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Author has written 23 stories for iCarly, Twilight, Pokémon, Victorious, Hunger Games, Big Time Rush, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Troop.

Yo. This is old. Find me on here.

My story:

I Live Alone. Until, I tried Sky Sailing. From there, I learned how to use a Hot Air Balloon. From Swimming in Miami to The Tip of The Iceberg, I finally found the time to say, "Hello Seattle." The Bird and The Worm went to a Super Honeymoon, as I was On The Wing, seeing a Meteor Shower. Then, right when I was seeing a Tidal Wave near Umbrella Beach, I saw...my Technicolor Phase; Owl City, but I had to escape the Strawberry Avalanche, with my grown Butterfly Wings. Dear Vienna, I have a Panda Bear, but 0has West Coast Friendship. Rugs From Me To You, with Sunburn, Brielle. Vanilla Twilight and Fireflies, If My Heart Was a House, I wouldn't be an Early Birdie. From Sky Sailing to Owl City...Maybe I'm Dreaming, Of June, in my Ocean Eyes. See you, since An Airplane Carried Me To Bed.


I do not own any shows (iCarly, Victorious, Big Time Rush, etc...) that I wrote about, and I also don't own any of the songs, books, etc. that I add in my FanFics.

Most people know me at the CreddieFans site, other people know me for my video: Creddie-Forever and Always.

Now, time for a little lesson...

You know my FanFic "The Twiragoon 3", right?

Okay, you're probably wondering..."What's a Twiragoon?"

Well, a Twiragoon is a mix of the Twiragon and Dragoon.

A Twiragon is a dragon that has the definition of Twilight Crossing Dragon.

A Dragoon is from one of the Kirby games.

Put them together, and you get the dragon mix, Twiragoon.

A Twiragoon is like a custom Pokemon. It has the wings of the Dragoon. A Twiragon is kinda hard to explain. But, basically, it's like the ying-yang sign, but in dragon form.

Also, there's three main amulets you need to form the Twiragoon.

The Dark Amulet, The Light Amulet, and the Winged Amulet. Put the three together with the Dragoon parts, and Twiragoon is in your hands.

If all three amulets are joined together, the amulet is called the Twigoon Amulet.

Also, the Dragoon dragon is called, "Spigoon."

So, yeah. That's an explanation for "The Twiragoon 3".

Possible future FanFics:

Title: Andre the Air Nomad
Rating: K or T
Summary: Sikowitz gets a letter from the Earth Kingdom. He gathers up all the benders to inform them. But, Rex the Puppet has already gathered up all the benders from the Fire Nation. Part 1 of 5 of the Crossover Series.
Crossover?: Possibly

Title: The Second Air Bender
Rating: K
Summary: Spencer gets a letter from his tribe. Now, it's his mission to tell Carly, Sam, Freddie and the others. At first, they don't believe him. Later on, they start to listen to him. "Who is the air bender? Carly? Sam? Freddie? Gibby?" Sequel of, Andre the Air Nomad. Part 2 of 5 of the Crossover Series.
Crossover?: Possibly

Title: The Race is On
Rating: T
Summary: Back to back to back to back to back race to the arena in Panem. They need to train to kill. Sequel of, The Second Air Bender. Part 3 of 5 of the Crossover Series.
Crossover?: Yes

Title: The Return of The Clash
Rating: T or M (M because there might be a lot blood and/or a lot of violence, but no character death)
Summary: It's a BIG crossover between iCarly, Troop, Big Time Rush, Victorious, and The Hunger Games. Sequel of, The Race is On. Basically, it's most of my stories put as one. Part 4 of 5 of the Crossover Series.
Crossover?:Yes; a big one.

Title: The Treaty of Treason
Rating: T
Summary: Everyone is now weak and fragile. But, it is not over...yet. Will everything go back to normal? Or will it be a disaster? Sequel of, The Return of The Clash. Part 5 of 5 of the Crossover Series.
Crossover?: Yes

Title: iGo Underground
Rating: K or T
Summary: The iCarly gang finds a huge hole near the Bushwell Plaza. No one else seems to see it, so they explore it themselves. It turns out, once they move forward, there's no going back. Will they survive? Or will they be stuck there?
Crossover?: No

Title: iHelp On The Subspace Emissary
Rating: T
Summary: Carly, Sam, and Freddie have been separated from each other. They find themselves in a different universe. "Where am I?" Sequel of, iGo To The Sinnoh Region.
Crossover?: Yes

Title: iBecome a Werehog
Rating: T
Summary: One day, Freddie wakes up early just to find himself...different. His teeth are all sharp, his hair changed, his eye color changed; he even grew ears on the top of his head. Why did he turn into this?
Crossover?: Possibly

Title: 29 Songs of Creddie
Rating: T
Summary: The SongFic story about Creddie; through good and bad times. My choice songs that I thought fitted Creddie.
Crossover?: No

Title: Apartment Victorious
Rating: K or T
Summary: "They'll never find me here!" Crossover between Apartment Red (Youtube Channel/Redio Podcast/"Random" Series), Victorious, and iCarly.
Crossover?: Yes

Title: Teaming Up to Tear Down
Rating: T
Summary: Jade West meets Sam Puckett in Ridgeway. Jade makes a plan with Sam to destroy students lives by bullying together. What happens?
Crossover?: Yes

Title: Breaking Up and Moving On
Rating: K or T
Summary: Freddie calls Carly; Jade calls Beck. Both say they are over with the other person. Heartbroken, the girls exchange (Beck with Carly, Freddie with Jade.) One couple moves on... The other still trapped with the past.
Crossover?: Yes

Title: Big Time Dream- iSwitch
Rating: T
Summary: Logan and Freddie have the same dream about meeting each other. The next morning, they notice that they're not where they're supposed to be.
Crossover?: Yes

Title: Seattle's Beast
Rating: T
Summary: During a BTR Concert tour, Kendall, Jo, Camille, and Katie get lost in Washington state, and got left by the bus. Kendall gets over his first moon as a werewolf, but no one knows he's a werewolf. What happens now? Takes place after Big Time Halloween.
Crossover?: Kind of, yes

Title: iThought You Knew Me
Rating: T
Summary: I thought she knew me. Why, Carly Shay? Why did she have to move on? Is it because of me and my imperfection?
Crossover?: No

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