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Name: YOU can call me Wolfy!

Gender: Girls rule! (Umm...that means I'm a girl...)

Where I live: Florida!

Age: Well, let's just say I'm old enough to be on this cite without parental supervision.

What I like: Wolves, wolves, and wolves!! I also like Warriors, Okami, Okamiden (even though it hasn't come out yet, it still deserves lovin!), Off-White, Wolf's Rain (Toboe!... I think that's how you spell it...), chili (mmmmm chili...), and pretty much every type of animal alive! (minus parasites and leeches. bleh.)

What I hate: vampires, Twilight (and anybody who wears a shirt with a picture of Robert Pattinson's ugly face on it!), gangsters, rap music, Sarah Palin (stupid wolf killer!!), people who cuss for no reason, perverts who like nothing better than to talk about you know what, and last but not least, FLAMERS!!

Favorite books:
1. The Sight (what more do I have to say?)
2. Going Bovine
3. The Passage
4. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (Freaking Stephen King, man!)
5. Hitchhiker's series (it's Monty Python in book form!)

Warrior name: Foxfoot

Warrior Clan: ShadowClan!! (Blackstar's one of my fav characters eva!)

Fav Warriors character: Bluestar all the way!! (though I can't help wondering what Ivykit and Dovekit are gonna be like...)

Fav Warriors book: Bluestar's Prophecy pwned all the others!! (especially Firestar's Quest! take that Firestar!)

Least fav Warrior's character: Firestar (he soiled ThunderClan's pure blood until they weren't Clan born cats anymore, but a bunch of kittypets that just happen to know how to fight. I hate Firestar in memory of all the old bloodlines he killed off with his "kind" heart!)

Least fav Warrior's book: I liked all of them, really. But if I had to pick one that I didn't like as much as the others, I'd have to say Outcast. The plotline was very weak and it barely contributed to the plotline of the series. Stormfur asks for help from ThunderClan. They go to the mountains, fight off a bunch of wannabes, then lecture the Tribe on how to fight until they can kinda sorta fend for themselves, then they leave. But not before Jaypaw finds out more about his beloved stick! (I swear, he loves that thing more than he loves himself...)

Worst warrior name I've ever heard: Bumblekit. Just imagine how hard it will be for Firestar to come up with a good name for him. Knowing Firestar, it will probably be something along the lines of Bumblenose/belly/pelt/fur. I really think that the Erins are having trouble coming up with new names. Why not just recycle the ones that nobody knows about? Like the names of cats from RiverClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan that were alive during the beginning of Bluestar's Prophecy. Nobody remembers/cares about them, so why not? I can't tell you how many times I've used the name Brambleberry. I'm pretty sure she was a medicine cat in WindClan. Or RiverClan. Not sure which. The other name that really bugs me is Foxleap. Foxleap?! Seriously?? Why not Foxfoot or Foxfire or something cool like that?

Best warrior name I've ever heard: Echosong. (SkyClan's medicine cat for those of you who haven't read Firestar's Quest.) It's just such a pretty name, and it goes perfect with her ability to hear the voices in the Whispering Cave or whatever it's called. I'm pretty sure that she and Leafstar are the only competent cats in SkyClan.

Copy and past this onto your profile if you cried when Kagura died!

Favorite quote evar: -I'm really glad that snake is dead. He-he tried to kill me. -He tried to kill you with LOVE! -Really? It felt more like poison. -There is a fine line between love and a lethal injection. It takes a real man to realize that. Are you a real man, Billy? -I'm nine years old! -And you will forever BE nine years old until you can accept the love a venomous serpent! -Yu-gi-oh: The Abridged Series "An Ishtar Family Christmas."

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