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Author has written 5 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Scribblenauts, D.Gray-Man, Pokémon, and Hell Girl.

Hello, I am Raven Rose Knight, or RRK for short. I have a fondness for several things, including Homestuck, anime, manga, Doctor Who, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Pokemon, Sherlock, and various other things. I enjoy reading stories from time to time, and in spite of the fact that I am in college, I do write occasionally as well.


About ME-

Age: 18 (BDAY: FEB 10)

Likes: Anime, manga, video games, her friends

Dislikes: People who annoy me, rudeness, and bad grammar.

Status: Happy, I guess.

Quote: "If it can't be fixed with band-aids, Tylenol, and/or duct tape, you got problems."


MY OC's-


Name: Raven Rose Knight

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Sign: Aquarius :D

Species: Hedgehog

Powers: Chaos Inferno (incinerates the target on contact), can conjure katanas out of nowhere, Smash of Shadows (a very powerful uppercut punch), and can walk on air, water and lava, Chaos Barrier, can change her form based on the area (Ex: Human)

Coloration: Black spines w/ blue highlights (Shadow style, but has two short bangs), peach skin muzzle, crystal-blue eyes

Clothes: Red mid-thigh dress, Black combat boots, plain white gloves


Name: Aquarion Dark

Age: 15

Sign: Scorpio

Species: Echidna

Powers: Super strength, can turn into shadows, Smash Of Shadows

Coloration: Blue spines/dreadlocks, peach skin muzzle, white (rotated) crescent moon mark on forehead, storm gray eyes

Clothes: Black baggy jeans, red and black sneakers, black t-shirt, black leather jacket, red bandanna on head, sunglasses (occasionaly)


Name: Silverstreak Knight

Age: 11 (he is Raven's little brother)

Sign: Pisces

Species: Fox

Powers: Mechanical knowledge that surpasses even Tails, dimensional warps, can freeze and speed up time, can make anything come out of nowhere with the exception of milk (O_o)

Coloration: Gray fur, two tails, gold eyes, white skin muzzle

Clothes: Black pants, no shirt, black sneakers


Name: Marie Angel Knight

Age: 9

Sign: Libra

Species: Cat

Powers: Transformation ability, materilization of anything she wants

Coloration: Gray fur w/ blue highlights, white fur muzzle, two bangs, clear blue eyes

Clothes: Pink mid thigh dress with blue flower on bottom left corner, pink shoes


Name: Skitashi

True name: Ashlyn Kikura

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Sign: Aquarius

Species: Hybrid Pokemorph (Skitty-Human)

Powers: Strong Skitty tail, sharp eyesight and hearing, some other powers unknown as of now

Coloration: Skitty ears, skitty tail, long black hair, blue eyes, pink light fur-covered skin

Clothes: Black jeans, blue sneakers, blue t-shirt, silver attribute bracelet on right hand


Name: Saki

True Name: Sakiiya Miyamoto

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Sign: Libra

Species: Hybrid Pokemorph (Marill-Human)

Powers: Can breathe underwater, can carry people across water, sensitive hearing, water and ice powers overtime

Coloration: Blue n' red marill ears, marill tail, brown hair (in a short ponytail), green eyes, blue skin

Clothes: White jeans, black women's boots, red long sleeve shirt


Name: Eliza

True Name: Elizabeth Hunter

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Sign: Cancer

Species: Hybrid Pokemorph (Butterfree-Human)

Powers: Flight, can see far away, sound-sensing antennae; Bug, Flying, and some Psychic powers overtime

Coloration: Large white antennae, large butterfree wings, shoulder-length dirty blonde hair, maroon eyes, purple skin

Clothes: Denim shorts, ankle-wrap sandals, white camisole with pink stars design


Name: Shade

True Name: Samson Hope

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Sign: Libra

Species: Hybrid Pokemorph (Umbreon-Human)

Powers: Invisibility in darkness,clear sight in darkness,sharp hearing;Dark-type powers,can heal others in moonlight,strongest when moon is full

Coloration: Umbreon ears, umbreon tail, jet black short hair, gold eyes, black (light fur-covered) skin with blue rings on arms, legs, tail, and ears

Clothes: Baggy khaki shorts, plain red t-shirt, black and red tennis shoes, black socks, silver necklace with a piece of a meteorite attached


Name: Dimentia

True Name: Unknown

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, appearance about 20

Sign: Unknown

Species: Hybrid Pokemorph (Dialga-Human)

Powers: Control over all of time, scream=Roar Of Time

Coloration: Long blue and silver tail, dark blue pentagon-shaped gem on area above chest, long silver hair, silver eyes, dark blue skin

Clothes: Long, shimmering silver dress with large metal fan in back, silver spiked helmet/crown, silver sandals (too much metal!! XD)


Name: Pearlia

True Name: Unknown

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, appearance about 20

Sign: Unknown

Species: Hybrid Pokemorph (Palkia-Human)

