird, Rambo-style, for stealing his potato-on-a-stick to turning a hunt for a rare Pokémon into a parody of a war movie sequence in the deep dark jungle. Chaptered fic, unfinished.

Second Chances: A Digimon fic that combines both some underdeveloped canon characters- like Willis and Relena with a cast of OCs. Once again, the Digital World is in danger and the Sovereigns need Digidestined for the job. But because this time there is a very high chance of facing off against other, less-than-good Digidestined, the Sovereigns choose boys and girls in their teens with the hopes that someone older and more cynical would do what s/he has to do if push comes to shove. Of course, with the protagonists not being the wide-eyed kids Digidestiend usually are, things go south quite quickly. The ones who actually want to fight are new to this and/or too kind to actually be of any use. The most experienced of the group is too bitter after having lost his first partner years ago and now even refuses to let another Digimon imprint on him. And Willis and Terriermon are stuck wondering what on Earth's happening and why the hell they had woken up in Tokyo, in a world that still doesn't know of Digimon and no one has ever heard of the first Digidestined. Chaptered fic, unfinished.

The King of Skies: A Pokémon one-shot that just popped up in my head one lazy afternoon. It's the retelling of the last day on Earth of the prehistoric King of Skies- Aerodactyl. It portrays the wild untamed world through the eyes of the mighty predator as on the same day he achieves both his greatest victory and greatest failure. One-shot, finished.

You Either Die A Hero: A Shaman King one-shot that retells that epic battle between Hao Asakura and his descendant Yohken in one of the last rounds of the Great Shaman Fight. It's told from Matamune's POV as the old cat spirit reminiscences of his time spent with both men, the two so different yet so similar to one another. This one-shot is actually the 'nail' that serves as a divergence point for my SK fic Crossroads of Infinity- instead of actually landing the finishing blow on a beaten Hao, Matamune can't bring himself to kill his former friend and half-heartedly betrays Yohken. One-shot, completed.

Crossroads of Infinity: My seconds longest fic so far. A Shaman King Continuation AU that focuses on the life of a teenage group of would-be shamans in a world where the Great Shaman Fight of 2000 never happened. The story, like Second Chances, focuses both on canon characters and OCs. Each protagonist gets his or her own 'arc' that tells of how they come across the existence of spirits and deal with their own problems, both those stemming from being able to see ghosts and the ones that have haunted them since years before. The first arc is told from the POV of a 17-year-old Hana Asakura as he half-heartedly waits for his school life to pass by and rages at the arranged marriage set up by his old-traditioned family- only to discover that his fiancée can see ghosts and that there's the spirit of a 600-hundred-years-old vengeful samurai haunting the hallf of his school at night. The second arc focuses on the transfer student Alejandro as he tries to cope with the returning disease that had left him bed-ridden in childhood and the beasts spirit stuck inside him that threatens to turn him into a raging killer. Chaptered fic, unfinished.

PLX: Winds of New Beginnings: A project that somehow died in infancy. It was supposed to be a story parallel to The Road of Mastership, this one telling about the journey of a trainer who is less than happy about being forced to leave his comfy house and hometown and set out in a cross-country jounrey through the wilderness. Set in Johto. Unfinished.

Crack'D! Johto Style!: More of a crack-y walktrough log than a fic, it's the humorous story about a crazy selfish trainer who sets out on a journey through Johto, encounters psychopathic Pokémon and laughs at the ridiculousness of some aspects of the Pokémon world. Unfinished.

My main arch-nemesis when it comes to writing is not only the writer's block but the fact that my head is always brimming with different ideas- one day I'm writing like crazy one fic and after a week I just drop it and start another. Rinse, repeat. Thankfully, A Stolen Heart broke the cycle. So here's a list of my favorite shows, books, games etc etc so you can know what I'm more likely gonna start writing about when it hits me...

