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Author has written 13 stories for Criminal Minds, CSI: New York, and Twilight.

Heylaa :)

My name is Nicole but I prefer Nikki. I'm 15 and female and live in Toronto, which makes watching Flashpoint episodes really really cool.

I love Criminal Minds (adore Reid) and CSI:NY, and most other crime dramas including Bones (but I liked it better with Zack). I like to read and write and someday want to be an author, filmmaker, or combination of the two. I ski and run cross-country and am happiest when it's warm and I'm just hanging out with my friends. My favourite singers are Taylor Swift, Regina Spektor, Serena Ryder, and Paramore.

Please don't hesitate to send me a personal message, or story idea!

Thanks so much to reviewers and all the nice stuff you say. It makes me smile so hard when I see that you like my fics, and if I don't write back to tell you so, I hope you know I'm grateful. To those who don't review but read and add me to alerts and/or favourite, thank you too.

(Mean reviewers ~ I don't delete your reviews, contrary to accusations. Your opinions are still there for everyone to read, so chill.)

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Halloween, wear a poppy for Rememberance Day, Merry Christmas (if you don't celebrate Christmas, Merry December 24th and 25th), Happy New Year! Happy Valentine's Day, watch out on April Fools Day, "hoppy" Easter, and Happy Canada Day. ;)

CriMi fans, check out this awesome blog --

My Stories

(None of which are on hiatus, by the way, I just update slow 'cause I'm busy with school, and then in the summer I'm busy with summer stuff, and I'm really sorry about that but I hope you enjoy them anyway, and maybe stick to my oneshots if you get fed up with long wait periods.)

Criminal Minds:

Rhianna's Voice is complete, however short, and a "casefic". Previously titled: Letters To A Lonely Girl

Forever Hold Your Peace is a oneshot for all Prentiss/Hotch fans. Kudos to HerMyatt for the title!

Bundle of Blue is also a oneshot - it's a JJ/Reid, even though I'm not really a fan of this pairing.

Read All About It is complete, and all about Elle...even though I never liked Elle much. But so much occurred after Elle left the team I had to wonder - how would she react to all of it? And how does she really feel about killing that rapist?

Outside the Box is maybe slightly confusing. Reid's point of view, reflecting on Gideon. Not too sappy, I promise (well, I hope not, let me know if it is). A oneshot, of course.

What Corrie Saw revolves around JJ, and is in progress. I love writing it, and have a bunch of ideas for where I want it to go. Plus, the show seems to share very little about JJ's family life (Does she have siblings? What about her parents? Are she and Will married?) so hopefully, this will shed some light.

Glory In The Flower is a "threeshot" about Morgan and based on the episode "Tabula Rasa". I was watching a repeat on A&E, saw the episode and wondered about the family of that first victim, and so this fic came to be.

Agent Santa Claus is in-progress, to be completed by Christmas, and takes possibly the easiest idea from Criminal Minds to steal (has Gideon found his belief in happy endings?) and combines it with Santa Claus letters. I'm really happy with it and hope you like it too.


Last Man Standing is a oneshot, written in anticipation of the show's season 6 premier. It's gotten more people upset than I thought it would, so I'd like to remind readers that it's just a fanfic. Thanks to all the positive feedback I've gotten!

The Good Guy is a songfic to The Beatle's "Revolution" and is a Flack/Lindsay...I know this pairing is sometimes referred to as FM:RADIO but I wasn't sure if I should call it that because it's kind of unrequited. Previously titled: Revolution

Taylor Made is not all sad and dreary, really! Well, a little, but not too much. It's a oneshot about Mac and Claire (his wife who died in 9/11) and letting go. (Way overdone, I know, but I couldn't resist.)


My Forever is, like most of my writing on here, a oneshot. And yes Twilight I know, I'm sorry, but believe me - the books and the obsession are two different things. And I am not obsessed. Anyway, if I haven't already scared all the Twi fans away, it's about Nessie.


BAU Meets CSI is a CSI:NY/Criminal Minds crossover and in progress. It revolves around JJ's son and DL's daughter, who are now both adults.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I used to put "~~~(asterik)~~~" in the chapters of my stories to seperate different times or character points of views. Fanfiction has now removed this symbol from most if not all of my stories, which doesn't make them read too well. I'm sorry, and please excuse this until I can get the time to reupload and fix every chapter of every fic. (This is now indicated by [XYZ])

Hope you enjoy!

~ Nikki-9-Doors

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When Gideon, returned to DC without his sought-after belief in happy endings, begins to answer children's Santa Claus letters, will he finally get the Christmas miracle he deserves?
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There's a reason the team knows so little about JJ's past, and when that reason shows up in a case file, how will the team react? JJ's about to learn that sometimes, it's not a matter of falling apart, but of coming together. Eventual JJ/Hotch.
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When Jacob imprinted on Renesmee it was understood that he would love her forever, and that she would love him back. But what if she didn't? And what if the only option left...was fire? Oneshot.
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It's a big day for Emily Prentiss. In twenty minutes, she'll be walking down the aisle. But is it to the man she wants to be with? And what happens when a certain profiler decides to interupt? Oneshot
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Picks up at the season 5 finale. What drove Mac Taylor to take out his own team? Was it rage? Was it insanity? Does he feel any guilt at all? Oneshot.
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