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I'm a Harry Potter fanatic and I've been reading fanfic for a couple of years. I generally prefer stories where Harry forms a family bond with any of the adults in canon, where Harry makes good friends outside the Trio, where the canon adults are in a relationship, or where characters who don't like each other in canon realistically become friends. I avoid teen pairings and I don't like cross-gen pairings much either... mostly when I read relationship fics they are about the adult characters. I'm not a big fan of Dumbledore, although I can't see him as completely evil in canon, and I enjoy evil!Dumbledore in fanfiction.

I'll be happy to review your story if you think it matches one of my "likes," so feel free to PM me or mention it in a review if you're reviewing my story.

I'm writing my own story, called For Better and Worse, which is an answer to the Severitus challenge. If you're not sure what that is, I suggest you check out this link for the details. I'll try to stick to the challenge while also writing something that doesn't resemble the typical cookie-cutter Severitus response. No need to worry about Mary/Gary Sues in my story, since I don't write original characters at all. Please heed the warning in the summary, as the story will contain slash, although it isn't going to be graphic or the focus of the story. Also, although it is a Severitus, I just can't write a sappy Snape. A sappy Snape just wouldn't be Snape.

Con-crit is very welcome. I'll try to reply to all non-anonymous reviews, but I will not be doing any author's notes within my story because as a reader I find those to be jarring.

If you like For Better and Worse, try Something in Return. I met Keeper of Keys and Secrets on a fanfic forum and we were going to write a story together, but we realized that we had very different ideas and ended up each writing our own story. The premise of our stories is similar because we plotted together at first. I'm beta-reading her story. I'm really only putting this here to head off any plagiarism accusations against either one of us. :-)

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Response to Severitus' challenge. When Harry comes to Hogwarts, Severus thinks back to another pair of green eyes and a secret that must never be told.
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For Better and Worse reviews
Snape makes an offer Harry isn't able to refuse. AU Severitus Challenge response, starts after 5th Year but may contain bits from all books. Contains Sirius/Remus and Severus/Lucius, but just in background. Neville plays a big part. Non-evil Malfoys.
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