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Friendly reminder that I have no way of responding to your lovely reviews if you are a guest and do not have an account. Once again, my skype is salem(insert dot here)lunafata . Or you could simply search Luna Fata. Still working hard on chapter 16 of P&P. I'm about thirty pages in. Very much love, and please do add me on skype. If you still have trouble, simply PM or review P&P with your skype name. I will delete it after I have added you if you indicate that you want this to be done.



Hello. I am currently avoiding doing an essay for my English class, and have decided to pick back up on my writing. And because I miss you guys. One of you, a guest, reviewed and said you had trouble finding my skype? It is indeed Salem(dot)lunafata. I'm not sure why skype is saying I don't exist... try just searching luna fata? I would love to speak with you.

Sorry again to you all. I have been having a couple issues with stress-management and mental health, but I am currently disregarding my school responsibilities to do a bit of writing. Feel free to talk.



I do hope ExperimentDeath checks this, because I believe that is your forgotten username, dear reader.

Also, I now have a tumblr, folks. TheCackler. Follow and I follow back:)

Can't wait to hear your opinions on chapter 15 of P&P. PLEASE review.



I have been awake for 23 hours. Everyone, Skype me! Rant ideas and whatever or just talk. It will help the writing. Plus it will help me tie up loose ends that I may have forgotten... I do that. Sleep eludes me right now... The skype is 'Salem(dot)LunaFata'.

If you're lucky, you're video-call may be answered with me wearing a Tobi mask If I'm still awake/hyperactive by then. If not, you just have to deal with my face.

Save me from boredom, dear readers.



I know the the last P&P chapter wasn't so good, sorry, but there are other pressing matters that have me ready to shoot myself.
I... Can't... Write... I've been focused on P&P for so long that, while working on one of my side projects, I discovered that I can't write in normal POV. This is going to kill me. It's simply not a good project for alternating POV. Fuck.

A slightly distressed,



Good news. I will be updating P&P within the week, most definitely. Depending on the response from my beta, I just may upload it tonight unedited. I know it's been awhile, but better late than never. If you find it dull, feel free to bitch me out, most criticism is constructive any way. Well, I have little else to say other than 'Review!'. Hope you enjoy.



Hello. I feel as though I haven't been on in some time, and I do apologize, dear friends. I have been writing, though, so please have mercy. However, a large chunk of new material for Chapter fourteen of Power and Possession was deleted, and then my laptop charger broke. I know. I too am in despair. These things only seem to happen when I want to write... Just know that I have at least thirty pages written. Feel free to message me your complaints and concerns, as I desire some reading material and you folks always have something interesting to say... With sincere apologies at my disappearance, my dears.



Greetings. I am still alive, but I am surely dying. I am so uninspired that I have been rereading old chapters of P&P. It's quite terrible. There are so many little details that I damn myself for putting in because I must remember them now... Keeping up with it is quite tasking, I promise you. Plus, I have found that typing is rather uncomfortable with a room mate... Give me your best wishes, loved ones.

Oh, and please do send me some lovely ItaMada/MadaIta if you happen to get your dirty little claws upon it? I would be most appreciative.



So I'm going to discontinue Power and Possession... HA! April fools, friends... In all seriousness, though, I'm thinking about just writing a smutty one-shot. Let's face it- we need more porn of our favorite Uchiha, and frankly, there is NOT enough. I'm up to my nose in SasuNaru porn, have of it badly written, but we need some Uchihacest, and I'm not talking SasUKE bein' all hard for Nii-san... Yes, almost done with P&P chapter 13. No, I have not edited it yet. Yes, I have a migraine. Yes, I Skyped with a reader and enjoyed myself. Yes, I want more MadaIta/ItaMada porn. Someone dedicate some to me?



Greetings friends, 'tis me again. I'm in quite the shitty spot in P&P. I need some Fanspiration. No, it's not a word, I made it up just now. I'm getting quite a few great ideas from a new friend on FF, though! This will be the first ever reader that I have ever Skyped, so I am quite nervous and jittery. I hope that seeing the face and voice behind the writing won't ruin it...
Anyways, I shall work diligently on the chapter to have it up. Thank you all for your patience and continuously loyal following and reviews.



Hello, friends. I know it's been quite some time since I've updated, but life is pretty cluttered at the moment. Many things happenin' around me and such. I have the worst writer's block, but refuse to start something new until I've finish P&P! I have also learned many things about my style of writing that makes it hard for me to have faith that what I'm putting out there is worth reading. I will thank all of those readers who care enough to review and PM me. I truly love your feedback and thoroughly enjoy speaking with you! Honestly, if I could skype you people, I would, but I doubt anyone would do that and give up their 'secret identity'. I adore talking to strangers, and I also love the mystery of anonymous writers, but it's pretty even. I hope to have the new chapters out soon, but Chapter 13 of P&P most certainly will not be a sixty-something pager like 12, sorry. I thank you for your faithfulness to my story! Please continue to wait for me, my darlings!


