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Oh, I'm just your average Severus Snape fanatic. (sighs while thinking of Alan Rickman)

For me, a story has to break my heart to be good. Whether that is out of the tragic circumstances of the charater or the second-chance they are given at life, love or friendship.

Why do I like Severus Snape? Short answer - angst with hope of redemption and a bit of love.

Check out Never Too Late by Scattered Logic http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4097072/1/Never_Too_Late# which offers a do-over for HG & SS. Incredibly sweet.

By the same author The Whole to Own http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3007400/1/The_Whole_to_Own HGSS and despite being AU, completely plausible, in-character and lovely.

As of August 2009, I had yet to read Rowlings' novels and do not expect to. It's now December and though I purchased the set of 7 books in the cute cardboard 'trunk,' I still haven't cracked a cover.

Don't forget Scattered Logic's Even Stopper Death which completely plausible and seductive though too, too short http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5260838/1/Even_Stopper_Death

In 2003, I watched the first film in the series as it was shown on television. Nothing about the film stuck in my mind.

In May of 2009, I watched the first film again as it re-aired on television. This time I was intrigued. Not by the story, the CGI, the plot, but by something I could not pinpoint. When the movie aired a week later, I watched again. I honed in on the character of Severus Snape.

I did know who Alan Rickman was and for me, his portrayal of Snape is, though given incredibly little screentime, a fantastically large persona. The actor's art is to imbue their role with a plausible, living figure. To this end, I conceive Rickman's embodiment of Snape to exhibit a complete, complex and profound character.

Ooh! Don't forget Pet Project by Caeria http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2290003/1/Pet_Project Although at 230,000+ words, still incomplete, but worth every word! Angsty, in-character and visually real. A bit AU, but it doesn't matter, really, it doesn't.

Within fourteen hours, I had rented and watched the first five films of the Harry Potter series – I did not sleep that night!

Though enjoying Rickman's Snape, I had no plans to view the upcoming sixth film in the theater, HBP. As it happens, my work required me to escort people to the film.

The theater, though crowded, was quiet throughout the film. Tension, I believed. When over, I was asked if I enjoyed the movie. I stated that I was confused; I had never paid attention to the plot in the other films!

Over the next three days, I was haunted by Alan Rickman's performance. Portrayed as morose, aloof, sullen, sarcastic and witty, yet I could not help but sense his self-loathing. I searched the online community for the praises and fellowship I expected for such a pitiable character as Snape. I found instead, Snape was branded; Evil, a Bully and had a Hatred for Potter. Really?!

This was to me, completely at odds with what I had seen in the films.

Finally, I found fanfiction. Ah, blessed relief! People who understood the importance of the character.

It is four months (only 4 months!) since my inception into the SS world and I have become a vulture feeding on the carrion of fans' output.

I registered with DevianArt just so I could check out the SS works. (I made my own piece, horribly horrid!) I'm registered with thirteen forums. I read two to three fanfics a day. I discovered SnapeCast and had the ending of Deathly Hallows ruined for me. Of course, all forums ruined it. No one seems capable of not blabbing the plot of the books.

I firmly believe that Rowlings effed-up her character by killing him off. Snape lives!

The best fanfic ever? Denial (3766008) by little beloved. Approximately 250,000 words and every sentence germain and gracious. Snape is completed!!

Where Your Treasure Is by zeegrindylows kept me so interested, I completed the 350,000 + word story in a day. The Life Unlived by sshg316 is also an incredibly intricate story.

I'm going to Infinitus 2010! I have yet to make my own Snape costume, but that's only because I'm terrible at sewing. I have over 50 bookmarks in IE to Snape related sites with another twenty to fanfiction sites. I wrote my own story because I still felt unfulfilled not so good. I think I'm sick.

And while I've been writing this, I've been missing more SS goodies. I'm off...

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