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5/29/11 ~ I finished a piece! Yay! That brings my total to 3! ... Wait, I posted it! Buffer drops down to 2! D:! ... And fret not, I have more stuff coming! Like a FictionPress story... Who'se last chapter I've been stalling on for three months... Blurgh.

In related news, if anyone wanted to know the extent of my laziness, I have - in total - 48 unwritten ideas (hehh number of legendaries XD), 20 finished works (8 of which are non-pokemon, unlike the remaining 12), and three published. Greaaat. So that's 9 I'm holding out on. 7 of which are in my big yet-to-be-posted series. Another of which is in a smaller series. And that last one is a oneshot that's somewhat disheartening like 'Yours', but with a better ending. Also it's stupid =# ~ so yeah. 51,000 words, baybehz!)

... Oh, hi, it's me again o_O

Now, for the third time ever, I'm going to update this page - and hopefully, not the last. Now for a randomly brief history lesson!

I first made this FanFiction account when I somehow got hooked into Pokemon. Sure, I didnt have anything apart from a laptop, but it somehow happened anyway. My profile had about four lines at that time; something about how much I was snagged in the fandom. Sooner then not, I made my very first fanfic, which died reasonably quickly. It might make a comeback, but for the time being I'll leave it dead. Sorry fans of said story :(although here's a fun fact: you can look at it and see how much my writing has changed! I, personally, see no connection at all, and that's after just 1.5 years. Awesome.)

(And if you wonder how 1.5 years has changed my writing style, wrap your mind around this: I had been 13 for five days when I first posted BPFS; and look at me now! Muahahahahaha!)

A year later, I updated it yet again, mainly to reflect on my friendship with Winter and my admiration of Soundateer, as well as some lame excuses on why I was being such a lazy bugger on not writing.

And, finally, I have this.

Sooo... Now that my personality is stabilizing A LITTLE (for reasons unown), you will find five things.

One, that I'm still chained onto the Pokemon fandom train, albeit a tad looser.

Two, that I'm an incredibly lazy writer, mostly to the point of not doing anything, during the summer and autumn months. This is due to the constant US internets eating my life up :x

Three, that as my little profile icon states, I'm getting a little practice in finding as many nagging holes in the plot as possible, only to generally leave the small ones alone and review on the bigger ones.

Four, that I have an odd several-dozen thousand words in the form of stories floating around - about a half of which may be released eventually in my hopefully upcoming story, L[database error]ey! Heck, I'm already 7 chapters in (as of the eighth of Feb), so I might be posting sooner then I hope. MAYBE. (UPDATE: April 29th, I finished chapter 7... I was being... realllly lazy :x)

Anddd five. That when I usually paruuze the internets late at night when my dinky little USB wifi connector actually gets a signal, I'm usually WAY OUT THERE. Sorry about that, in advance :/

Oh and I'm prone to rambling D: (A lot. In everything.)

So yup. That's me, Xaviertrix.

See ya :O

... Err, I have a DA under Xaviertrix... Not much else, though.
No, I don't have a Facebook. Or IM service. Or any live arcade things.
Although I DO have a Runescape! Heh, I'm so messed up. - Oh, what is it? YOU'LL NEVER GUESS. Mwahaha.

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