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Hi. My name is Allis, and I'm obsessed with all things Twilight...

I'm 38, and I know better, but I can't help it.

I'd like to thank my two betas - one for being picky about ALL THE RIGHT THINGS & one for catching what the other missed - I love you both & don't thank you enough.


Remember: These characters are NOT mine...everything Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer and Summitt Entertainment/Lions Gate.

I fell into the world of Twilight a lot later than most of the people I've met since. I was handed the first three books the week Breaking Dawn came out by an employee of mine that heard me say to a mutual friend "I wrote my undergraduate thesis on vampires." Upon further discussion she realized that I was already obsessed with the mythos, and had a going theory that every 10-15 years or so a new author would come along and tweak something - Anne Rice made sure vampires never shrank from crosses, that kind of thing - and the whole obsession would start up again. She said to me, "This Mormon chick wrote these books, they don't burn up in the sun . . . they sparkle." I'll admit, I found the premise hysterical at the time. The next day she worked, she plopped three books on the counter and said, "read." I had a subscription to Entertainment Weekly at the time, and kept hearing/reading (I think KStew and RPatz had just been cast) about these books, but had written them off as teenage romantic crap, and hadn't delved any further. I chuckled to myself at her command, and scooped the books up thinking if nothing else, they would be an easy read.

I read Twilight in two days. I don't think I slept. I started New Moon, and I found myself a sobbing mess in the floor. I looked up at the calendar and realized I was also looking at the birthday of my best friend . . . who had died many years before . . . and starting sobbing harder. I had to go to work that day. It was rough. Not only had Edward left, I was reliving my Tommy's death as well. And, although I never doubted that Edward would come back (not for a second), I knew my Tommy wasn't ever coming back . . . and had to hide in the backroom at work until I got ahold of myself again. The employee in question came in that night, took one look at my swollen, red eyes, and said "New Moon?" I choked back another sob, and nodded. She laughed, winked, and I went home to read. New Moon took me almost four days to read, mostly due to the fact that crying makes me sleepy. :) Eclipse was a breeze, and another two days were gone. Then, I had to (yes, it was *HAD* to at this point) actually buy Breaking Dawn, and even read a couple of chapters at work (shhhhhh, don't tell!). I hated that SM changed her style of writing. I hated reading from Jacob's point of view. I hated the idea that a vampire could get someone pregnant - I mean, THEY ARE DEAD - and when I finished it, I wanted something more.

I found this little website (Twilighters Anonymous dot com) and found a WHOLE BUNCH of people that not only loved the books as much as me, but were WRITING STORIES with the same characters, just changing things 'round a bit. It was through them that I discovered this wonderful site. My first fanfic was Wide Awake. Then, I discovered the wonderful LolaShoes and a beautifully written Breaking Dawn that didn't fade to black, and didn't involve weird half-vampire spawn. And then I found Snowqueens Icedragon and her MOTU. I was horrified, scared, and yet oddly . . . I couldn't stop reading. I was hooked. And then someone let slip that SM had posted Midnight Sun to her website . . . and I was a goner. I wanted *MORE*.

So, I started thinking "maybe I could do this, too." A few years (and several movies later), I did. I enjoy the canon stuff the best, but the odd AU strikes my fancy as well. I hope that with *my* Midnight Sun, you will find your own "more."

Happy reading!

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