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Hello, I'm Hikari Hellion, formerly Kamikaze Shihiro. For some reason my old account got screwed up and I couldn't get any e-mails from the site, but I'm now back! Feel free to call me by my old nickname, Kaze-chan, or as my new name.

I can also be found on multiple other sites. Here's a list of where I can be found online:

Gaia, Roliana, Menewsha, Zaff Cast, Tinier Me, Subeta, Avaricia, Varus, Crysandrea, Solia, and DeviantArt.

Update on fanfiction! Heir to Hellsing is on hiatus for a few months, as now I'm done with the current story arc and I'm working on the following one. Expect another old canon character, much more angst, darkness, and a few more sillies on Nathan's part. I'm also going to be bringing in the Vatican, so there's going to be a lot of complexities in this story.

Through Another's Eyes will also be going on hiatus when I'm done with the Monster World arc. The reason for this is so that I can get a good start on the chapters that take place inthe Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga, which is what the anime is based off of. Sometime in the future, I'm also going to be doing an alternate POV story for Yu-Gi-Oh GX, 5D's, and Zexal, all based on the manga and not the anime. I am going to wait until I've at least gotten to the Orechalcos arc or--if I'm not including Orechalcos--the Yu-Gi-Oh! R storyline before I begin the GX alternate POV story.

And, finally, I've discontinued the anthology Fullmetal Frantic. It's been up for years, and since I haven't added anything new, I've decided it's a good idea to just get rid of it as it's simply wasting space. I may, in the future, write another Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic, but I have no idea when that'll be or even if it'll happen.

As for the college scene...still not back in, and I'm really not too optimistic about being able to get back anytime soon. I tried transferring from SIUC to another college closer to home, but that's not going to be able to happen until I can pay them off...whenever the hell that'll be. So, I'm attempting to get a job so that I CAN start to pay them off and have at least a remote chance of getting back in school, at least at the semi-local community college. I say semi-local, because the nearest town that has a community college is about half an hour away. Blech. So, even when I do get SIUC paid off, there's still the issue of transportation as while the community college in question does have dorms, you need to live more than an hour or so away in order to live in them. Since I only live half an hour away, living on-campus is out of the question.

Now, for planning. In the works I have the alternate POV fanfics for the rest of the Yu-Gi-Oh! saga that I mentioned above, as well as another GX/Persona 4: The Animation crossover that's in the works. The crossover will have nothing to do with the Alt-POV fanfic, as the crossover will be dealing with the GX anime and not the manga. I'm also toying with a Bleach storyline that concerns a roleplaying character that I like to use, Kiyoshi Williams, that shows much of her past and why she has the interesting mix of abilities she does. As such, it should turn out to be rather interesting, should I ever write it and put it up on here.

I also have a couple of Star Trek fanfictions in the works; one is based on the Original Series from the '60s, which will be titled The Adventures of the USS Bonhomme Richard, and the second is based off the reboot (2009 movie), and I'm probably going to be starting it either directly after the first one, or I'll write it after the second one comes out later this month (*fangirl squeal*) and I've seen it--this fanfic has the working title The Torros Files, because it's based off a Star Trek RP character I have, Amika Torros. Both are going to be up here in the future...sometime, and the first one I mentioned is going to be a comedy/action/sci-fi. I'll let you guys know on here and in my current fanfics that they're up and running and direct you to them.

And, finally, the last story I have in the works is my Gaia fiction, Reality Bytes. This is the final title of the story, and while it isn't up yet, it should be within the next few months. I've gotten several chapters written and in reserve, and I'm working on more as I'm typing this. Like the ST fanfics I mentioned above, I'll let you know when this is up and going on my profile page (here) and I'll direct you to it in my other fanfics in the author's notes.

So, until the next profile update, I'll see you in my stories!

Hikari Hellion

P.S.--If any of you guys are on deviantART, then look me up on there (same username) and check out some of my drawings! Pretty please? Thanks!

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