Powers: Distortion of dimentions, hand wave=Spacial Rend

Coloration: Long pink tail, large light pink pearls on her shoulders, long pink hair, light red eyes, light pink skin

Clothes: Long, shimmering pink dress with light pink wings fans in back, pink helmet/crown, pink pear sandals (too much pink XD)


Name: Ix (Dark Lord Ix)

True Name: Maixus Lee

Gender: Male

Age: Appearance- 20, Chronological Age- 60

Sign: Scorpio

Species: Hybrid Pokemorph (Giratina-Human)

Powers: Command over the Distortion World, Form Changing when he comes to Earth, command over hybrid-pokemorph slaves/warriors, Ghost and Dragon attacks

Coloration: Grey and black tail, gold cover on feet and hands, spikes in back, black shadow wings, ashy-grey short hair, maroon eyes, grey/black skin

Clothes: Black robe, gold helmet/crown, black sandals


Name: Burn

True Name: Unknown

Age: 17

Sign: Gemini

Species: Hybrid Pokemorph (Charizard-Human)

Powers: Flight, fire and flying attacks, sharp claws

Coloration: Orange and peach tail with a flame on the end, orange skin and horns, large blue and orange wings, green eyes, short black hair

Clothes: Light blue t-shirt, khaki shorts, leather sandals


Name: Rika

Age: 15

Sign: Aquarius

Gender: Female

Species: Human: Pokemon Trainer

Preferred Types: Normal, Psychic, Dragon

Pokemon: Altaria, Skitty, Mismagius, Umbreon, Gallade, Nidoqueen

Coloration: Slightly tan skin, light purple eyes, long dusty brown hair kept in ponytail

Clothes: Purple bandanna, Blue jacket top with light blue shirt, black shorts, black socks, blue and white shoes


Name: Mika Lumina

Age: 12

Sign: Leo

Species: Human: Scribblenaut

Powers: None in particular

Weapons: Scribblenaut notebook, pen, her own imagination

Coloration: Tan skin, shoulder length brown hair, chocolate-brown eyes

Clothes: Short purple skirt, purple camisole, purple hair pin, purple fashion flats, purple socks (fav color Purple =D)


Other Info-

If you have somethang to say about my fics, R-E-V-I-E-W, or email me at ashrguev@gmail.com you can also find me on:

Gaia Online: ravenrosechii

Dgraydivinity.NET- ChomesukeAkuma

Those are all usernames.



October 13, 2009- OMGZ! I've decided to do a crossover fanfic! I will post it later! It is called Kira The Hedgehog!! If u dont know what Im talking about watch Death Note!! I need more reviews for K-A-A (Knuckles Awesomeness Adventure) so pleeze review!!

October 15, 2009- I just finished a Oneshot fic called Don't Tell Me This Is The End, and I will post it today!! Please review K-A-A and Kira The Hedgehog will be up soon!!

October 19, 2009- OMGZ!! Thanx you all for the reviews!! I luv you all! . I am still working on Kira The Hedgehog and K-A-A will have a new chapter in the Hill Top Zone really soon!!

October 19, 2009- THE CHAPTER IZ UP! I will be on every day this week, except Wednesday, I have to go to something! Kira the Hedghog is still in progress and K-A-A chapter 8 is in progress! Thanx to Ember113 for all your help!!

October 20, 2009- halloween is coming up!! yayz! time for a K-A-A special for halloween, ill do it after the chapter for the Mystic Cave Zone!!

October 21, 2009- I am going on a field trip today, so no update!! But I'll try to do it tomorrow! XP

October 22, 2009- I am creating the special for Halloween. It is going to be a seperate fic so don't look for it on K-A-A. It will be titled Knuckles Awesomeness Adventure Halloween Special 2009, read and review! Later in the year i will make a fic for Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010! As for K-A-A a new chapter is in progress! PM me with your OCs! Krystan, Jazz the Tiger will appear in K-A-A Chapter 10! Hope you be happy! ;)

October 26, 2009- i woke up this morning to find a 54' LED TV in my living room!! I will be working on K-A-A later today and will post it later! what is fuzzy pink and blue? MY SLIPPERS!! I get to wear them to school 2day!! =D

October 27, 2009- Please. When you review any of my stories, please be polite and keep language T-Rated. even if you are pointing something bad out, please be nice! I am saying this because I recieved a very rude (couldve been nicer) review yesterday for K-A-A. I will update when i can. Anyway the word of the day is SAUCE!!

October 30, 2009- Halloween is tomorrow! =D Anywayz, I posted a new fic called Lost In The Darkness, a Sonic/Hell Girl Crossover. Pleas R&R! K-A-A will be postponed until I get 10 reviews

November 2, 2009- I loove waffles! Halloween has come and gone, and I got 96 pieces of candy!! =D Lost In The Darkness needs some reviews!!

November 3, 2009- sigh More reviews please for my stories! I have four forums up now for Sonic, Hell Girl, Naruto, and Pokemon. Please go in there!