1/7/13 'Update'

Happy New Year, friends. I just updated P&P with a rather long chapter(61 pages, 30,771 words to be exact). Sorry for leaving it alone for so long, I have been really busy. I've decided to update my other Itamada multichapter, because that one has been super neglected, but I find that it's so difficult for me to write! It seems that when I started this story, I had a different writing style, and it's SO difficult to go back to! Wish me luck, though, I like both multichap fics equally, I promise! Feel free to PM me, I adore talking to fellow ItachixMadara(don't care who's Seme) and SasukeXNaruto fans, as well as others, I do not discriminate! Rant to me all you want, tell me what ya think.


9/5/12 'Update'/ rant...

Holy crap, so my computer has been down for like two weeks now! Do you know how insane I am right now?! I'm losing it! I want to read and write SO bad! So, I apologize for the lack of update, I can't even open word, so I have yet to write the new chapter for P&P! Ugh, this sucks! I can only get on through the home computer and I'm too paranoid to write... >.> ...Also, why has no one else updated?! I NEVER get alerts! None of the people I favorite ever update their stories, and good Madaita/Itamada is hard to come by as it is! Well, I hope to update within the next week, but that's only hope. *sigh*

-End Rant


9/16/12 'Update'/ share

So I went to the Gay Pride parade in Dallas and ended up in the News Paper, supposedly. LOL. I thought it was rather funny. If you do live in the area of Dallas and see something about the parade, you shall see two friends of mine in a drunken makeout session. I'm probably off to the side screaming for beads, that is if they found us worthy. There were three dike-fights in which a rather butch lesbian left in a stretcher. Cops did nothing about that, or the free jello shots being given to the minors. I claimed the age of twenty three, by the way ;D 'Twas quite the time, Can't wait for next year, or Fort Worth's Pride parade in october.

"It's FUCKEN PRIIIIDE!!" -Quote of drunken lesbian friend.


11/20/12 'Update'/ hey wassup

So, I'm sure you're all ready to skin me, but I must say I'm having quite the time with P&P.(I also just realized that this abbreviation could be mistaken for Pride&Prejudice) Any ways, I'm stuck in an awful rut, and I have no idea how to transition from one part of the story to another... FML.
Also, when I have finished P&P, I have a wonderful new story I can't wait to begin. I think it's rather original, at least I have never read anything like it. It's inspired by the most epic, suspenseful, goosebump inducing song I've ever heard... 'Himne' by Roelof Temmingh. I shall probably include the word Himne in the title. It will not follow the actual storyline but it shall be in the Ninja-verse. I plan to make it very supernatural and if you like spooky stuff I'm sure you will enjoy it. It will be MadaIta(not ItaMada), but it will definately be strange. If you care to get a good taste of the theme, you can go on youtube and search 'Himne by Roelof Temmingh' and the first thing that pops up is the video(it's just a slideshow). Please do message me your oppinion on this idea, or 'Himne' itself, because you most likely will have an oppinion of the song. Love, hate, whatever. Anyways, just thought I'd update, as I have been rather stagnant it seems. I hope to get out of this rut and update soon. Thank you for your immeasurable patience.



Name: SaLEm

Favorite anime(s): KuroShitsuji(Black Butler),Deathnote (love.), Naruto, Naruto:shippuden. (Yes, these are the FAVORITES. Though I have seen many animes, I adore these and can recall just about every event in each.)

Favorite Naruto Characters: Itachi, Madara, Gaara, Sasuke, KaKashi, and Orochimaru.

Favorite Naruto pairings:SasuNaru(&SasuFEM!Naru), ItaMada(&ItaFEM!Mada). I honestly don't care.

Favorite side pairings: NejiGaa, Leesaku (give the guy a chance), Kibahina, Shikatem, KakaIru.

Favorite Death Note Characters: L, Ryuuku, Mello, Light.

Favorite Death Note pairings: L/Light

Favorite side pairings: Mello/Matt (I like the girly boy to be seme. It intrigues me...)

Favorite KuroShitsuji Characters: UnderTaker, Sebastian, Ciel, Grell

Favorite KuroShitsuji Pairings: SebaCiel, And I'd be willing to read anything with UnderTaker...

Favorite side pairing: UnderTaker. I just love him. I don't need logic.

Also, I ship mostly ItaMada / Madaita (But I do love SasuNaru and NaruSasu, it's yummy...)

