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People have pasted things about best friends and stuff well here is my own, personalised, unique version:

Summary of Best Friends From My Own Experiances!

Sent to the headteachers office and it aint your fault - a best friend will be there and make a joke of it by putting soil in the teacher's tea!

Your stood against the naughty wall in the playground - a best friend will be stood opposite laughing, "lets do it again!"

You fall off a chair and chip your tooth - a best friend is the one laughing who pulled the chair.

You think a lifeguard is fit - a best friend will help you make a fool of yourself infront of him.

You cant answer a question because your laughing too much - a best friend will be in the same predicament.

You're annoyed at your parents - a best friend mixes their shampoo up with you like in Maltilda.

You've fallen out with another friend - a best friend will be happy to bitch with you regardless.

You are sticking a finger up at passing busses in the playground - a best friend will be the one who made you.

You've been dumped by a guy - a best friend will spread a rumor about him to make him look shallow.

You trip up and fall flat on your face - a best friend will pretend not to know you and then tease you later.

You want the biggest piece of orange - a best friend will argue against you for it.

You want the smallest, cutest piece of orange - a best friend will call you pathetic.

You're totally devasted - a best friend will put their arm round you but have no idea what to say.

You want to watch the latest Harry Potter - a best friend already has tickets.

You fail an exam - a best friend will do extreamly well in it.

You need someone to talk to - a best friend will sign on Msn at that moment.

You complete a rubix cube - a best friend thinks it is the coolest thing in the world.

You've given up chocolate for lent - a best friend will ask if they can have you cereal bar that has chocolate chips on it.

You're being picked for a playground footy match - a best friend will be the one who picks you or threatens the person who is doing the picking.

You wore a slutty outfit to a party and people are talking - a best friend will ask to borrow it.

A tree nearly falls on top of your scouts leader - a best friend will laugh when you shout TIMBER!

You scouts leader gets chased by a cow - a best friend wets themself laughing with you.

Your wet through and have been walking for 8 hours straight - a best friend makes rude rhymes up with you.

You join scouts and people make fun of you - a best friend is the one who introduced you to it.

A sheep skull is sitting on the inner of your tent - a best friend will have distracted you so someone could put it there.

You say something stupid - a best friend wont let you forget it.

Your being shouted at by the ugly dinner lady - a best friend is by your side also being shouted at.

You cant find an outfit for a party after hours of looking in town - a best friend is by your side ... moaning at you.

You tell a teacher on another teacher - a best friend thought and convinced you of the idea.

You do a magic act at the schools talent show on the residential - a best friend bitches about the teacher who said it was from Butlins and blames it on their cousin.

You play knock a door run on the same residential - a best friend will be the one who accidently knocks on the teachers door.

You run to your room and jump into bed because your best friend knocked on the teacher door - a best friend will jump over the bed and bash her head on the wall beacuse she misjudged the jump.

You get threatened to be taken home from a residential - it was your best friends fault that you got caught.

You never forget the times you had on residential because you got told off - a best friend made these times with you and got you caught.

You get your heart broken by a boy - a best friend will subtly say 'I told you so' the admit to making the same mistake once.

You get stuck down the side of a bunk bed because you got hyper on a mars bar - a best friend bought you the mars bar.

You get totally pissed at a party - a best friend supplied you with the alcohol.

People say you're weird because cows are your favorite animal - a best friend will also be obsessed with cows.

A boy is being a dick to you - a best friend will remind you of the time she made him cry by kicking him in the balls.

Your phone battery runs out - a best friend will miss texting you.

You write a not-so-innocent story - a best friend will think no less of you.

This is a tribute to India, Beth, Charley, Adam and Ali.


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