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Hello Visitor! I are Hikaru! I'm just another person in this huge world of many peoples. I'm actually more of a fan-artist, but I might put some fics once in a while, but it's not gonna be like some major expert wrote it, I mean, I still need to know some of my terms! So if you see anything I did, reviews would be nice. I'm not gonna be one to say, "Please don't flame" but that doesn't mean I don't like flames. Criticism is really helpful to me, though. If there's a really random meme thing on this profile, it might be because I'm bored! x'D

Some shippings I like/support are... It's usually rare for me to hate a certain pairing, unless I reaaaly hate one of the characters

Pokémon - Scarfshipping - Kouki/Lucas x Hikari/Dawn x Jun/Barry (Mah OT3 if it's Jun x Kouki x Hikari cuz Jocelyn likes bi-pairings O_O")
Pokémon - Advancedshipping - Satoshi/Ash x Haruka/May
Pokémon - Pearlshipping - Satoshi x Hikari
Pokémon - MossShipping - Hyouta/Roark x Natane/Gardenia
Pokémon - Anyone x Hyouta (It was this one fic I wrote...)
Persona - Main Char x Maki/Mary
Persona 1/2 - Nanjo x Elly/Ellen (Weeeeell, they ARE SEPARATED PER GAMEPLAY! I DON'T KNOW!)
Persona 2 - Tatsuya x Anyone. SRSLY. ANYONE. (x'D Ionno, it's just funny like that)
Persona 2 - Ulala x Anyone (She's pretty funny with anyone, too)
Persona 2 - Katsuya x Maya
Persona 3 - ANYONE x KEN IN A NON-LEMON WAY (Because It's just too... Ionno x'D)
Persona 3 - Ken x Nanako (I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M THINKING NOW)
Persona 3 - Minato x Anyone But Yukari (Because AGH IN THE ANSWER)
Persona 3 - Junpei x Chidori
Persona 3 - Mitsuru or Aigis x Yukari (I hate her, but there ARE some scenes that make think this O_O")
Persona 3 - Akihiko x Mitsuru
Persona 3 - ANYONE x KORO-CHAN (Yeah...)
Persona 3 Port - Minato x Minako (Isn't that kinda... incest...?)
Persona 3 Port - Minako x Anyone (She's gonna be a hoar-la!)
Persona 3 Port - Minako x HER KEN (Well, he has a spear, and she has a naginata... Isn't that like... HINTING SOMETHING?!)
Persona 3 Port - Male!Aigis x Minako
Persona 4 - Souji x Anyone (Seriously, you can't hate anyone paired with a silent protagonist! Or at least Persona's)
Persona 4 - Chie x Yukiko (I SWEAR, IT'S LIKE, CANON)
Persona 4 - Kuma/Teddie x Chie (Because of Trv's birthday)
Persona 4 - Kuma x Anyone
Persona 4 - Chie x Yosuke
Persona 4 - Chie x STEA-- Pudding
Persona 4 - Adachi x Cabbages
Persona 4 - Kanji x Naoto
Persona 4 - RISE x HER GEE! (I remember this one P4 Gameplay Video, she kept on saying "GEE!"

And a lot more that will be put up later...

My deviantART is TalesHikaru-kun (Yeah, I NOW KNOW you're not supposed to capitalize "kun" and stuff) and drop by the Rinas Uber Nerd Alliance once in a while!

Anyways, Have A Great Day~

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