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Author has written 5 stories for I Am Legend, Aliens/Predator, Transformers, and Five Nights at Freddy´s.

Thanks for taking the time to read to my stuff!

I'm 24 and work at the local Pet Smart and am married to a wonderful man! I live in Florida now with my new husband, bearded dragon and three snakes. Anyway I was very depressed for a while (medicated) and college was sucking the life from me so I stopped writing for a long time. I recently have been feeling well enough to pick it back up and am feeling much happier being back in the author's chair.

Between working on my Aliens/Predator fanfics and rehashing my Transformer fanfic, I'm actually working on rewriting my I am Legend fanfic into an original piece. Maybe one day I'll get that published uwu. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I don't do a lot when I'm off work (part time) except play some video games (League of Legends and FFXIV, Diablo 3, Marvel Heores, and Pokemon, currently) and I tend to RP on forums, as well. So lots of time to write. I really want to do updates once a week and I have more fanfics where this AVP one came from!

Anyway I can be kinda shy but I like to chat every now and again. ;w; I welcome constructive criticism, praise, death threats, whatever ahaha.

Thanks for visiting! Below I have some neat tidbits and various things about my stories! I'll, uh, put more up here when I actually... come up with stuff haha.



A picture I drew of Nichole uwu

And then I used a doll maker LOL

Citrine sim'd Nichole!


Fanart by Mincemeats of Nichole and Wolf! :D

Citrine did another sim thing hehe


  1. Who we Are - Imagine Dragons
  2. Welcome Home instrumental - Coheed and Cambria
  3. Serpentine - Disturbed
  4. Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
  5. Warriors - Imagine Dragons
  6. Diamond Eyes - Shinedown
  7. Coming undone - Korn
  8. Moving On - Asking Alexandria
  9. So Cold - Breaking Benjamin
  10. Tragedy Time - Rise Against
  11. I am Machine - Three Days' Grace
  12. Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
  13. Diamond Eyes - Deftones
  14. Phantasm by Jesper Kyd (recommended by Artifex est hic)

Fun Facts:

  1. The characters in the story were all originally named after my friends from high school. Now they're not.
  2. Originally the title was "Day Dream" because Nichole had the ability to have visions of the future and she mistook them for day dreams.
  3. In the original draft, Nichole called Wolf "Guard" for a while because I was super creative back then (still questionable today).

Better Days


  1. Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
  2. So Far Away - Staind
  3. Pardon Me - Incubus
  4. Immortals - Fall Out Boy
  5. Movies - Alien Ant Farm
  6. Carry On - Avenged Sevenfold

Fun Facts:

  1. Kathryn originally was attending high school with Sam and Mikaela. That seemed too cliche so I put her in her own town and made her older.
  2. What you know as chapter 11 was actually chapter 7 in the original draft. I've added a lot more with these revisions.
  3. This was originally called "Kat's Story" because I couldn't come up with a title.
  4. In the first draft Kat was taken by Sector Seven along with Sam and Mikaela but I decided to change that in this draft.
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