Because face it: there is less than 10 Itachi-Madara anythings. And if your like:"eww. Madara is gross." then that is a LIE. Simply google 'ItaMada Lily' and prepare to have a new obssession. My profile picture should make a nice sample, but there is plenty of nice artwork of ItaMada. They go together so well! There is such a crazy-complex about them that gives them just enough 'messed up' to make a lovely couple.

Hmm, What I'm cool with?

Mpreg. Yeah, I can get down with it. Gotta love kids, I just hate when all you ever hear about is their kid. I think it's funny when the kid walks in on pervy things. It's funny. (gotta learn somehow.)

Incest? duh, I'm an ItaMada addict.

demon-crazy stuff, LOVE it.

Abuse? only if it's mutual or if they gots some lovey feelings behind their angry fist :) Tough love is needed sometimes...

I'm also cool with obsession, no esplaination for it, I just am :D

Where was I? Oh, Pet Peeves...

Weak Naruto: No matter the gender or orientation, Naruto is still Naruto. Strong, brave, goofy, mischievous, good-hearted, never-back-down, Powerful, HERO Naruto. I'm tired of people taking away that awesome, Ball-sy personality and replacing it with a cry baby's! What the Hell. Don't ruin the main character.

Names/honorifics: Okay, This is Most would say that a fan knows how to spell a main character's name. Not 'Saske', but 'SASUKE'. I've seen the name: 'Kankurou' spelled atleast 4 different ways. What the hell. I mean the name 'Ryuuku', from Deathnote, is understandable, but come on guys. I know you're American and some names are just too freaking asian, but atleast google their name spelling. And don't use honorifics if you don't know what they mean. And if your going to put a long ass sentance in romanized japanese and not leave a translation at the bottom, what the hell are your readers supposed to do if: "Gomennasai, Ryuuzaki-san, t-to, Arigatou-gozaimasu... Ai-Aishiteru!" Pops up? They are going to miss a super cheesy love confession, a Thank you, and an APOLOGY from Yagami Light! That doesn't happen alot, my friends.

Sakura bashing: I honestly don't like her much either, but come on... "Sakura = the root of all evil" is not a good plot. I like it when she's the besty and sure, she and Naruto can both like sasuke and fight for him a bit but sooner or later, the girl has to understand that Sasuke isn't a fan of boobs.

kiddie porn: NO.

'Magic': If Sasuke or Naruto (or any other pairing for that matter) have hated eachother their entire lives, then one date or crappy love confession isn't going to make them do some school-girl-180 and adore the other!

Sasuke: "Oh, Naruto, I've hated you my entire life. Even this morning I was plotting your death, but, this past two hours I was just forced to spend with you made me realize, I'm madly in love with you."

Naruto: "Oh Em Gee, I feel the same way! This was the best date I've ever had! I think we should have passionate sex! I hated you before you said that last sentence, but, now... I just dont know what would happen if I lost you!"

Seriously? Seriously. I have actually read a fanfiction with similar dialogue, minus the dry sarcasm. How about we build up a story line and a dash of substance? I hear that plot makes a nice story too, just saying...

So yeah. I dont really wanna get into pairings I dont like because I'm lazy, but i will tell you two things...

1.) No sasusaku. He's hated her since day one. I know this is fanfiction but its about as possible as Oro-Lee. It's not gonna happen. Not on my watch... >.>

2.) All Near is, is an albino L. I dont like him. In my mind, he shall die alone with no one. Okay, maybe that was a bit harsh...


I am completely computer retarded! I do not use my e-mail, so If you have something you want to say or talk about, then just PM me or even better, review! Reviews make me feel good and write faster! I just recently figured out that you can see if people have viewed you(as of 6/14/12. I have been on this site for atleast two years now.), so that just goes to show that I'm completely ignorant to how this website works... Just letting you guys know, so if it seems that I'm ignoring you, its because I'm just figuring out how to work this thing...

Also! I loooooove Korean and Japanese music!

Oh, By the way...

I have this thing where I take characters that I like and make them my spouses. I know, fangirls, they're "yours"... but let me just have this... *dreamy eyes*

Anyways, I guess you deserve to know who I have chosen to wed.

Naruto:ITACHI, Madara, Kakashi, Gaara, and The Fourth Hokage- Minato Namikaze!!!

Bleach: Urahara and Ulquiorra (Even though I've only seen him and heard his voice.)

Deathnote: L.

KuroShitsuji: UnderTaker, Sebastian

Slaves *Those who are sexy but are also heartless bastards so I will not marry them...*

Naruto: Uchiha Sasuke. Jeez he's a jerk. And he's atLEAST mildly insane now...

Deathnote: Yagami *im a gay*Light... and Mello.-He's not a COMPLETE jerk but hes too crazy to marry. But mmm he sexii.

Do keep in touch, my dears.

That is all. SaLEm

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