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Author has written 7 stories for Doom, Faculty, Ginger Snaps, 28 Weeks Later, CSI, Aliens/Predator, and Fast and the Furious.

Hey, what's up?
I'm Summer and I am 18 years old. I live in an apartment I share with my boyfriend and spend the majority of my time locating to and from London and the small hometown I grew up in.
I work part-time in Starbucks, I love my job :) Waking up at 5AM to be welcomed with a Toffee-Nut Latte isn't so bad. I work Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I'm also a College student
studying History, French, Geography and Media. I intend to, however, join the British Army when my courses are over.

I know, I know, education down the drain and all. But I'm actually using my college A-Levels to aquire me the role of an Intelligence tech-geek in the Army so, it's not all wasted entirely.

I love to write. And act, although, not in front of people. I make a story in my head, write it out, act it out, and then delete it to start all over again.
That's what I do a lot; change my mind. I actually have dreams to prove to me how indecisive I actually am.

I am a Gamer Girl and yes, I know what that means. Girls think because they can play a few minutes of Call of Duty, a bit of Mirror's Edge and Mario Kart, she's a Gamer Girl.
And no, that's not me. I'm the sort of gamer who can complete Black Ops in a few hours and play it again just to beat my time. I can beat all the Resident Evil games, on any difficulty, on any console in under three hours. I have the old school PS1, PS2, the old version of Xbox, the new Xbox360, PS3, 3 DS' & a Wii console.
That said, I completely suck at any fighting games. Including, Mortal Combat or Tekken, I actually only play Practice Mode so it doesn't fight back.

I like Metal & Rock 'N Roll purely for the music. I don't wear black, have weird colours in my hair, with a shed loads of foundation on my face and brand myself 'emo' so I basically HAVE to listen to metal because that's what my label entails me to do. Nope, labels hurt people and ruin society. You can't walk down the street blaring out Bullet For My Valentine without a group of people yelling 'Emo' at you. That's not to say I'm not musically diverse though. I can listen to Crucify Me by Bring Me The Horizon, then listen to Closer to The Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars, and even go all the way to listen to Mine by Taylor Swift. I think it's okay for people to listen and be able to listen to whatever they want without branding themselves a particular label and stick to only one type of music. Be diverse, people. Be free.

I have multiple Celebrity Boyfriends :) One: Kenneth Nixon - lead vocalist for rock band Framing Hanley. I feel it was fate that I was introduced to Framing Hanley who've in fact turned into one of my favourite bands of all time. Been to every single UK show they've held. I was in a bad mood, angry and stressed. I walked into my room and my TV was on Kerrang! Guess who popped up? Framing Hanley with their cover of Lil Wayne's single, 'Lollipop.'
I googled them and fell in love. They turned out not to be so popular though, but they're on their way. Two: Garrett Hedlund - actor from Minnesota. I know, I know. Never heard of him? His first movie; play more closer attention to the hot little cousin of Brad Pitt in the movie 'Troy.' His other movies could include; the hot bad boy, skinhead with tribal tattoos in the movie 'Death Sentence.' The washed up rock singer who's got a troubled past but the cutest sexiest fuckin' face (and butt) in the movie 'Four Brothers.'
His most recent movies are of course, more popular. 'Tron: Legacy' he plays the main character Sam Flynn. Then you've got his amazing voice and country accent in the film, 'Country Strong.' And then in the most recent of recent movies, 'On The Road,' where he plays the young, frustrated husband of Kristen Stewart. Boyfriend Three: Toby Hemingway - English actor. Reid Garwin in 'Covenant' is probably where you've heard of him. Taylor Swift's music video, 'Mine' is where you've seen him recently. He's hot. Simple as and even though he's spent the last few years in America, his Brighton bones comes through when he still talks in that sexy British accent.

Due to my extremely busy schedule, I've postponed some stories of mine. That's not to say I won't continue them but it simply means, you will have to wait a while.

In the mean-time, I'm a BETA READER to the most amazing writer on here, a good friend of mine and a very big movie buff, a fellow Garrett Hedlund fan; Chocolate Buttons AKA Iona. Check out her stories, they've very good and actually her, Last House on the Left was the whole reason we got talkin'. You wont be disappointed. She's a very talented writer and absolutely beautiful. Send her a message and tell her I sent you :D

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