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Hey, my name is Ellie. I am a massive Twilight fan... obviousally... who isnt?

I'm not a budding author or anything, but I love reading twi fan fics and came up with a few ideas of my own.

I am TOTALLY Team Edward! and Team Cullen - I love them all.

I really love stories about the Volturi... they are are such interesting characters

And i love any stories to do with the Cullens :)

Heres a low-down on some of my stories:

The Hunter: This was my first idea and I have NO IDEA where it came from! I suppose its a bit like Twilight meets Buffy but in a much more realistic way and with a bit of a twist... she's a friend of the Cullen's! The story is about her relationship with them and how she was secretly involved in some of their "adventures" (to put it lightly)... Edward starts by explaining how she came about to Bella. It stretches from the gap between eclipse and breaking dawn and then after it.

Homecoming: A story from both Bella and Jasper's POV because they both give a different perspective and different experiences. Set 90 years after B.D (yep it's one of those!) and is a tale about moving back to Forks - how they deal with secrecy issues and the new wolves who don't really agree with the adapted treaty that their forefather's made. Cute subplots between Edward and Jacob, Nessie and Jacob and Emmett and Jasper.

Transformations: One-shots from each of the Cullen's perspective about how they were feeling and what they were thinking during their transformation into vampires and the events that followed. This story isn't exactly canon... but canon enough. I just wanted a few things to happen that may have happened at different times of their history. They're presented in cronological order and so far I've posted Carlisle, Jasper and Edward... Next is Alice, followed by Esme, Rosalie and Emmett. Rosalie and Emmett's have both been written, but will not be posted until Alice and Esme which I've got writters block with... but please hold out :)

I Will Find You: Quite a long winded story... Set long after B.D. and from the persepective of Nessie and Jacob's son 'Toby'. History starts to repeat itself in this story which worries the Cullen Family... but not all is as it seems... BIG TWIST. Betrayal, depression and battles as well as another visit from the Volturi which changes the way their world thinks of them.

Inner Battles: Possibly my favourite one that I have written so far. Was meant to be a one shot that was inspired by the song Roslyn on the New Moon soundtrack, but thanks to some lovely reviews and the fact that I reeeeeally enjoy writing it I continued it. It's a third person POV of the Cullen's during New Moon. It's rather sad and depressing but emotional and powerful... but it does get a lot happier towards the end in accordance with New Moon.

Everything Ends: Just finsihed this story. It's the story of Edward's trip to Volterra from a misc. guards point of view. It's a tale of 'the loyal' versus 'the power hungry' and illustrates the classic choice between good and evil. In my opinion I see the majority of the Volutri Guard as essential elements to the secret survival of the vampire race and they believe that their purpose is to protect their kind - the greater good. But this story looks into the idea of one of the 'Loyalists' finding out that they are not out for good at all... In fact their leader has turned them into some kind of power-crazed coven with no compassion or morals.

Trials and Tribulations: Alice's version of Breaking Dawn, starting from Page 543. I've always thought Alice didn't get enough credit for the work she did when she left in B.D. so this story is dedicated to her! So how did she bring herself to abandon her family? How did she know what she was looking for when she couldn't see it? How did she cope with the constant visions of her family and friends been torn apart and destroyed? It couldn't have been easy, and I don't think it was.


I love each of my favourite stories so have a flick through them and look for yourselves... I personally recomend...

The Ties That Bind - an AMAZING fic from Edward's POV of Breaking Dawn, words can't even begin to do that fic justice!

Dark Side Of The Moon - Another Edward POV of new moon, very good and original ideas.

Alice's New Moon - does what is says on the tin! Really well written.

Volturi Guard Memories - VERY VERY INTERESTING back stories of the Volturi... explains where their abilities originated.

Daybreak- Twilight, but Bella is the vampire and Edward is the human.

When Bella Met Emmett - One shot of an alternate beginning to Twilight, really nice and cute.

Fire Becomes Ice - A very clever idea with a FREAKY FRIDAY theme where Edward and Jacob swap bodies. It's not written as a joke which makes it even better, for example, Jacob can't handle Bella's scent like Edward has managed to so puts her life in danger! And Edward needs the toilet but doesn't realise it... Very funny!

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Alice's New Moon by Merina Thropp reviews
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As I stood there, waiting for Death to take me, I was suddenly vividly aware of what I was doing.I was about to give my life for this girl, the girl I loved"-Edward Cullen's life couldn't be worse when he moves to Forks, until he meets amber eyed Bella
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Transformations reviews
A series of one shots about the transformations that the Cullen's went through when they became vampires, their thoughts as they were burning and the events afterwards. The burning may have been the same, but the thoughts behind the flames were not.
Twilight - Rated: K+ - English - Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 6 - Words: 22,211 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 10/28/2013 - Published: 3/11/2010 - Carlisle, Jasper
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Series of oneshots about how the Cullen Family were feeling and what they were thinking when Edward had left Bella. She had made such an impact on each of them, she was part of the family. It wasn't just Edward and Bella who were left heartbroken. N.M
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The Cullens have a friend that Bella does't know about - until Emmett suggests that she is invited to the wedding. Will Bella see her as a friend or foe? Afterall, she has the ability to kill every single one of them.Set inbetween Eclipse and B.D.
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