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Name: Grim (or Grimmy if you prefer nicknames)

Age: 17

Hello, my name is GrimAltair24, or just Grim. I play videogames, read books, write fanfiction, draw, play piano etc. I have written several fanfiction series and since I rarely share them with others in real life, I decided to show them here. Thank you for reading my stories!

I have a youtube account here.

And a deviantart account here.


I might start another account, perhaps to focus on other fics and oneshots. I mean, I actually have other fanfictions started now, for fandoms such as Heavy Rain, Mass Effect, Supernatural, Borderlands, etc. If I do happen to start another account, I'll let you all know either in here or in a chapter update :)


So I decided to start that other account which can be found here.

Nothing is up yet, but I have a poll up over there asking which fic should be posted first.


Fable of an Eagle

Master Modern Time Assassin

Reaching For You

Fable of an Eagle: Falling

PROTOTYPE: The Secret of Mutagenesis

Manhattan Rooftops


Fable of an Eagle : I hope I'm not angering anyone about keeping the setting in 2012. So here is my question: Does anyone want me to get to the 1191 A.D part soon?

Mutagenesis 1) For those who have seen the cutscene in the game when Alex finds Karen again after a side mission, I'm going to mention her fate later on >:D :evil laugh: I want people to give me ideas of what happened to Karen so I can make it up >) JUST consumption isn't an option

Arcane: This is progressing really slow due to my lack of history knowledge that can be used. I'm desperately trying to find a brotherhood to use in this series. Can someone message me a list of brotherhoods please? It can't be the Illuminati, the Templars, or the Freemasons.

My Unknown Loss: If any of this story's fans want me to write in a character of theirs for a brief appearance with some lines, let me know by PM. Next chapter of the story will take place when Emily can walk around the ship, which means that she'll be seeing a LOT of people. That's all for now.


Fable of an Eagle : still working. This chapter is in the research stage unfortunately. No idea when it'll be updated.

Mutagenesis : havent touched that file in a while...a thousand apologies.

My Unknown Loss : actually started this already. Planning on what happens next.

Effaced Glass : I'm not too sure about this fic anymore...


(under construction...)


Mass Effect

Heavy Rain

Halo series

Assassin's Creed series


Kingdom Hearts

Mirror's Edge

Gears of War

Indigo Prophecy

Lost Planet

Peter Jackson's KING KONG: The Videogame

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