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Author has written 1 story for Twilight, and Soul Eater.

Name Kassandra, but just K is fine if you want

Interests: Writing, Drawing, Reading, Music

All Time Favorite Anime: 1) Escaflowne 2) Princess Tutu 3) Attack on Titan 4) Soul Eater 5) Puella Magi Madoka Magica 6) Fullmetal Alchemist (both Original and Brotherhood, though i like B's ending better.)

All Time Favorite Western Shows: Gravity Falls and Steven Universe (i'm gonna start watching Star vs the Forces of Evil soon tho)

All Time Favorite Games: 1) Bioshock 2) Hatoful Boyfriend 3) Fallout 4) Kingdom Hearts 5) Ratchet and Clank 6) Dragon Age

Stories in Progress:

Kishin Egg Souls & Immortality?- Yes, i am still working on it. No, nothing new will come out anytime soon, unfortunately.

Dreaming of Home (working title; previously 'Masha's Journey, Edward's Return')- In the process of planning it out so that the rewrite won't become as massive a failure as the FIRST iteration =/

Planned Stories:

Gravity Falls/Infamous: Second Son crossover - God help me. Right now i'm in the planning process. Don't know if i'll actually go through with writing it, but God do i want to. I need this crossover. Featuring: Smoke Conduit!Stanley, Neon Conduit!Mabel, Fetch, Delsin, and Eugene.

Gravity Falls/Bioshock Infinite crossover two-shot - Something that was supposed to be quick and easy to get me back in the swing of things, writing-wise. I'm probably a little under halfway done with the first draft of the first chapter. I really want to get this done before i start school the 28th, but something's telling me that's not gonna happen. Look forward to the first chapter soon hopefully.

Dragon Age/Bioshock Infinite Crossover - "Once upon a time, a strange boy came across a lonely girl" Cole stumbles across the Crossroads after returning to the Fade and hears Elizabeth. Born from a late night thinking about the similarities between The Eluvian Crossroads and The Sea of Doors, and my love of both Cole and Elizabeth in general. Anywhere from 1 to 4 chapters, with Cole meeting and speaking with both Elizabeth and the Luteces, who I'm sure would be quite interested in our little Compassion Spirit after hearing about him from Elizabeth.

Dragon Age/Eragon Crossover - Something that's been stewing in my head since I finished my first playthrough of Inquisition. After Eragon's long flight across the sea in self-exile, he finally comes across a new land to begin the order of the Dragon Riders anew. Too bad that land already has feral dragons and people all too willing to slay them. Planned for around 24 chapters but could be bigger. Will contain: A very detailed headcanon connecting Thedas, Alagaesia, and the Elves of both continents, and either Cole/Eragon (...I honestly don't know it just kinda happened) or Fem!Adaar/Cole. Fem!Rogue!Adaar

Dragon Age/Princess Tutu Crossover - "Hope finds a friend in Compassion" Cole finds Tutu after The Story has ended. Oneshot. Tutu and Cole are very similar, helping others with their emotional pains and being forgotten immediately after by almost everyone.

Like the Sea, Like the Sky - She just had to have A Thing for blue eyes. Dragon Age, Fem!Adaar/Cole. Don't exactly know what this will be, if it'll just be a series of one-shots or if it'll actually have a plot to it. Will be rated T and completely sfw. I just. I just want to see more Adaar/Cole stuff okay. There's barely anything. Fem!Rogue!Adaar

Fallout 3/Fallout 4 Crossover - It's been 10 long years since Omega first set foot outside of 101 and saw sunlight for the first time, and things have only gone downhill from there. With Charon missing for two years with only a general direction to look in, and being Pronounced Public Enemy #1 after thwarting Elder Maxson's plans to clear out Underworld, Meg sets a course for the north. But the Commonwealth has problems of its own, and it's only so long before she's wrapped up in a power struggle that's poised to change the future of the Wastes. Luckily for her, a fellow Vault Dweller and her ragtag band of friends sure as hell won't let her go it alone. Okay listen I love found family stories and after everything Meg and Ava have lost I want them to find solace in each other. Fight me. Fem!LW, Fem!SoSu

Fallout/Dragon Age Crossover - Okay so basically Ava, Meg and the entire gang go looking through the burnt remains of the Institute when one of the dead transporters sparks back to life. At the same time the Veil rips open, plunging Thedas into a state of disaster. These two events aligning somehow send everyone into Thedas, where they have to deal with a lot more than Raiders and Deathclaws. Once again, something that came up in thought late at night. A super self-indulgent excuse to write all these characters interacting. Fem!Rogue!Adaar, same LW and SoSu as the Fallout 3/4 crossover

Naruto/Dragon Age Crossover - Another idea from the "wouldn't it be cool if" vault with an extra dash of rewatch-induced nostalgia. Team 8 comes across an unstable Fade Rift during a scouting mission that throws them headfirst into the world of Thedas. With an entire continent separating Shino and Kiba from Hinata and Hinata under the scrutiny of the higher ups of the Inquisition, can the three stay alive long enough to reunite, let alone return home? Team 8-centric, post-time skip, ignoring the last chapter of Naruto everything that came after. Dragon Age side starts shortly after getting the horses from Dennet, with the first half alternating between Hinata's interaction and growing place among the Inner Circle of the Inquisition, and Shino and Kiba traveling with the Valo-Kas mercenaries as they head towards Haven and an Adaar who is not quite the one they were expecting. Fem!Mage!Adaar, possible ShinoHina

Family Reunions (working title) - If there was one person Asaaranda never expected to show up in Skyhold, it was her younger sister. Fem!Rogue!Adaar, Fem!Mage!Adaar, with a small side of Adaar/Cole. A bit of an attempt at expanding the meager backstory we're given for the Qunari Inquisitor in the game.


Another year, another long stretch with no story updates. I have to actually write stuff instead of getting new ideas for fics. I have something finished that I posted on Tumblr and not here, maybe I could polish it up and post it. Anywho, I'm 21 now, a legal legal adult (i know, it's weird), and still doing college for animation. I'm in Art Fundamentals now, and I have to draw a lot in one week. Hopefully I'll get time to write soon though.

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