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What Kind Of Mage Are You?

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You are a Beast Mage. You can talk to animals and summon animals from a great distance to you. You are agile, fast, strong, and have extreme senses. You can morph parts of your body into various animal anatomy. Eventually, you'll learn to transform completely into another animal, if it isn't extinct.

Thoughts on own fan-fics:

TWO: Total Wrestling Organizations: Ah, this "story". Yes, this is where most people know me from, and now that I look back, man, it stunk. It's not my worse, but compared to TWF or DWE, it is more sad then anything. It got deleted 3 times, its that bad. And all the times I tried bringing it back, I could never make it passed week 2. Every time I get motivation, I quickly lose it again.

The Future with no Godzilla: *facepalm* This train-wreck. I was trying to think about what would happen if there was no Godzilla to protect us from the other monsters? However, since I set it after Godzilla vs Destroyah: You would think I would stick with the monsters that didn't die in the Heisei series. Instead, I defiled cannon in a movie series that's cannon is extremely hard to break. And yet, I still got positive reviews from one guy. Why? It was so bad, that I deleted, hoping it will never resurface again.

King Ghidorah vs The Giant Claw: Yeah, it was a fic meant to be bad, and ends up being one of my better pieces of work, if only because it's also my shortest piece of work.

Truth or Dare: Wrestling Addition: Trying to catch onto the small "Truth or Dare" story fad, I tried with what I knew best, wrestling. It was okay, I guess, but it's been over a year, and I can't imagine me writing another chapter, seeing as how much wrestling has changed since then.

Friday the 13th story: Yeah, I can't even remember what I used to call this story. All I remember is that instead of focusing on Jason Voorhes, I went with my own original character. Not a good idea, and I deleted it before I even killed anybody due to the lameness. Also, not having any reviews didn't help.

Teen Titans Raven/Beast Boy romance fic: It was an entree to a contest that never finished, just sort of stopped. All I remember from it is that I found out that romance is not my forte and if you deleted 2 fan-fics already, what's stopping a third one from going down the tubes?

Castlevania: Resurrection: When my friend entered the fan-fic scene, he wanted to make sure his story was amazing, so he had me co-write it. Maybe he should choose his co-writers more carefully. His portion of the story is actually pretty decent for a first-timer, but my portion was lame, to the point where my only review is negative, while all of his reviews are positive.

Godzilla: Ultimate Kaiju War: YES! Now this was the story I was hoping to achieve before, a piece of work from me that is actually somewhat entertaining. Since my biggest weakness seems to be that my plot's are too weak, I just decided to forget them, and instead, just have giant monsters fight each other. Sure, it might not be as good as Kaiju War Chronicles, but I might have a shot of having people like this, seeing as I have a much wider choice of monsters, as in, anyone of them.

Future fan-fic ideas

Jason vs Rick: Horror's Favorite Playmates: When Rick Tailor from Splatterhouse meets up with Jason Voorhes from Friday the 13th, only one thing will happen. Chaos.

RWF: Random Wrestling Federation: All of your favorite character's will fight it out in the ring.

Godzilla and Ghidorah; Mixed Up: In an attempt to end both of their reins of terror, the army fuses Godzilla and King Ghidorah together, making what they call Godorah. But when a powerful kaiju known as Bagan appears, only Godorah has the power to stop it.

Franken Fran meets Hellsing: After the first attacks on Hellsing by Millennium, Integra decides to do some outsourcing, and after hearing about an amazing surgeon in Japan, offers her a spot in Hellsing. But as Itegra is about to find out, this doctor has more then just a few injures in mind to heal.

Godzilla vs Krystalak: After Spacegodzilla's defeat, a new monster shows up from the left over crystals. Now, only the new MGR-IInd has a chance at defeating it. But when Godzilla is put into the picture, the line suddenly becomes much more blurred. Will Godzilla reign supreme again, will the MGR-IInd somehow overcome these odds, or will Krystalak be too much?

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Use original characters? You mean I still have them?
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No, and they never will be.

Godzilla: Ultimate Kaiju War info:

Battle 1: Zilla Jr vs Megalon

Battle 2: Megalon vs Destroyah

Battle 3: Mothra Leo vs Hedorah

Battle 4: Mechagodzilla vs Mechagodzilla II

Battle 5: Guiron vs Hyper Gyaos

Battle 6: Gigan & Spacegodzilla vs Kiryu & Mecha King Ghidorah

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