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Akwardness is key :D

Anyways I don't do much of anything on here except for reading; which makes most people thing I'm a nerd for doing this on the computer but its really fun. :) Well other than this I'm a full time student and I play the trumpet. So thats enough about me...

Other than that, these are the couples I love:

DuncanxCourtney - Total Drama Island/Action

Drew/ShuuxMay/Haruka - Pokemon- Contestshipping

Ash/SatoshixMisty/Kasumi - Pokemon- Pokeshipping

ChadxSonny - Sonny With A Chance

BlairxChuck - Gossip Girl

LilyxJames - Harry Potter

EdwardxBella - Twilight

GokuxChichi - Dragon Ball Z

BrickxBlossom - Powerpuff Girls

BoomexBubbles - Powerpuff Girls

ButchxButtercup - Powerpuff Girls

I also have a DA account so message me there if you want to talk :) bye-bye!

Sleepover Fun with Yosuke and Chie! by Hikaru Lanford reviews
Oneshot - Chie's parents go out of town, so where does she go to sleep over at? Yosuke "Trial of the Dragon Killer" Hanamura's! Prank-calling Hanamura House Messing randomness ensues! Slight Yosuke/Chie fluff included! Slight-- Extreme OOC!Chie D'x
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