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My name's Lakestorm Wright, but I also go by Lakestorm and sometimes Leafpool. Why yes, I do share a name with a cat from Code of the Clans. That's because I came up with it first. From the sixth Erin Hunter chat on Wands and Worlds:

"Lakestorm Wright: Vicky, Are Quailfeather And Lakestorm From Code Of The Clans Me And Quaily

VickyHolmes: Lakestorm, Yes, you and Quaily did inspire those names."

Anyway! In addition to being a Warriors fan, I also like Pokémon, Phoenix Wright and Death Note. I only really write Warriors fanfics, however. I like to consider myself fairly good at writing. I've participated in National Novel Writing Month the past two Novembers and won both times.

Favorite Warriors characters are Leafpool, Cloudstar and Jayfeather. Favorite shippings are LeafxCrow, BramblexSquirrel and GrayxSilver.

My best friend is Flametail von Karma, another member on FFnet. We jointly run the Warriors fansite Moonlit Path. She also reviews all my chapters before I post them, but she has an annoying tendency to not be on for like three weeks, then get on one night and not reply to my chapters, then stay off for another three weeks. If you don't like the horrible update schedule of any of my fanfics, go bug her about it. ;D

Yeah... uh... I don't have much to say, maybe I should just post my stories?

The first (and currently only) thing I'm writing is a fanfic called Broken. It is part of a six-book series known as The Lost Clans, and here is a quick run-down of the main plot:

The five Clans are wiped out by a group of rogues not unlike BloodClan... except for a handful of apprentices and kits in each Clan, who become responsible for upholding the warrior code and the Clan traditions. Sort of an AU "what if BloodClan had won" thing, hence why Slash and his cats are so similar to BloodClan.

As the series goes on, this is going to contain several currently unexplored concepts, various plot twists and a whole host of other fun things which I'm sure will make this an exciting read. I'd write a chapter a day if Flametail got back to me more often because I love this so much. I've actually already written a scene from the second-to-last chapter of the final book and even the final chapter... which you won't see for a while. ;P

Writing status as of 8/23/10: Posted chapter fourteen~

... That's the only fanfic I've posted on FFnet so far. :P I'm in the middle of writing another fanfic about a time-travelling ShadowClan kit who gets himself into a whole lot of trouble trying to find his way back home, but... it's going to turn into a crossover later on, and I figure a crossover is going to turn off readers. I might rewrite it later as a non-crossover (which would make my fifth rewrite of a fanfic called Time I wrote in January 2008), but...

I also have a number of ideas that may or may not manifest themselves as fanfics. There's a potential fanfic about if SkyClan had never left the forest, for instance. Gorseclaw and Spottedpelt, not having been in ThunderClan, would not have become the ancestors of Tigerstar and Spottedleaf, since they must have mated with a ThunderClan cat to make that happen. All the cats related to both of them - Willowpelt, Redtail, Leopardfoot, Patchpelt, Sandstorm (who is apparently Redtail's daughter) and the rest of their direct descendants - never would have existed... so I'm curious to see how that would change things.

And then, just for the heck of it, my ideas involve Firestar being Clanborn. ;D

I also have an idea involving what would happen if all the warrior cats were human and went to high school. :V I may or may not post that - I'm not sure whether I want to write the whole thing or not. I've rewritten the prologue and first chapter of ItW but that's it.

Uh, that's really all I have to say... I might add more later on. :/

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