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That's my blog... Well, one of them from quite some time ago that has not been updated for such a long time.

Ah, and I have had a name change from Gina to Justine, so if anyone wonders about why I sign off at the end of my FF as such, that's why.

Here have a long ask meme if you want to know more about me.

Oh and before I put that up, I RP (roleplay) as Justine Florbelle on Tumblr mainly, so if anyone wants to click the following link and follow me, well, that would be appreciated:

1 - Who was the last person you texted?: Ahhaha, I haven't used my phone in ages.

2 - When is your birthday? 1st of July.

3 - Who do you want to be with right now?: Myself, oh look, I am already with myself.

4 - What sports do you play? None. I am so very lazy.

5 - Who is the first person in your contacts? Welp, skype contacts is 'Trickster guy Manuel.'

6 - What is your favorite song as of the moment? Hmmm, 'Yellow Raincoat' - Justin Bieber.

7 - If you were stranded on an island, who do you wish to be with? No one really.

8 - What do you feel right now? Consumed with obsessive thoughts flooding my mind.

9 - What chocolate is your favorite? The best kind. I dunno.

10 - How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have? I have had one of each. One boyfriend, one girlfriend.

11 - Why did you create a Tumblr account? Because it looked like such fun.

12 - Who is your favorite blogger? I am.. No, I dunno really.

13 - Where do you want to be right now? At home.

14 - What do you want to be in the future? An actress.

15 - When was the last time you cried? Why? Ah gah, two days ago because my ex had upset me.

16 - Are you happy? Hmm, do you mean most of the time or right now because right now I am pretty much neutral.

17 - Who do you miss? I miss my ex, even if he is a brat.

18 - If you were given a chance, would you like to have a different life? Oh yessssssss. Depends when and where and as who though. If I was aware of all those details, then yes please.

19 - What was the best thing you were given? I really don't know.

20 - Who was the last person who called you? A girl in my class called Aoife.

21 - What is your favorite dish? A circular one.

22 - Who is your bestfriend? Truly it has to be me.

23 - What is your biggest regret? Emmm, nothing.

24 - Have you ever cheated on your partner? Jesus, no.

25 - Who do you spend crazy moments with? Myself for I am crazy. Well, I'm odd.

26 - Name someone pretty. Hmmm, Me of course...

27 - Who was the last person you hugged? My dad pffft.

28 - What kind of music do you listen to? Whatever is on youtube, popular stuff.

29 - Are you over your past? Most of it.

30 - Who is the last person in your contacts? Sparkie.

31 - What kind of person do you want to date? The person I could be with for my life.

32 - Do you have troubles sleeping at night? Nope. Only if I eat before bed really.

33 - From whom was the last text message you received? I don't have my phone on me.

34 - What do you prefer, jeans or skirt? Skirts.. Well, dresses really.

35 - How’s your heart? It's beating.

36 - Did you ever have a girlfriend/boyfriend whose name starts with a “J”? Nope.

37 - Do you like someone as of the moment? Nooo.

38 - What would you want to say to your latest ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend? You know, we could go back to being friends if you would just listen to me for once.

39 - Do you have any phobias? Mmmhmmm... Weird ones at that.

40 - Did you try to change for a person? Yes...

41 - What’s the nicest thing have you given to someone? Hmmm, I don't know.

42 - Would you go back to your previous relationship? Ehhhh... If only it was that simple... But yes.

43 - Are you in a good or bad mood? Neatural.

44 - Name someone you can’t live without. I suppose that would have to be me, right? Because I can't live without myself.

45 - Describe your dream date. Emm, I don't know...

46 - Describe your dream wedding. Get married in a church with only the person that actually loves me and no one else is allow to attend.

47 - How many roses did you receive last Valentine’s? None...

48 - Have you ever been kissed? No, now shut up.

49 - How long is your longest relationship? Emmm, 3 months???

50 - Do you regret your past? At times.

51 - Can you do something stupid for someone else? I suppose I could.

52 - Have you ever cried over someone? ahaha, yes.

53 - Do you have a grudge against anyone? Nope.

54 - Are you a crybaby? Didn't you just ask me this????

55 - Do people praise you for your looks? ...Yes... Much to my disdain... People are either deluded or blind

56 - Did you fall for someone you shouldn’t? Nope. Not that I believe.

57 - Have you ever done something bad but you don’t regret? Yes, I have done many things I do not regret.

58 - Do you like getting hurt? Physically, yes. Emotionally, no, not really.

59 - Does anyone hate you? Most possibly but they are just being an immature brat.

60 - Did you slap anyone whose name starts with an “R”? Nope.

61 - What hair color do you prefer? Oh, I would like black hair tbh.

62 - If you can change anything about yourself, what is it? My god damn nose. Or maybe my teeth.

63 - Do you love someone as of the moment? Nope. I won't love anyone for a long time...

64 - Have you ever thought of killing yourself? No.

65 - Do you have issues with somebody in your school? Yes.

66 - Can you live without internet? No fucking way.

67 - What’s the song that remind you of your special someone? All of the music I like.

68 - Are you good at holding back your tears? In front of ohers yes, in front of the mirror no.

69 - Are you a crybaby? Emmm, at times.

70 - Have you ever experienced being hysterical? Hmmm, I suppose I have.

71 - Are you a KPOP fan? *ahem* Yes.

72 - Do you study hard? Ahahahahahaha, what's studying???

73 - Have you ever sacrificed something important to you for someone you love? I was about to. Luckily it never came to be.

74 - Did you ever had a kiss under the moonlight? No. Never even kissed anyone before.

75 - Have you ever ridden a boat? Oh yes, actually.

76 - Did you have an accident last year? Nope. I have been pretty safe.

77 - What kind of person are you? People say I am kind, caring, witty, smart, 'beautiful' (don't know where they got that idea), obsesive, clingy... I believe the last two to be true.

78 - Have you ever thought of killing someone?... Literally or...

79 - Have you ever been jealous? Ohoho, yes. I think we all have been.

80 - How can you prove your love to someone? You go and god damn marry that person.

81 - What are you thinking right now? Hell, given that I am doing these questions from the bottom up and the last name is such an obvious referance to hell.

82 - Who is the 6th person in your contacts? Lucifer...

83 - Do you have any memories you want to erase? Oh fuck yes.

84 - Have you been hurt so bad that you can’t find words to explain how you feel? Ehh, yep.

85 - Did you ever badmouth someone? Yep, my brother and people who deserve it.

86 - Have you ever had an argument with someone? Yes, hasn't everyone?

87 - Do you have trust issues? Yesss, many trust issues with others.

88 - Are you broken-hearted? Currently, yes.

89 - Who’s the person who first comes to your mind when someone mentions “love”? Ah gah. No, I am not saying.

90 - Do you think all the pain is worth it? Ugh, maybe it will be someday.

91 - Do you believe in the phrase “If it’s meant to be, it will be”? I do believe in it but I don't like it when people say it to me.

92 - Who do you want to marry? Can I just marry myself???

93 - Do you believe in destiny? Emmm, nope.

94 - Have you ever thought “I already found my soulmate”? Nope.

95 - How do you look right now? Colourful.

96 - Do you believe that first true love never dies? Yes, I believe that.

97 - Have you found your true love? No.

98 - What should you be doing right now? Eating but I don't do that anymore. Well, not at this time anyways.

99 - Name one of your ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends. Well, if I have to... Alex.

100 - Did you ever feel like you’re not good enough? Eh, yep. Pretty much all the time.

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