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Hi, I'm Kina. I love reading and writing (obviously), soccer, volleyball, and music. I have an unhealthy number of books and pets. I have worked for a multitude of unorthodox jobs and charities (including, but not limited to, the circus and handling sled-dogs). Now, I'm in my last year of university, moments away from starting real life...yikes. I'm terrified of real life, hence spending any cognitive spare time on writing stories instead of thinking about my own life.

As for my stories, just let me know what you think. Are they trash? Do you have any helpful hints? Do you have any ideas that might enrich the quality of my work? If anything at all pops into your head, don't hesitate to let me know about it.

My favourites:

Books: (too many to list them all but here are a few)

- The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

- The Bridges of Madison County

- A Complicated Kindness


- Tarzan (although Phil Collins makes that it might just be because of his soundtrack)

- The Dead Poets Society

- Bride's maids

Yeah, there is no continuity in this list. I generally like comedies. This list does not support that claim, but whatever.

TV shows:

- Avatar: the Last Airbender: the best, by far. There are so many dimensions to this series, I don't even know where to start. It's funny and has a care-free quality about it, but it also deals with a lot of mature themes that you wouldn't normally expect to make an appearance in a children's series. It started and ended perfectly, if you ask me. Pure genius.

- Once Upon a Time

- Game of Thrones

These pics usually change from year to year but The Last Airbender will probably stay at the top of my list until I'm dead and gone.

My helpful hints (hints that I've come to know the hard way):

- Plan out your entire story-line before you start writing. Even if you have a brilliant idea and you can't wait to get started, make sure you have the entire story planned out. There's nothing worse than getting a character into trouble without thoroughly knowing how they're going to get out of it. And readers will know if you cop out and just scratch out a completely unrealistic, almost-magical way for them to escape trouble. And it'll turn, what was supposed to be a mental masterpiece into utter crap.

- Don't start a story if you're not sure you'll be able to finish it in a timely manner. Not only does this piss your readers off, or send them into spiraling despair, but it will ruin the story for you. What I mean is, by the time you actually come to a point where you do have the time to continue/finish the story, the passion you had for it will probably have dwindled. Thus, you won't have any inclination to finish the story anyway. Lose/lose for everyone.

- Jargon does not make you smart, nor does it make you look smart. It makes you look like a dip-shit. Feel free to describe and set the atmosphere to your hearts content, but don't do it with your nose in a thesaurus the whole time, or by using technical terms that only a small portion of your reading population is going to understand. It makes a lot of people lose interest (because they can't understand you), and it's glaringly evident that you're trying to make yourself look smarter than the rest of the world. Calm down.

- Name your chapters. A simple hint, but an exceedingly helpful one. If people like your writing and become completely enamored with a particular chapter, give them a hand in finding it later on. If you have 39 chapters in a story, how do you expect me to remember that my favourite was chapter 12 over 13, 14, 15, or 16. It's much easier to find ex. "chapter 12: the long road". It's not necessarily a tip that will help your writing improve, but it is a nice courtesy to your readers.

- Take the time to EDIT. Spell-check doesn't catch everything, and nothing is more distracting than spelling or punctuation mistakes. Don't underestimate the importance of good grammar. It can make or brake the entire flow of your story.

- Don't be afraid of your own ideas. It's what this site is all about. Express yourself!

- Ask for help.Never stop looking for ways to improve your writing. So ask for critiques and, when you get them, soak them up and apply them. There is always room to get better, and that is something to strive for!

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