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December 2014,

Hi well people I have some good and some bad news. I will be returning to I have decided to not let the bullies and flamers chase me away from this site. A site I have been apart of on and off for six years writing and editing trying to inspire and help young writers in away no one ever did for me. I admit I am not perfect. I am dyslexic and have some confidence issues, which can stop my flow of inspiration when working on a story. Because of this I have changed my author name no more then 3 times and changed stories or deleted them completely. My returning is the good news. As well as my continuing of stories like Leah’s new life (which is in the process of being rewritten), and Butterfly kisses as well as writing whole new fics for Twilight, Teen Wolf, Lost Girl, and possibly The Outsiders. So yay me…. I guess

Now for the not so good news, my updates will be sporadic. Sometimes they will happen within days of each other; while other times they will occur once every few months due to life getting in the way, and my splitting my posts between archive of our own and here. And no my writing isn’t on archive yet I am still working on them and nitpicking a few things. I am also hoping to start a whole new writing site for authors of fanfiction as well as original works. But sadly that is going at a snails pace if you can call it that, because it is more like a snail that doesn’t move for days or weeks at a time and when you look at it you think its dead. The reason why that its going so slow is because I have been advised to go on Face book to get such a site off the ground. Right now I am not ok with that because I have severe trust issues and being on face book where people can track me down more easily and harass me even when blocked because they send constant friend requests that go to my e-mail and have to be sorted through by me so that I can find the good and delete the bad. And right now I don’t need that especially since I am going through so much mentally and emotionally that one more stressing situation could affect my writing greatly even possibly making me stop all together. Which is something I do not want to do. I love writing and I do not want my passion taken away from me again.

Now for the sad news, I have decided to leave a few fandoms permanently. These fandoms are as follows Supernatural, Harry Potter, and Glee. I know that most of my stories for those fandoms were never posted here, but they were posted on other sites and for those who knew my other author names have been asking me to post them here and I am sorry I can’t I have already deleted them and or given them to someone else to be rewritten. So again sorry, people have asked me why I have done this and some have even thought I have had a Christian awakening and have chosen to give up my passed sins. Umm… are you crazy? Or are you that desperate to annoy me and make me mad? You certain flamers who pose as my friends supposedly trying to save my soul why do you continue to annoy me? Did my cousins and aunts send you? If they did tell them and yourself to kindly leave me ALONE. Because the only reason I am giving up these fandoms is because I have lost interest and motivation to write stories for them. BUT I WILL BE WRITING a few CROSS OVERS for these fandoms which I am excited about for some reason crossovers with theses universes and others intrigue me and allows me to expand my horizons a little.

Now for my official bio I am between the age of 18 and 29. I am a crazy, zaney, and hyperactive caffeine addicted writer of fanfics and original stories (on good days). On bad days it’s just best to leave me the F*k alone or face my wrath because I can rip you a new one with just my words trust me. I believe in brutal yet respective honest reviewing, but only if you have read the summary and the warnings. If you point out the fact something is different then the series or that you don’t like slash fics when there was a clear warning at the beginning of the fic then I will tear into you faster then a starving lion tearing into a zebra carcass. It just annoys me and people usually do it to hurt and or annoy the author. Please be mature and respectful and I will be the same way to you.

Now for some definitions you should know, so that you will not make any of these little mistakes.

AU: Means Alternate Universe meaning it does not follow cannon.

Gender Swapping: Means just that changing the gender of a character whether by magic in the plot line or by just having the character be a different gender.

Slash: Means there will be gay, lesbian, bi, etc relationships in the story.

All these little definitions can be considered a warning and or advisory that if you once again do not like these plot twists it is probably best not to read the story.

PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME & MINE by reading said story that you clearly you do not care for with plot twists such as these that you hate. BECAUSE ANY FLAME OR SNIDE REMARK will be thrown back at you ten fold with all the wrath of Hades etc. behind it.

As for those lovely helpful and constructive reviews I will love and greatly enjoy and I will send all cute fluffy feels to the reviewer.

Other things to know about me well let’s see I am a huge twilight fan. I loved the plot, but I was left disappointed I wanted to see more character development especially with Bella in New moon I wanted to see her grow and become stronger not having to lean on a male lead to help her and protect her. I also wanted for Leah to have a happy ending with a mate of her own a man that sees and respects her for the strong woman she is. So I have decided to write my own AU story with major plot twists the idea I will post later. Also like I said I am not a Christian and no I do not have a definite religion although I do identify the most with the Wiccan religion, but I have not fully embraced that religion yet I am still studying and trying to understand things. So right now I am Agnostic with a very broad spectrum of spiritual beliefs. I do celebrate Christmas but not in the way others do. Because I believe that Christmas is the time to celebrate family, love, and peace. So no I do not go to church and pray, but I usually wish or hope for a change within me and peace and love for all peoples of the world. And most importantly for there to be no more wars and for people to be more accepting and understanding of those who are different from them. Due to these beliefs being so strongly within my heart they will most often come across in my stories so please do not take offence.

Sadly I am not close to my parents even though I see them everyday they do not know much about my life right now and probably never will. In a lot of ways we are just friends, but not close ones. Which is sad, but to many things have occurred between us while I was growing up and starting college that cannot be changed. It hurts and still affects me today so this may also affect my writing as well. Not sure.

Well that’s all for now. Oh my favorite artists, quotes, movies/books


Taylor Swift

Leah Michelle

Colby Caillat




3 doors down

Meghan Trainor


Twilight (Both)

Harry Potter (Both)


How to Train your dragon 1 &2 (Have not read the books)

All the Toy Story Movies


Zombie Land


Labyrinth (My older siblings introduced me to this 80’s flick and I loved it)

Little Monsters (Another 80s flick loved it as well)

Dark Crystal

The Princess Bride

Lost Boys

Fault in Our Stars (both)

Secret Vampire L.G Smith and her other books


Mortal Instruments (both)

Fifty Shades of Grey

Outsiders (both)

Where the Heart is (both)

Favorite holidays

Halloween: Because sometimes I long to be someone or something else and Halloween is the perfect time to do it costume parties are awesome and fun scary stories and movies are awesome as well.

Christmas: Because I love the feelings of kindness, love and peace it brings. And I love hot coco and the Christmas lights.


It is better to love then never to have loved at all

Never regret, If its good its wonderful, If its bad its experience.

I will never regret you, or say that I wished that I never met you because at one time you were exactly what I needed.

Never regret anything that has happened in your life. It can not be changed. Instead take it as a lesson and move on.

You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

Hurting someone can be as easy as throwing a stone in the sea. But do you have any idea how deep that stone can go.

It’s not love that hurts. What hurts is being hurt by someone you love.

Just because someone hurt you yesterday doesn’t mean that you should start living life today in constant fear that someone will hurt you tomorrow.

Update 12-11-14_

Just when I thought I was ready to get my writing going and try not to have half my stories be depressing filled with expressions of regret for the struggles and pain I have faced in my life. One More thing was added to my stress. My boss and land lord maybe selling his business and my apartment building in the next six to seven months. If that happens I may end up moving back home with my parents into a basement that is not finished and a old house in need of repair if this move occurs then I will be busy working two jobs just to get myself and my two cats and dog (my family) into a new place of our own. So any and all updates will be slow and may not occur for several weeks to months. To my readers and supporters I thank you and send you best wishes on this holiday season.

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