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Author has written 3 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, and Anime X-overs.

February 17th: Well, I'm not getting enough feedback on my story so as of now it's on hiatus...well, it's been on hiatus for a really long time but now it's official. I posted a gaia avatar as my profile picture, it's my attempt at Kazuki. If you want me to continue send me a message, take my poll, talk in the forum, or write a review.

September 19th: Good news, my writing program has been reinstalled. But I have a few questions.

1. Is anyone still interested in reading Reincarnated II

2. If so...how should I go about it?

A. Start exactly where I left off, no matter how much of the show I've seen. Pretend I've never seen any episodes.

B. Take into consideration the episodes I have seen (I'm up to the one where they just meet the guy's son who made the black pearl)

C. Any other ways to go about writing this?

3. Any characters you want to see more or less of?

4. Any other suggestions?

To answer these, please send me a message using the handy-dandy tool on my homepage or just review a chapter. Please send me a message if you're interested in reading it though! If no one's reading my fic...what the hell is the point of writing? Thanks to those who take the time to reply.

September 6th Update: My computer just now started working. My writing program needs to be installed. I have a paper to write for a college class. Sorry for not updating--my bad.

August 12th Update: I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! But sadly chapter six does not yet...Still having computer problems. I will try and continue even if it kills me...OOOOH! AVATAR! Sorry, Avatar is my new crack and my sister just changed the channel to it...I will continue but I'm not sure when I will update. Thank you faithful reviewers and please don't give up hope! I will continue!

July 29th Update: Must...resist...urge...to...kill...computer! I still can't get my writing program to work and it's pissing me off! NowI can't work on anything, including my damn fic! GRRRRRRRRR! Everytime I click on it it says not enough virtual memory and yada-yada some other crap. I will see if I can get it to work now and if not I guess I'll have to wait for someone else to look at it and try to fix it.

July 13th Update: The writing program is yet to be fixed so I don't know if I'll be able to update anytime soon. I also just had surgery yesterday and I'm not quite up to pair. I HATE NEEDLES! But being doped up was kinda fun...ya know, until I threw up--twice. Other than that, after the stuff wore off I hurt like hell and couldn't take my pain killers yet...I couldn't eat or drink anything 6 hours prior to surgery and afterwards all I could do was drink water. My friend was nice and called after my surgery; she knew I couldn't talk but she asked my mom if I was doing okay and I thought that was sweet...weird coming from her but sweet...she's just a softie on the inside. Well, I just thought that I should give ya all the scoop but for now I'm gonna go rest and play videogames.

July 5th Update: So ya...I'm betting a lot of you want to know why I haven't updated. Well, unfortunately I haven't been able to work on chapter six due to the fact my writing program has decided to be a bitch and doesn't want to work. Also, one more review would be nice...why you ask? Cuz, I said so, that's why. Now I'll be working on trying to fix that damn computer...where the hell is my monkey wrench...

June 13th Update: Ugh...I wrote a sentence on a chapter and got bored. All of a sudden the thought of ACTs flashed into my head andI had a panic attack.I usually do great on those stupid tests that the schools make you take so they can get funds...I've always done above the nation average. But this damn ACT, I didn't finish almost all of them, some of them I didn't have time to thoroughly read, and the one I thought I might actually do good on I didn't even get to finish! I'm usually good at math...and we even got to use calculators, but I still had a whole buncha problems to finish. My dad says I should get at least a 25...but there wasa lot of stuff I just guessed on because it made no sense to me! I need to puke, cry, scream, or something or else I'm gonna freak out and fly tackle some poor unfortunate bystander. So for informational purpose I was taking my ACT's last weekend. Also, I've recently started my summer job...yay...and also, I've come to the sick and sad realization that wether or not I know the sciences of an ice cream maker decides wether or not I'm getting into the college I want...ya...I'm gonna go cry now...I'll writing the next chapter tomorrow but at the moment I just feel like crap.

May 13th Update: Meh...ya, I didn't update and I won't until this summer because my teachers are evil and trying to destroy my fragile little mind, and I'm suffering from writer's block. But as of know I'm going to be working on a poster for one of my classes...then I might possibly work on my report...then I might possibly work on my portfolio which is full of mini reports...and if I'm lucky there will be time to study for my novel test. Yay...

