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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Update January 2014:

I am now approximately a little bit over half-way through writing the last book of the fic: "Writing in water : The Firebranded book". Sometimes it takes me 2 chapters to recount one particular episode, and sometimes it takes me less. There are 10 episodes left for me to write about, as well as some more of the 'Lost adventures' comics, so you can get an idea as to how many more chapters are left. I do not foresee writing more about 'Avatar The Last Airbender' story after this fic , because the part that really inspired me would be done, although I will continue to follow the GAang's adventures. I may instead, take up the unfinished HP fic and continue that but I will not make any promises as to when.

Profile update summer 2013: Unfortunately I have to put 'Half-blood Prince on hold right now until I finish my other ( totally different ) fic. It was a big mistake to start 2 multi-chapter fics at the same time ( especially when that time has been severely curtailed by RL events). I find I cannot switch my mindframe from one universe to a completely different one , so I will concentrate on first finishing 'Writing in Water' - at least another 30 more chapters or so.

Profile update summer 2012: I am experimenting with a fic based on the cartoon series of Avatar: The last Airbender,. It is nothing like I've attempted before, and the characters are nothing like any in my previous fics, but for some unfathomable reason, I really like them ( I'm still trying to decipher why, exactly) .

Anyhow, most of the first 'Book' is finished and I'm starting on 'Book 2: earth', but this does not mean I'm not continuing with the '. Half-Blood Prince'. I will continue both for as long as inspiration moves me, so, I think, for a long time yet.

Profile update 2012: I will be posting the first chapter of the Half-Blood Prince in the near future. It is the sequel to Lily and the Half-Blood Prince and will cover the last two of Severus Snape’s Hogwarts years. This fic will be considerably shorter than the previous one and the action will be mainly from Sev’s pov, although Lily and others will have a say in it, too.

A word of warning in order to avoid unpleasant surprises: this fic will be canon-based, and I would like to emphasise that Severus Snape will be portrayed as I imagine him to be at this stage : an embittered, but highly intelligent and ambitious young man, determined to make his way through the First War in a way that counts. Severus Snape will NOT be portrayed as a passive victim of circumstance, or else a prettified version of a romantic hero: this will be a ‘warts and all’ portrayal.

In this fic, Severus Snape will finally be coming of age and therefore will be in a position to make choices and decisions that affect his future in an indelible way. Although canon-based, there is really nothing much in canon about these particular two years of Snape's life, so this is just my interpretation of what could plausibly have happened. I find it more inspirational to write about what could have happened, (because it is believable), rather than an AU 'what should have happened'.

The rating of the fic, which will start with a ‘T’, will change to ‘M’ somewhere towards the middle.

As for the Chapters: I’m afraid I will NOT be able to keep up the Chapter-a-week rhythm of the first fic ( sorry!). The pressure of that kind of deadline was too great, and I would not like to do that again, so I’d rather leave the posting day vague.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story. It starts in Spinner’s End, summer 1976….

Profile update December 2011: Finally I have finished Lily and the Half-blood Prince, the first and only fic I have ever written. It has come a long way since I first started scribbling in Autumn of 2008.

I have no fixed time for when I will write any sequel or sequels to the tale, but definitely not for a few months, since I have accumulated a lot of RL issues during this time, because they’ve had to take the back-burner for ages, in order for me to keep up the chapter-a-week fic.

So it’s time I sorted some RL things out before returning to writing, and furthermore, I hope to be able to set a different pace to the story - hopefully it will be faster and not so ‘day-by-day’ as this one.

However, I will eventually update my Profile page again when the ideas floating around in my head have become more concrete, and I can give more details on any forthcoming fic/s.

The subject matter will definitely remain my favourite character in the whole Potterverse, Severus Snape, but in the meantime and in the near future, I will probably go through the whole story again to weed out any inconsistencies and/or repetitions, typos, etc. I will also be concentrating on producing some more illustrations to this fic, or even random Snape art which I will be posting on my DA account.

So, finally a big THANK YOU for all the reviews and support which certainly went a long way in keeping me on track and I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed the writing of this fic.




I have been writing ‘Lily and the Half-Blood Prince’ for a while now, a story that is based on canon, in so far as it continues seamlessly from the snippets of back-story we glimpse in the HP books, and any other facts as presented in the books, or as explained by the author, J K Rowling .