November 5, 2009- I am on forums most of the time. Please review my stories people!! Remember that non-members can review too!! ;)

November 6, 2009- Profile haas been updated with my info, and my OC's. Please Review my stories people!!

November 11, 2009- According to the anime Death Note, Soichiro Yagami died today. Not my fault. Anyway, I need reviews for my stories!! I am working on a new Scribblenauts story and a Punch-Out!! story! I just need some more time.

November 13, 2009- FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH AAAHHH!! I have a new story called Adventures of The Scribblenauts (AoTS)! Please Review!!

November 16, 2009- Pum wirr fo dechick staxaptol 7 eb Advonkulos eb Zo Scliffronaxauts tedaxaupp!! Proaxaso loviod doepro! -What? Can't read gibberish? Look for a gibberish translator or something!!

November 17, 2009- Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I was busy. Please review my stories and if you want to collab a fic with me, PM me!!

November 20, 2009- AACK! I got a 70 in Chemistry Honors?! Whats up with that? I put a new chapter of AoTS up!! Please Read and review!!

November 30. 2009- Sorry I was gone for a week, er, 10 days! Im working on several new stories and new chapters for AoTS, K-A-A, K-A-A Specials, and Lost in the Darkness (LitD). Please review soon! And SpitBlaze, glad you see improvement!!

December 1, 2009- 30 MORE DAYS TILL THE END OF THE YEAR!! AND 24 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!! I made a new community and I want people on my Scribblenauts forum.


December 16, 2009- 9 days till Christmas. I m working on a fic called Golden Eyes, Rainbow Soul!! It will be up soon.

December 18, 2009- Winter Vacation begins. Won't be on for 2 weeks. See yall in 2010!!

January 8, 2010- 2010 everybody!! Hope its a good year. Gonna be busy workin on my stories along with catching up on my anime. :) Adventures of The Scribblenauts has a new chapter coming on Monday!! See yall!!

January 22, 2010- IVE BEEN GONE FOR 19 DAYS?! Time for an UPDATE SOON! I have a new community so PM if you want to be a staff henchman, I mean, member. XD

Feburary 2, 2010- I have put up my first D. Gray-Man fanfic/lemon, Laving on a Winters' Day, today. Please review, or bricks will fall from the sky and land on your head!!

Feburary 2, 2010- My apologies. I made a few mistakes due to an unexpeded occurance. I have reposted the new story, sorry for any inconvenience. :3

Feburary 3, 2010- AAUGH!! I have decided to cancel my new D. Gray-Man lemon, but instead I have a T-Rated story called Twinnocence, that I put on the site today. I apologize for any inconvience again! :3

February 5, 2010- Just a random update. Have fun and remember to send your reviews! :3

Feburary 10, 2010- Its my birthday! No updates today.

Feburary 18, 2010- Havent updated for 8 days. XD I know. I've been kinda busy, the community needs staff members so PM me if you want to join!

February 19, 2010- Twinnocence has been updated!! :D

February 22, 2010- I'll be posting a new story soon.

March 1, 2010- THE MUDKIPS ARE COMING!! THE MUDKIPS ARE COMING!! Look out for Mudkips all this month, and try not to get hit on the head!! XD

March 30, 2010- OC update! :D

March, 31 2010- Prologue of Skitashi Chronicles: My Life As A Hybrid, will be up in an hour or so.

April 5, 2010- Chapter I of Skitashi Chronicles: My Life as A Hybrid, is up! Please Read and Review!!

April 6, 2010- Chapter II of SC:MLaAH is up.

April 12, 2010- PROFILE UPDATE!! After a day of planning to take over the world, I have procrastinated my stories even further. Star fruit is in fact veery delicious, in a melon-y sort of way. Please read and review teh stories people!! And remember im always ready to hunt you down an throw a brick at your head at any time for not reviewing!! :D

April 13, 2010- Profile update! "Chapter III: Dreams of An Absolution" will be up later today.

April 16, 2010- Nuther update. Im sleepy and bored, yet am in a good mood. Just another Random Day. XD

April 22, 2010- Earth Day everyboday! Just another random update. XD

June 1, 2010- I am taking a hiatus from Fanfiction.net until the beginning of the next school year. See you all in August! I'll probably be done with all the fics by the time I get back. See yall later!

December 11, 2010- WOO! I AM NOT DEAD! I AM BACK BABY! Adventures of the Scribblenauts (by popular demand) shall be updated on the 14th! (or sooner depending on my mood) See ya'll then!

February 6, 2012- I am so sorry it took so long but CHAPTER 3 OF AotS is UP!! GO READ IT!

July 16, 2012- I don't know when AotS is going to be updated again... I start college in the fall, but I guess I have time now. I'll get right on it ASAP. (I already have plans for two sequels as well for AotS. One for each of the new games.)

June 11, 2013- What has it been... like almost a year? Maybe now would be a good time to come back... Human 2 Hybrid Chronicles has been updated with two new chapters! Go read them!



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