May 6th Update: Kay...I suppose I have enough reviews to update so I'll try and do so tomorrow. But if I forget don't be mad, kay? I have lots of end of the school year assignments and I may forget and may not feel like writing. So tomorrow I have at least one assignment that HAS to be done, then I'll see about updating and posting another chapter.

April 23rd Update: Alrighty then, still only one review...but it's okay, I have other and better things to do than update...Maybe next week. Actually, I have things to do next weekend...plans of the sort...hey cool, I have a social life. Sorta. Anywho, please review if you want me to continue on with the next chapter.

April 16th Update: Bah...I have some basic ideas for the fic but when I tried writing it didn't flow and it came out...blah. I need some inspiration and I only have one review for the last chapter...so I'll give the fic another week before I post another chapter. Oh ya, Happy Easter.

April 2nd Update: Captain's log, it has been a long and boring journey but finally I've decided to give in and post the first two chapters of Reincarnated II that were finished in October but after family issues I was too lazy to post. Wether or not I will continue with the saga thing-a-ma-jig is yet to be discovered but only time can tell. So for now I'll see how it fairs.

Man I'm bored Sorry for taking so long but...well, no real excuses, just been to lazy and had no intention on continuing with the fic. But today I finished going through five months worth of anime (started recording in October...) and for some reason I felt like posting. I'm caught up with YYH and IY and all those wonderful animes. Maybe some reviews will activate my creative writing mood...moh well.

November 21st Update:...wow, it's been a while. Well, the family issues have...subsided I suppose. I don't think I'm going to do a sequel. Frankly, I don' t think enough people reviewed for the last chapter. Then there are other various excuses...no will to write...CD went kaput and had to save everything to a new disk but I'm not sure if I want to taint my new CD with this computer's problems...Oh well, it's probably best if I just leave the fic as is. I think I'm done writing fanfics...original fiction is much more fun to write. But I'm not positive yet. I'd have to look at the few chapters I have written of Reincarnated II. Oh well, I don't think many people would read it anyways.

September 20th Update: ...I don't know about a sequel yet...There's been some family issues lately and my computer is now in the healing process after a few viruses...so I haven't been working on the sequel like I thought I would be. The idea isn't dead yet and if I do decide not to I'll be sure to inform you guys, but for now there's still a possiblity.

August 21st: I fixed somethings in my fic...removed comments and such. Read and Review!

A little about me...

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Interests: Anime, Drawing, Reading, Videogames, and Writing.

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My Favorite Shows (In no particular order):


Yu Yu Hakusho

Rurouni Kenshin




Cowboy Bebop

Anime Unleashed(Has different shows in it)

Case Closed

Wolf's Rain

Full Metal Alchemist

Samurai Champloo


Paranoia Agent

Avatar: The Last Airbender


My Favorite VideoGames:

Final Fantasy 7/8/9/10/10-2/Tactics

Jak 1/2/3

Kingdom Hearts

The Sims 2

Star Ocean II

(There are more but these ones are my favorites)

Some Random Character Profiles:

Okay, I'm editing the profiles so they're not as lengthy. The characters I'm going to put here might appear in future fics if I ever get around to it.But for now this will be a temporary explanation explaining why nothing is here...

Random Fics:

Inuyasha/Yu Yu Hakusho/Rurouni Kenshin/DBZ/Trigun/Cowboy Bebop-3632-Pending/Dead

Original-1212-In Progress

Avatar/Witch-2129-Pending Revison


Yu Yu Hakusho/Inuyasha-5824-Pending Revision




Inuyasha/Rurouni Kenshin/Yu Yu Hakusho-29218-Pending Revision

Inuyasha/Yu Yu Hakusho-2947-Pending


Original-6338-In Progress

Original-13809-In Progress

Inuyasha/Rurouni Kenshin-53132-Finished

X-Men Evolution-3827-Dead

Yu Yu Hakusho-2119-Finished

Yu Yu Hakusho-2449-Pending/Dead



Interactive-13980-In Progress

X-Men Evolution-2592-Pending/Dead

X-Men Evolution-9689-Pending Revision/Dead

Yu Yu Hakusho-484-Pending

Final Fantasy X/DBZ/Random Cartoons-7546-Dead

Digimon Original-747-Pending


Original Fic-30000-Finished/Pending/Revision/Dead?

Inuyasha/Rurouni Kenshin/Yu Yu Hakusho-5623-In Progress/Pending

REAR-Read, enjoy, and review!

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