Since the story description is so limited, I am elaborating a bit on the scope and vision of this fanfiction (something I should have done long ago, I know).

In my opinion, one of the most interesting back stories of the Harry Potter series is the one about Severus Snape. His chequered history, from his unhappy childhood , through the bittersweet Hogwarts years, to the darkest hours of his Death Eater days, makes him one of the most inspiring fictional character I have come across. A complex, multifaceted and intriguing man.

Lily, on the other hand, is a character that is a bit more difficult to write about, for there is much less directly known about her. However, we learn that those who knew Lily, recognised many characteristics of her nature in that of her son, Harry, so I am keeping that in mind when writing her.

One of the most crucial facts known about the two main characters, Lily and Severus, is that they were best friends from when they were children, up to June 1976, the end of their fifth year. Beyond this date very little is known, except that Lily started going out with James Potter in their 7 th year, and that Severus sunk ever deeper into the activities of the Death Eater fraternity.

These obscure years reached a turning point with Lily’s death, and Snape’s change of allegiance. The love he had for his childhood friend, was so strong so powerful, that he risked his life again and again, especially during the second war, until finally, he paid the ultimate price, and laid down his life for Lily’s memory.

He knew full well what might one day happen, and moreover, he knew that despite the risks he ran, and the sacrifices he made, he knew he would always be remembered as ‘the traitor’ and ‘the betrayer’, by The Order; the Death Eaters, and the wizarding world in general.

And yet he did what he had to do.

All for her, for Lily.

It was this love that intrigued me.

I think there must be very few instances in real life, or in fiction, when somebody would lay down their life for the sake of a long-gone childhood friendship. Especially when that person is dead, already.

This made me wonder about Snape’s unrequited love. To me it seems that the bond between these two was stronger than mere friendship. On Severus’ part, definitely. On Lily’s part? They were best friends, as well as a teenage boy and a teenage girl, too. So the possibility must have crossed her mind, definitely. And she did love him, as JK Rowling confirms, but perhaps not in the way he would have wanted to recognise.

The story of Lily and Severus is my interpretation of what could have happened. It is based on the canon facts as we know them, but with a twist that relies on my views as explained above, and the following excerpts from JK Rowling Interviews:-

- Did Lily ever have feelings back for Snape?

JKR: ‘yes. She might even have grown to love him romantically ( she certainly loved him as a friend) if he had not loved Dark Magic so much and been drawn to such loathsome people and acts.’

Rowling Bloomsbury Interview/webchat

30 th July 2007

Lily detested Mulciber and Avery. If Snape really loved her, why didn’t he sacrifice their company for her sake?

JKR: ‘Well, that is Snape’s tragedy. Given his time over again, he would not have become a Death Eater, but like many insecure, vulnerable people (like Wormtail) he craved membership of something big and powerful, something impressive. He wanted Lily, but he wanted Mulciber, too. He never really understood Lily’s aversion; he was so blinded by his attraction to the Dark side, he thought she would find him impressive, if he became a real Death Eater’

Rowling Bloomsbury Interview/webchat

30 th July 2007

- Has Snape ever been loved by anyone?

JKR: ‘Yes he has which in a way makes him more culpable even than Voldemort, who never has.’

Mugglenet and The Leaky Cauldron Interviews, 2005

Lily and the Half-Blood Prince will continue until the end of their fifth year. After that, the story will continue, but under one, or more, different titles, as I map out the intervening years,( largely obscure from a canon point of view), between their last two years at Hogwarts, until Lily’s death in 1981.

FINALLY the Disclaimer: All the characters, human or otherwise, as well as the places, are J.K Rowlings, if they are instantly recognisable. I’m eternally grateful to her for the creation of such inspiring witches and wizards! The text in italics is directly from the books, tweaked slightly, so that it fits in seamlessly with the rest of the fic.

I would like to repeat once again, that the story here is MY interpretation of canon facts. And it remains just that – one interpretation out of hundreds of other, equally valid, points of view. The fact that there are so many missing years in backstory is a good thing, really, because it gives some leeway for fanfic writers to have some fun!!


My DA ( DeviantArt) Account:- http:///

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