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12/02/09 THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED!! Go HERE to see the write up for all the winning fics and their accompanying banners.

Congratulations to LINDSAYK!! The first place winner in our Great Pumpkin contest with her FANTABULOUS fic: The Graveyard of Good Intentions

Congratulations to SUKI59!! The second place winner in our Great Pumpkin contest with her AWESOME fic: Samhain

And special Congrats go out to NYAH!! The winner of our Judges' Pick for having a wonderfully creative story to share with us all: The Girl Who Was October

Thank you so much to all who participated. This has been a fun romp. Now go read!!

Trick or Treat, gives us something good to eat... ;-)

10/10 UPDATE! Word count has been upped to 9k... carry on.

Zigs & Yoga are back, and we are totes excited to announce our 2nd SVM fandom contest - Eric & His Great Pumpkin: A Halloween Contest

We're serious about giving us somethin' good y'all. Why else would we do this if we couldn't shamelessly ask (beg) for Eric-centric, GP filled, citrusy stories? Why put in the time and effort otherwise? There's any easy answer to that: we wouldn't. So, don't disappoint us now. The last contest -- rock on Simba and FDM! -- raked in over 40 fantabulous one-shots! It was insanity! We loved it! Please, lets keep this awesome expansion of the fandom going.

Time frame for this puppy: Entries may be submitted from September 22nd - October 31st.

Now, lets get down to the nitty gritty.


All entries must feature Eric and Sookie as the main couple.

All entries must take place on or around Halloween. We'd prefer if costumes were involved (although not absolutely necessary).

All entries must have some form of citrus. Zest, slices and sips are great -- they're like the mini candy bars in our trick-or treat buckets. Tropicana Pure Premium explosions are the king-size Hershey bars that make Yoga and Zigs squee like little girls. These are preferable but not needed. Translation: We'd love to see some lemony goodness in the one-shot, but no pressure.

We encourage AU and AH entries, not just canon and vamp. (Alternate Universe and All Human)

All entrants must be 18 years or older. This is M rated fiction for a reason. If you can't buy porn or legally vote, please turn around now and go bob for apples or some such shizzle.

All entries must be a one-shot and must be a new, original story. Minimum 2,500 words. Max 9,000. There is NO wiggle room with this maximum, so PLEASE do not email/PM us with exceptions.

All those who want to continue their stories -- which we totes encourage -- may do so once the contest has ended.

You may submit more than one story, but 2 is the limit. No more than two one-shots per author.

Collaborations are allowed.

All entries must be beta'd. No exceptions! If you need help finding a beta there is a thread on The Sookieverse forum to help y'all out. :-)

All entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM CST on October 31st. Otherwise, Cinderella is hitching a ride home on a pumpkin (and not of the GP variety!). Voting will open to the public on or around November 6th.

All entries must be submitted to Once you've published your story, please send us the link via PM for official entrance into the contest.

All entries must feature the name of the contest in their story description, and the following heading:

Eric and His Great Pumpkin One-shot Contest


Your Pen name:



Any story that doesn't adhere to the rules above will result in the expulsion of said story from the contest. (Ooo, I feel like I should be holding a whip when I talk like that) Snap!

Any questions? Concerns? Bribes? Scandalous pictures of Alex? E-mail us at GreatPumpkinContest @ gmail (dot) com

How Voting Works:

After we've read and reviewed your fabulous stories, all the entries will be narrowed down to five frellawesome one-shots. There will be a closed session chat with our judges after the close of the contest to determine the final five (or seven depending on how we feel). We'll then put it to a public vote via an FF poll to determine the winners. The winners will be announced around early/mid November. YAY!

What the hell do I get for doing this?

Fuckawesomeness, that's what!

First Prize: Your choice of either the complete first or second season of True Blood, OR the full DVD set of Generation Kill. Yes, its fuckawesome, we know.

Second Prize: The official True Blood Soundtrack with such fuckawesome song offerings as: Bad Things by Jace Everett, and Just Like Heaven by the Watson Twins. Who doesn't love twins? Seriously.

(Both winners will also be able to get some kind of banner and/or avatar from Zigs and her Gimp skills. winks)

Plus, the love and admiration of your fellow FFians, and the hope that Eric and his GP might come visit you on Halloween for a special treat. We'll see what strings we can pull.

Who the hell is running this gravy train?

The MCs: Zigster and Yogagal

Please don't contact the judges with questions. If you have any you can PM this account, Zigs or Yoga. We'll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Our prestigious Judges:

Zigs: squees Oh look at them all! All cute n' centered like that. sighs

Yoga: Seriously Zigs? You're getting sentimental over page layouts.

Zigs: I know, but... I guess I'm just excited.

Yoga: perks up Yup! I hope we get something good...

Zigs: ... to eat?

Yoga: Yes, like a nice big gracious plen...

Zigs: coughs loudly

Yoga: I mean pumpkin! Like pumpkin pie, and cookies n' shit.

Zigs: quirks eyebrow and smirks

Yoga: Whatever, just get to the judges already. Everyone! Look down there. points


Terri Botta




Please realize that the judges will not be able to Beta for the stories submitted. 'Cause that just wouldn't be fair, dude.

To see any and all official entries for this contest, please visit the community:

Thanks for taking the time to read, now go, flee! Go find your muse and create some fabulous one-shots for us. We can't wait to read what you come up with. :-)

Love ~ Yoga & Zigs

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