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Hello to all my dear readers. ARCEUS-master here. I don't have much to say, other than that I'm guy and I'm 23 years old, I am graduated from university at Accounting and Management. And yep, as my profile says I am Mexican.

I am currently working on my main fanfic series, the A New Chance Series, with the fanfic "A New Chance For Adventure" being my main focus. I'm also working on updates to my other fanfics, such as Gods and Mortals, but more sporadically on those as my focus is mostly in the ANC Series.

My DEVIANT-ART PAGE: ht tp : //ff-arcy . deviantart . com/ (Just delete the spaces. Links are not working in FF For some reason)

I suggest you guys tune on that page too, I'll use it to post many side information that will be needed about my stories, such as profiles of upcoming characters, and also, I'll use it for a better public touch with readers, and Its journals are useful for saying stuff every once in a while without waiting for ANs until next chapter. So, in short, I'll make good use of the DA Page, so it'll be useful if you watch it.


1. First fan-art ever done is a poster for "A New Chance At Life" done by Fergus Flamacron. It's rather nice and I really liked it, it was done in January 21st, 2011. Here it is: A New Chance At Life Poster.

2. Second fan-art done is a poster for "Stopping The Storm" also done by Fergus Flamacron. It's very cool, and done on July 21st, 2012. Here it is: Stopping The Storm Poster.

3. Third fan-art is a story sketch for "A New Chance For Adventure" done by Fallingarcher22. Really well done sketch, posted on March 22nd, 2014. Here it is: A New Chance For Adventure Sketch.

4. Fourth fan-art isn't actually fan-art, it's a paid commission for "Stopping the Storm" done by Agryo. Really terrific drawing, posted on July 5th, 2014. Here it is: Stopping the Storm Commission.

And that's all for now.


1. A New Chance Series. (The page contains both A New Chance At Life and A New Chance For Adventure): Here it is: A New Chance Series TV Tropes Page. Thanks a lot Poptard for starting out this magnificent page!


1. "A New Chance" Series.

--> A New Chance At Life. (-Completed-) - Large Size Story Cover

--> A New Chance For Adventure. (-In Progress-)

--> A New Chance To Save The World (-Future Sequel-)

--> A New Chance To Follow Your Heart (-Future Sequel-)

2. Stopping The Storm (-Completed-)


I deeply thank my two beta-readers for all their help in all aspects of my stories. =)

1. Ri2 - He is the first Beta-Reader I ever had, and he's the one that's helped me improve the most at writing ever since I started out back in early 2010. He generally helps me in all aspects there is to help me, from editing and improving, to planning and plotting, to smoothing and polishing the updates. He's always there, everywhere. Thank you my friend.

2. Shakari - Shakari is my plot/idea beta. She rarely works with the actual writing itself, but she instead focuses entirely on the plot coherence and its workout. She is the one that I develop most of my ideas with, and she participates in all active plotting and planning for the fanfic and its future arcs, as well as figuring out how nearly all aspects of the story will work out. Along with me, we are the ones that together have structured the A New Chance Series storyline. Thanks!

Together, these couple dear friends of mine help me make my fanfiction as best as possible, and I'd like to thank them for it. Each new chapter has their print on it, and thanks to them I can claim my writing to be as perfect as possible. Thanks to each of you.


I am currently writing:

A New Chance For Adventure / Chapter 17 (Currently in Writing).

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