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Hello my dear readers,

It has been fun writing for you while being known by that name (you-know-what). That name was important to me, and I wished to be known by it. However, to keep myself safe from unwanted visitors who are more of my personal acquaintances, I decided to change my name into another pseudonym- Nicolas Ambroise.

I am maintaining the old brief background of myself: I am both an artist and a storyteller slash poet. It is in my nature being flexible with my subject matters. My stories' genres come dynamic, sometimes I tend to focus on the face of reality and most of the times, I go beyond it and travel the wonders of fantasy.

I have a lot of stories in mind, but I must admit I still haven't finished even a single one! I have my own stories and I haven't even started on them. But I swear I'll do my best to finish them in this lifetime! That's one of my goals and my reason for existence.

Right now, I have fanfictions for Kyo Kara Maoh (4 on the run,the other one I haven't posted yet because it still lack details), one for BanKazuki of Get Backers and the other one was for Cardcaptor Sakura titled 'The Veil of the Mystic' (to be posted soon).

I'm grateful for this life, it's just so damn interesting and inspiring me to write and make more art!

Thanks for reading my stories!

Telling life,

Nicolas Ambroise


Some of you might be wondering whatever happened to my stories especially those for KKM, I know it has been long since I last updated them. I am deeply sorry. Even though I sometimes have the time, it's really the mood that I need to carry on. So again, please bear with me. I will really finish them all for you! :3

Powerhouse (Sources of Inspiration): Music, Anime, Yaoi (I LOVE IT), novels, books, things that come around, art, loved ones, etc.

Favorite Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura, Kyo Kara Maoh, Tsubasa Chronicles, Fushigi Yuugi, Samurai X, Yuyu Hakusho, Get Backers, Rekka No Honoo, Hunter X Hunter, Paradise Kiss, Inu Yasha, La Corda D Oro, Jigoku Shoujo, Alice Acdemy, Negima, etc.

Favorite Authors and their books: Dan Brown, JK Rowling, Tolkien, Paulo Coelho, Dean Koonzt, Suzanne Collins, Nicholas Sparks, Mikage-chan

The Veil of the Mystic Sneak Peek!

This is one of my favorite fanfiction stories I have visualized (not yet posted because I still have to finish some that had already started)

Destroy the host, you destroy the power,

The feeble cards die first...
The powerful would wither slowly...
And perhaps the strongest would go last...

Plot Summary:
Sakura Kinomoto is now living a life she had longed for- a life embraced by peace and contentment. She is finally becoming a normal person who doesn’t experience disturbing dreams every time she sleeps, having no more reckless missions to save the world and facing deadly foes. She is enjoying learning in the campus of her new school. She spends time hanging around with Shaoran and Tomoyo, and talk interesting things under the sun with Kero and Yukito.

But beyond this whole new world for Sakura, she will soon find herself essentially becoming the person she was born to be. She would hear the enthralling tale of her guardian's past, learn the curse of her powers and confront the very inevitable thing she fears the most to befall.

All these are no coincidence... and at this point, the grounds are from the veil.

Pairing: Yukito-Touya, Yue-Clowreed, Sakura-Shaoran
Genre: Suspense, Drama, Action, Romance, Tragedy, Adventure
Disclaimer: Cardcaptor Sakura and its characters are not mine.



The Chess of Angels and Demons (COAD)- Moving on from Forgather

Finally Found- I am aware that some of you have put this story in your alert and favorites list, I will update this one hopefully soon after COAD.

BED WARS- This is my baby. I'm still not quite finish conceptualizing the next scene for this one, whatever it is, it will and shall happen in the King's Chamber. And Yuri still has to deal with that Harry Potter craze of Wolfram.

GETBACKERS- Strings of Fate- I will never say this is hopeless. I have the chapters even the sequel in mind, I'm just too lazy to write them... T_T Either way, please stay tuned.

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