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My name is Cocoa Sunflowers.
This is my profile.
I rule this territory with the force and an iron fist. Ironman helps me sometimes, but I do not want to get into all that copyright shit.

I "Flamed" You

You may be visiting this profile because I flamed you and you want to see who would dislike your "wonderful" work. I am a flamer in training if I must tell you. I only give constructive criticism but watch out, if your story makes my eyes burn I WILL flame you. -sigh- I wish there was a kind of filter that would extract flowers from shit but I am not that lucky. So I surf through the fictions and review them until I find a good story. Then my wrath stops for awhile.

Fandoms I visit and review:
- Artemis Fowl
- Twilight (Bashing fics only, unless they involve the characters with a personality.)
- Harry Potter (I just started looking at Harry Potter fanfics.)
- Warriors (So. Much. Badfic.)
- X-Men: The Movie
- Star Wars (My newest venture.)
- Percy Jackson and the Olympians

That's it for now.

My Writing

We all know that is for writers (and people who think their writers) so here is the bit of my profile that centers around my writing.

What I suck at: I have bad grammar. If I really work at it then my writing is good but I always have to edit my story a lot, or take a long time to write it. I also cannot carry a story on if it has multiple chapters. I am working on that skill but i won't come out with a multi chaptered story until I finish that book I haven't started on inkpop.

What I rock at: I am awesome at one shots. Generally if there is a fic around 2,000 words long and I'm the authoress, I would recommend you read it. I also have a lot of facts and quotes in my head so I can base my stories around those. Other things I'm good at are spelling, plot, and spotting out little errors.

My Opinions

"OMG This story is tots ausome!!!!1!!!1! Plz update soon..!'
OMG, shut the fuck up.

That's right readers. I would prefer that anyone who gives reviews that are just a line should go burn tin the fiery pits of the hell below hell. Why not hell, you ask? Because I'm going there dammit, and I do not want all those fucking idiots filling my head with 'chatspeak' for the rest of my eternal damnation.

My old opinions suck, slash is THE SHIT. I should really try writing some slash someday. Just. No. Yaoi.

There are two types of "flames" according to newbies. There is the famous "your story sucks get off the site" flame and then there is the "flame" That isn't a "flame" at all. Yeah, I'm referring yo constructive criticism, the best thing an author can give. If you are serious about writing you want constructive criticism. So when I give you constructive criticism and you tell me to fuck off, seriously, look at the bloody constructive criticism.

Opal Fandom
Do you know who uses Opal. The writers who can't think of anything better to write about. We are tired of Opal in fandom and we are sort of tired of the canon form of Opal. So don't have her break the other Opal out of prison and do not have her try and take over the world again. Thank you.

I read Twilight and the first time I enjoyed it. God forbid, I LIKED it. Then I read it again and I was asking myself what kind of shit I was reading. So, if your reading this and you are a Twihard, put those fangirly comments in your juicebox and suck it bitches. Twilight will be over in a few years and in 400 years no one will remember Meyer like they remember Shakespeare. The only characters I can stand are Jacob, Seth and Leah.

Gallagher Girls
Ally Carter does a fantastic job capturing flaws in her characters and the problems of being a teenage girl. I have one complaint about the whole series though which is that her aunt is a Mary-Sue. Now I haven't made it through the whole third book but it really bothers me on how much of a Mary-Sue Cammie's Aunt is.

I hate stereotypes but most of all I hate how people abuse them. I have a friend who calls herself punk and I said, 'Oh please, I'm more punk then you are. I mean... she frowns at punk music. Seriously hates it, while punk is my favourite type of music.
Also I hate how stereotypes treat girls. I am a nerd, but I am perfectly nice, and no one pays attention to the nice girls like me. They just go after those flirty bitches who will break their heart.


"Put it in your juicebox and suck it."

"Are you kidding me? Bloody 'ell old chap I'm not that daft, I know what a hot box is."

"Barbies a fucking slut T. You have to buy her boyfriends."- My friend
"Why is Barbie so popular. you have to buy her friends."- Me

Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you'll be among the stars.

In the world you may only be one person but to one person you mean the world.

Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute.

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

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