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Poll: I don't plan on Sifkni doing any of the Civil war quests, but should Sifkni be Imperial or Stormcloak? Vote Now!
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Author has written 4 stories for Fable, Elder Scroll series, Dragon's Dogma, and One Piece.

My deviantart. You can see my artwork here. Various artwork of my characters for my fanfictions.

I am slow to update. Please think of this before following any of my stories. I love writing, but it gives me anxiety attacks. I'm slowly trying to work on it. If you need to talk with me please send a PM.

HOWLS OF WHITERUN Chapter 6 is in the works! (I'll be taking this back up ASAP I had a lot going on. Surgery and stuff fun)

ROAR OF A WOLFBORN Chapter 1 is in the works. (I will not publish until HoW is over though.)

Upcoming List

Howls of Whiterun. OC Mini-series. 6 chapters. Werewolf-centric story. Prequel to a future story. (Chapter 5 in works)

Roar of a Wolfborn (working title). Main story revolving Sifkni. After the events of Howls of Whiterun, she finds out she is the Dragonborn. Farkas/Dragonborn.

Planning List - SUPER Future List

Monster (Will think of one later). Companion to Roar of the Wolfborn. I will not disclose much except it's OC, it's werewolf and it's Thieves Guild. MORE THAN LIKELY Brynjolf/OC

Untitled (thinking) Pure fantasy shit here. Fraya/MC/Elleon Smut.

Hellhound (working title). Between Fable 2 and 3. Pirate business gal, Aberle, makes deals with Reaver. There's more to Aberle than meets the eye. Another hero and another Shadow Court pactee. Prob Mini-series. Plot unknown ATM.

Silence (Working title) Either really long oneshot or mini-series. Volkihar Vampire OC-centric. Story about Elaninde. Her journey from Summerset Isle to Skyrim. Her tale of being a mage fro hire after being kicked out of the College. Her (almost) fatal wound and how she ended up at Volkihar castle. Maybe Vingalmo/OC. Hints at least.

Through Hell (Working title) Elin!Hero of Velika (Main Chara) takes a turn for bloodshed after Pora Elinu is blown up. (Messes with Lore) Killian/ElinOC. (Will be rated M for torture scenes, abusive subjects/relationship.) Mini-series maybe, sill planning/designing.

Demented Dreams (old story in the reworks) Lillias Natalia was raised by the marines after her island was decimated. Her memory wiped of the incident. She joins the Marines and quickly elevates in rank. Her world is turned upside down when she is taken captive by a band of pirates.


The Slicing Mist (Chapter 2 is next)

Pirating and Fleeing (Chapter 2 is in works)

Stand by Me (old story in the reworks)

Shadow Cat. OC fic. Hunter x Hunter. Sorta Hisoka/OC. Will cover OC's backstory and hunter exam at least. Maybe a skip to Heaven's Arena. Plotting.

Important OCs

Shiro Itora. Quirky, justice-loving Shichibukai. Swordsman. (Official pairing: Dracule Mihawk)

Nashikawa Ruri. Half Japanese, half American. Yamabuki boys' Team manager. Overall Oddball. Devil in Angels' garb. (Official Pairing: Akutsu Jin)

Miraji Utley. Part human, part magical beast cat. Master of Zetsu and In. Intrigues Hisoka with nen abilities. Ends up becoming his pet. (Not Official Pairing: Hisoka)

Lulubelle. Sass-master scholar. Arisen. Wanders Bitterblack Isle with her (stupid) pawn, Ari. (Official Pairing: Barroch)

Cail. Thief and Assassin. For hire. Lively. Full of laughter. Likes drinking. She doesn't like killing, but money is more important.

Sifkni. Werewolf. Lived in pack for twenty years. Finds out she is Dragonborn. Quiet and calculating. Calm and collected. (Official Pairing: Farkas)

Elaninde. Mage. Vampire Lord. High Elf. Studious, collected, observant. Works to please the lord of the castle. No care in politics of the court. (Official Pairing: Vingalmo)

Aberle. Hero of Strength Skill. Immortal. Takes no shit, even from Reaver. Reaver tries to undermine her businesses, but she always comes back up. They are business partners with benefits.

About me

Name: Kuri
Age: 25 (November 17)
Occupation: Movie Theatre Staff.
Hobbies: Being lazy, writing drabbles, drawing, playing online TCGs
Fandoms: (I'll write for) One Piece, Dragon's Dogma, Fable, Skyrim
Playlist: Everything awesome?

Please note when following stories. I'm a slow updater. I'm super insecure with my writing to the point I have anxiety attacks over something I used to love. I miss having the motivation and drive to update. After too many projects and never enough time, I broke. As much as I want to write again, I physically cannot. Please forgive my slow ass. If you have any tips throw a pm at my face.

If you just wanna talk to me, skype me. Though, I'm pretty quiet.

You may wonder why I'm writing a mini-series and not incorporating the events of Howls of Whiterun into Roar of the Wolfborn. The truth in it, I had no intention of writing RotW at all. I was halfway through writing HoW in its journal and it came to me that I should make a real series. I don't know what awaits for RotW as I only have Chap 1-4 outlined. I don't know what it's future holds. Regardless if people like it not, I am looking forward to writing it.

Also, I want to apologize for the many things wrong with my series. Sif is moving too fast through the grieving process and I also didn't want to dwell too long on it. orz And my lack of describing characters;;; I will try better when I write for RotW. I'll try better with future chapters, but I can't make promises because I'm still learning as always.

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Howls of Whiterun reviews
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Demented Dreams
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