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I am kinda unusual in that I live and grew up in an area where woman of my ethnicity usually get knocked up in their teens marry divorce and marry again before they even hit 25!

Although my expiration date has not come to pass I am NOT 25, I just married a little over 3 years ago, my husband and I are currently in escrow purchasing our first house and once we move in we will begin working on what will be the first child for both of us.

So, life is fucking sublime!!

I reside just outside Palm Springs, CA where at this particular time of the year, (Oct - May) there is no place in the world I would rather me. This place is fucking beautiful and I love that I get to call it home.

I have to admit I am not all about Twilight the movie, I think Rob is cute but he would not be my choice for Edward and I think that the acting was, well I dont want hate mail so I will stop there, lol! I love Twilight the book and New Moon is fucking unreal but I have lot's of issues with Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, please see previous statement re: hate mail.

I tend to write Bella stronger than most, in my opinion Edward although he forgets sometimes in his zeal to protect her is always aware that she is always the one saving him and not the other way around.


I seem to attract readers that are a lot like me which I think is fucking hilarious!! I myself tend to not write a ton of reviews but I send a lot of private messages to let the author letting them know how much I appreciate their talent and so forth. I find that although I have a rather large readership with lots of people who put me on author and story alerts I don't get a ton of reviews, I do however get a LOT of private messages asking questions about my choices re: character development, story development and so forth. To this I say first, my readers seem to be quite intelligent as the questions are almost always succinct, relevant and insightful and second, thanks guys, you are a little shy just like me but I love getting your messages in whatever way you choose to send them!!


I support every author's creativity but there are certain Stephenie Meyers rules that I will simply never bend, some of those include:

Bella and Edward will NEVER cheat on each other, EVER. Neither will any of the other Cullen's, these character's are life mate's and would never even consider cheating! Aside from what has happened in Rosalie's past there will never be a rape. Jacob will never be evil! Jacob is Bella's friend and loves her he would never PURPOSEFULLY harm her.

There are certain Stephenie standards that I am crazy fucking tired of and you will NEVER see them written into one of my stories, some of those include.

Bella's strawberry shampoo, fucking yawn already! Bella eating mushroom ravioli, I can even see myself making her allergic to mushrooms at some point, Yup with the popping "P", There is a lot of other shit that irritates me but I am drawing a blank so this list will be ongoing


This is a fan fiction site, I have some recurring standards of my own.

Rosalie loves Bella and they will always be friends, sisters etc. It may not always start that way but it will always end that way! The cannon woman will always kick ass and take names! I have not really included a ton of Carlisle and Esme although in the story I am currently writing Carlisle in parts does take center stage. I will be doing a lot more with Esme in the future, I love my version of Emmett and I think that in the future you will see that he gets his personality and sense of humor from Esme. Alice and Emmett are my favorite Twilight character's they will always be center stage, Jasper is also growing on me lately in a future story I will be giving him a lot of the lime light because something about a man with a drawl makes me hot and bothered!

Anyway, if you have taken the time to read all of this shit I have in a very narcissistic manner written about myself then you either have way to much fucking time on your hands or you have really enjoyed my writing! I hope it is the later and I don't let you down!

Please enjoy and write me or drop a review, let me know what you like, what you love, what you hate etc.









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