Anime: Code Geass, Fate/Stay Night, Pokémon, Digimon, Tsukihime, Shaman King, Naruto (Shippuuden), The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Darker Than Black, Baccano!, Durarara!, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Pandora Hearts, Gundam 00... okay, it's a long list so I better stop here. :)

Western Animation: Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Total Drama Series

Literature: The Harry Potter series, the Witcher saga, the Inheritance saga, The Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire

Meta: Star Wars (mainly the EU- especially in the tiemframe during/before/after the events in the KOTOR series, both the comic and the games), Vampire: The Masquerade (I just love vampire stories and this is probably the only really good setting about vampires in the 'modern nights')

Future prjects:

Okay, here's the tricky part 'cause with the writer's block lurking around every corner and my usual short attention span, anything could happen.

Fate/Re:Trace - a F/SN fic that tells the story of the Sixth Grail War, happening in NY. The War itself takes place in Hartcroft- the fictional sixth borough, made my geomancer mages fleeing west from the Association during the 16th century. The whole mage world is in an uproar- first of all, the Grail suddenly is back after being destroyed, or someone has dug up another artifact and is setting up another War for reasons unknown. And not only is the War now set not in some quaint little town in the middle of nowhere but in one of the most populace place in the world, which also happens to be the main hub of 'free' mages in the west. The Church, scared that maybe this time the Grail could really be connected to something Biblical send a whole back-up Burial Agency along with the usual mediator for the War. The Schwarzweiss Agency that is in charge of protecting Hartcroft is running around town like crazy trying to keeps things under wraps and find out if there's any real danger to the city itself while their higher-up vie for the power of the Grail. A shady information dealer tries to play all sides against one another for reasons unknown and, arguably, the seven Masters of this War end up in the worst possible situations. Ayaka, the Master of Saber, seeks out entry in the War without even knowing what it entails. Graham, the Master of Archer, enters the War only because the Mage Association in Europe wants to get their hands on the Grail. Aleister, Master of Assassin, enters the War to find a way to cure his magic-induced paralysys and prove to his noble family that he isn't useless. The daughter of the Second Owner of Hartcroft, Meissa, enters the War partnered with Lancer to prove to her father she deserves to inherit the position of family head. The mysterious Master of Rider charges into the War ready to do anything to win, the Grail being his only chance of overpowering the old family crest that devours him from the inside so his 'grandfather' could absorb his body and continue to live forever. The Master of Berserker initially seems content on just killing left and right, just like his Servant, and prowls the city in search of the strongest opponent. The Master of Caster, Lacie, is yet another young mage who stumbles into the War by accident and ends up teaming up with the reluctant Master of Rider. But Lacie's condition soon starts to deteriorate as more and more Servants fall in battle... and to top it off even an eight Servant, an Avenger is summoned by the aforementioned 'grandfather', who wants in on the War as well but seemingly knows the secret of the new Grail and what's actually happening behind the scenes. And one Lord El-Melloi II also enters the fray, shocking those who know him by conspiring with both mass murderers and the Church, as he works towered an unknown goal while armed with knowledge about some future events that, by all means, no one should possess...

Yet Untitled Code Geass Rai-centric Fic: Well, Mao got his Deliverance, why shouldn't Rai get something as well? I haven't actually read the visual novel 'cause I don't know Japanese and sadly there's an English patch but I think the wikia and TVTorpes have armed me with enough knowledge for the project. The difference from the novel is that Rai's prison capsule gets stolen along with CC during the rebels raid on the Britannian Research base. After being saved by them, Rai ends up feeling obliged to help the rebels however he can- which eventually leads to quite the friction between him and Zero, quickly guessing that the mysterious anarchist possess a Guess of his own as well. The fic starts of with Kallen interacting with Rai the most but there isn't anything set in stone. While the fiery redhead is as enamored with Zero as in canon, Rai can't help but be wary of the man as he wonders where he was sent by the Directorate on an unknown mission. Rai also has quite the problem with trusting people and is prone to lying- on the outside he is all smiles but initially he thinks that anyone who knows about his secret could endanger his life and report him to the Britannians... but his view even on Britannia's military starts to change after Zero pulls his landslide stunt in Narita even after Rai had warned him that the plan endangers the town below the mountain...

So, which one sounds better? Which one would you like to read? If you'd bother at all, do drop me a PM so I could know. Also, since reading this probbaly means you've read one of my fics, well, a hearty thank you to you, dear reader!

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