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Alright everyone! i am. BACK. Alot has changed, and ive begun to rewrite my stories, now that i am older. and know a bit more about making a good story. I also have had some good motivation. I will get to work ASAP!

About Me:

My real name is Titus (pernounced ty-dis)

Im a guy, and im from NY

I love anime and reading manga.

i also am a hardcore gamer, i like fast paced games, like sonic, and also strategy and rpg. but now i am more into MMO's and other computer games. Especially elsword.

Im usually a really nice guy. i joke alot tho, if i ever insult u, im sorry, i dont mean to cause any harm.

my favorite kinda movies are comedy, and i hate horror...idk why, i just cant handle it.

Games i love to play: hell theres alot. i love sonic games, Metal gear, Onimusha, Street fighter, DOA, KOF (king of fighters, i loved capcom vs snk2) Marvel vs Capcom. FF series, Shadow of colossus, Tales games, and of course the Shin Megami Tensei games. theres more, but i cant remember the names.

My Current Mood: Ready to get my stories revamped. First comes Soul Eater!

Currently working on: Soul Eater: the MaDNeSs within

Recent Updates: N/A

Persona: New Generation S.E.E.S./Cosmos Chronicles O.C. Bios (will be updated as stories progresses)

Kyoshiro Akechi

Age: 19 (20 after chapter 5)

Arcana: Wildcard (multi-arcana) Fool, Justice, Judgement, Death

Personas: Leliel and Azrael, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Zerachiel and Remiel




Weapon: Katana, Scythe, Power (last one will be explained in chapter 6)

Notes: The hero of the NGSEES who came to tatsumi port island to attend colleage, but he awakens to the power of persona and is quickly dragged into a series of battles and goes a whole week without any rest.

After Chapter 5, the story skips ahead 5 months and Kyo is 20. the first 5 chapters was just one big proluge.

20 yr old Notes: Kyo is now 20 and is now a pro at summoning, using, and controlling persona. Thanks to the help of Yukari, who he trained with after she obtained Angita. Kyo feels that if he had been stronger, he could have saved the people that died during the "Terrorist attack." and so he partialy blames himself. Since he lost against Akira that day so easily, he has became less talkative and a little more serious about things, especially when it comes to battles. Although, every once in a while, the old him will come out, if only for a little while. (he will go back to his old self completly after a while) He hasnt told anyone that Akira was responsible for the attack, fearing about how Setsuna will react. Although kyo can use skills with his persona, he prefers to fight himself and only uses a persona to weaken an enemy, or to finish them. Unlike everyone else though, he can use skills that no human, persona user or not, should be able to do.

Current Social Link Levels.

The Fool: Minato Arisato, S.Link Level one.

Priestess: Setsuna Inoue, S.Link One

The Magician: Junpei Iori, S.Link 3

The Emporer: Akihiko Sanada, 2

The Empress: Mitsuru Kirijo, S.Link 1

The Lovers: Yukari Takeba, S.Link 3. Naomi Misora, 7

Fortune: Kei Megami, S.Link 3

Yuna Kazagiri

Age: 18

Arcana: The Lovers

Persona: None.

Weapon: The power to Manipulate light into weapons, although her favorite is Gauntlets.

Notes: The Heroine of Cosmos Chronicles, She goes to inaba to live with her grandfather after her parents are murdered by member of Arcane XIII. She was scarred by this, and seems a little lifeless most of the time, she has a negative view on alot of things and is silent. The Original (real) her, is upbeat, very lively, kind and active. (This personality WILL come out by chapter 2 of cosmos C) Yuna trained with her father since she was 12, therefore she is very strong, (stronger than chie?? ._.?)

Often when in combat, Cosmos, The goddess inside of yuna, will take over and fight, but eventually Yuna starts to learn to control her powers on her own, therefore no longer needing Cosmos to assist her. The only way to tell when Yuna is control of the body of if Cosmos is, is the eye color and speech. When Yuna is in control, her eyes are Hazel, and her speech is normal. When cosmos is in possession, Her eyes are a bright Sky Blue, and her speech is more proper.

List of Members or The Arcanum XIII (bad guys)

Arcanum XIII's Number I: Kisuke Saika

Arcana: The Magician

Persona:Zephyrus (god of wind)

Weapon:Bayonete attached to rifle.

Note:Usually calm, lazy and always snapping jokes. Doesn't get along with Kazuya too well.

Arcanum XIII's Number II: ??

Arcana: Priestess




Arcanum XIII's Number III: Hayate Mishima

Arcana: The Emporer

Persona: Ame-no-koyane (Divine Ruler)

Weapon: Naginata

Notes: Hayate Is cool and calm, also very strong. He's cocky, but rightfully so, he is the third strongest in the Group.

Arcanum XIII's Number IV: Mai Yasogami

Arcana: The Empress

Persona: Mania (goddess of insanity)

Weapon: Chain whip

Notes: Mai is Cursed with insanity, thanks to her persona, which is the goddess of insanity, she is self centered, obviously crazy and cruel. She was Defeated at the hands of Kei Megami.

Arcanum XIII's Number V: ??

Arcana: The Heirophant




Arcanum XIII's Number VI: ??

Arcana: The Lovers




Arcanum XIII's Number VII: Kazuya Minamoto

Arcana: The Chariot

Persona: Surt (collosus of fire)


Notes:Hot headed and easily riled up. He believes fighting can solve anything. Hates Kyoshiro and Kisuke.

Arcanum XIII's Number VIII: Hiei Sakuraba

Arcana: Justice

Persona: ??

Weapon:Double ended lance


Arcanum XIII's Number IX : Jin Shirato

Arcana: The Hermit

Persona: Moros Telos (god of doomed fate)

Weapon: Grenades, Other??

Notes: Is completly loyal to takaya and listens to his orders and his alone. The rest you should all know if ur a persona fan.

Arcanum XIII's Number X: Takaya Sakaki

Arcana: Fortune

Persona: Morphus (god of sleep)

Weapon: Revolver

Notes: How he and jin are still alive and how they joined the group even tho they are human is unknown.

Arcanum XIII's Number XI:??

Arcana: Strength


Weapon: ??

Notes: ??

Arcanum XIII's Number XII: Akira Inoue

Arcana: Hanged

Persona: Ryujin (water dragon)

Weapon: One handed Saber

Notes: Setsuna's Twin Brother. He is dead serious and very strong, also Kyo's Nemesis. He is skilled in the art of the blade and talks about forming a "New world"

Arcanum XIII's Number XIII: Ryuzaki Aizen

Arcana: Death

Persona: Amatsu-mikaboshi (God of all evil)

Weapon: Scythe

Notes: The leader of Arcanum XIII, and undoubtidly the strongest. He has speed, power, technique and intelligence. His motives for creating this group or what he is trying to accomplish is unknown. What IS known though, is that his plans involve both Yuna Kazagiri AND Kyoshiro Akechi.

(More info to be placed here in the future)

anymore questions? then just pm me. and ill get back to u. Later!

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