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GASP! What's this? I POSTED A CHAPTER!!!!

I feel so accomplished XD

--Aeron Solo

Greetings all,

I'm Aeron Solo, nice to meet you. It just so happens that I have more to do with the worlds of Pokemon and Bleach, and a ton of others, than you may know. I am a fictitious character (or so you may think) and I will post the stories of my adventures with my friends here. I am glad that you think that this is highly amusing, and sorry if you feel that this is ridiculous and want me to tear this down.

My human identity lives in an area I'll release as SINY (Somewhere In New York). I like to write tons of fiction, but the reason that you don't see much is becuase I'm sort of new, and as such have only had time for a few.

By the way, there are some Pokemon that you may not know about, and may never see because they are so difficult to obtain that they may never be seen. That's fine with me, as long as you know that it's not just seven Eeveelutions out there. Up to eight have been encountered by me, and I hope to find more. Maybe I will have found them all by the time that Rise of the Forbidden is over.

Also, some of you may have noticed an author by the name of Axel Nightblazer claiming to be my brother and using characters that I also use, in the terms of OCs. I am happy to say that he is my brother, although faster but not as good as I am at writing, so please don't report him for using my OCs. (Don't read his stories. Despite what he says, there will be no divine judgement if you don't read them. Besides, parts of Rise of the Forbidden WILL be spoiled.)

I support these ships:



Soulsilvershipping (SilverxKotone (Kotone & Lyra are twins XD)


AelitaxJeremy (no idea what it's called)

A ton of others that I need to learn about


To those of you who think that I am cuckoo and my brains have been addled because Soul Reapers and Pokemon (supposedly) do not exist:

You have no sense of humor.

BIG time.


To any who may report me for bringing elements from more than two sources into one story:

I'm sorry, but I did warn you. I WOULD'VE put down that they were crossovers of all those stories...EXCEPT ALL CROSSOVER FANFICS ALLOW ONLY TWO STORIES TO BE LISTED. SO DON'T REPORT ME, BECAUSE IT'S NOT MY FAULT.

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A short scene showing how XANA made its way back to Lyoko and how life is going for the gang. More to follow. Please review and tell me what you think.
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