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Author has written 17 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Card Captor Sakura, Digimon, Alex Rider, and Lord of the Rings.

For the link to a great (and probably the best) Sindarin name generator, click here.

For a list of basic Sindarin phrases, click here.

Meekness is the ability to learn.

Stubborness is the courage to move on.

Lawlessness is the will to be an individual and a leader.

Best Saying Ever

"Nobody dictates your path. There is only you, your choices and their consequences. You are a human, dammit! You have freewill; make damn sure you take advantage of it!" - Anonymous

Basic Facts

I started writing at the age of ten. Although I didn't have any of the writings from that time left (most of them in Vietnamese because those Language Arts teacher in my country just love giving out three-page writing assignments), I can tell you I earned a pretty high grade due to non-chicken writings - legible handwriting courtesy to Mom. She's cool. A little strict and absolutely paranoid academic-wise, but the best mom anyone could ever ask for. I'm serious.

At eleven, I started writing fanfictions. Eleven and a half, I stumbled upon this site. First story I ever wrote was a Secret Saturdays OC fanfic. Somehow the thing was actually pretty well-received. I kept writing, got some constructive criticisms, delete, edit, rewrite again and finally achieved success with my How to Train Your Dragon OC story. It's called the best in the fandom, but I somehow doubted that. Sequel's coming - on my other account. Both of them are.

I've migrated from the Digimon fandom to Lord of the Rings. Enter the world of adulthood and all that. But I am going to review and help out writers more than actually doing any writing. I'm searching up betas for my fanfiction as of late.

Currently I'm toying with Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfic. As any veteran writer of this fandom could tell you, the only genre here that truly has a lot of good fics would be Mary-Sue bashing. Still! Some writers actually knew what they are doing, and I'm going to stick to their works. It's not hopeless, I tell you. You only need to spend three years looking for it.

PS: I'm a girl. Call me Quill.


I'm still not taking review requests. If you do find some good fics, though (and even if it's yours), please inform me and I will read it, give you fabulous praises and honey-coated words. If it's painful...I'll just click the back button and never talk to you again. Deal?

Yes! I have two favorites now! Hooray!

Edit: Three! Three! Can you believe that?

Genres I Write For:

Let's keep this short.

- Adventure (Most notably Demigods of the Ring)

- Friendship

- Character study

- Bittersweet angst (in my random and infrequent bouts of genius)

- Cutscenes for books or movies

My Current Focus:

As for the moment, I'm concentrated on getting Demigods of the Ring ideas out of my head. The plot bunny had been sitting there for a very long time already, and instead of growing stale or dying of starvation and neglect, it became wilder. After reading The Demigod Files, I can't resist mixing Percy Jackson and the Olympians with the Lord of the Rings universe. Can you imagine the possibilities? Even better, the plot's already written for me! No planning, just plugging the characters in and enjoy the fun as modern half-bloods interact with the little people from that time. It's easy entertainment!

Everything else's probably going on hiatus for now.

Personal Info:

My name is Quill. Favorite color is lavender. I'm Asian (Vietnamese, to be exact). I am a reader, a lazy reviewer, a lazier writer and the laziest uploader you could ever find. At least, that's what I think. I have an addiction to seaweed (why I liked Percy Jackson), clever parodies, clever conversations (Ranger's Apprentice, anyone?) and adventure books. I spend my time reading manga and asking myself why there are idiots in the world and why the smart kids in class tried to act like retards.

No, really. They are perfectly intelligent. They just act like little four-year-olds on a serious sugar high.

My biggest problem is tenses, since Vietnamese does not have past tenses and present tenses like "ran" for "run", or "joked" for "joke". We just stick a word in front and get it over with. But thanks to my spellcheck and Mother's vigorous training in the art of English, I didn't make mistakes too often. When I did, however, they were usually big and tiring to fix...

Almost there, folks. Hang on...

Well, now that the ranting's done, I think you should go read my stories. I hope they're worthy enough to erase the irritation building up when you're reading this junk.

I wish you a good read.

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