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Author has written 5 stories for Card Captor Sakura, Saiyuki, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Gundam Seed.

City: Davao
Country: Philippines

Hobbies: Drawing, eating, sleeping, watching TV (I'm lazy, ne:3), reading books, studying Egyptian Mythology, surfing the net, making fanfics, driving everyone around me crazy...etc.

Likes: animes, food, computer, cable TV, 'Troy' (the movie), The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Prince of Egypt (movie), all five Harry Potter books, Egyptian Mythology, world history (yup, I like the subject), bed, my cd's, bishies (of course!), and the list goes on...

Dislikes: Flay Allster! Somebody kill her for me! (oh yeah...she's already dead...good for her, Joey Wheeler and Sanosuke Sagara (the weak dogs that bark loud) shounen ai's and yuri's (no offense! I just don't like pairings of the same sex...),

Favorite Animes: Beyblade Grander Musashi RV Gundam Wing Gundam Seed Magic Knight Rayearth Rurouni Kenshin Saiyuki Slam Dunk Yu-Gi-Oh!

Favorite Bishies
Max (V-Force)

Grander Musashi RV

Gundam Wing:
Duo Maxwell (He rocks!)
Trowa Barton
Quatre Reberbe Winner! X3

Gundam Seed:
Yzak Jule (the hottest guy in SEED history)
Nicol Amarfi

Hyuuga Neji (drool the hyuuga genius! X3 )
Uchiha Sasuke
Gaara of the Sand
Hatake Kakashi

Rurouni Kenshin:
Soujiro Seta (Soujiro-sama...sigh)
Aoshi Shinomori
Hitokiri Battousai (not the swirly-eyed rurouni...)

Cho Hakkai
Genjo Sanzo

Slam Dunk:
Rukawa Kaede
Mitsui Hisashi Kogure Kiminobu
Sendoh Akira (yes, that so-called baka smiley porcupine is one HOT bishie)
Koshino Hiroaki
Fujima Kenji
Hanagata Toru
Soichiro Jin
Sinichi Maki

Samurai Deeper Kyo
Demon-Eyes Kyo (psychos are cool!)
Yukimura Sanada
Kyoshiro Mibu (he reminds me of Hakkai... o_O)

Yami Bakura (drool)
Seto Kaiba
Yami Yugi
Malik Ishtar
Ryou Bakura
Yami Marik
Yami Yugi's Dark Magician (hehe...can't help it..._;;;)

Fave Couplings:
Samurai Deeper Kyo


Rurouni Kenshin



January 2006: Got recently addicted to Naruto! Yeah... i know i'm a bit late, I was only able watch it fully when Hero was officially aired here in Davao. That's one of teh disadvantages of living waaay down South... -.-" But I'm happy, nonetheless, better late than never, right? .~
Also, I might not be able to update for a while, my PDA's USB isn't working (since around late November), and all (I mean the word all) of my fics are stored in it! XC No USB = can't transfer files (mainly the latest chapters of the YGO fic I'm currently working on) to my desktop computer = can't update! >. Ack!
Sorry for the -er- inconvenience, guys! I'm already looking for a new USB cable/cord/whatever, but since this is Davao, it might take a while before I find a new one, especially when Palmtop owners here are far and few... I'll just wait until my parents goes on another business trip to Manila before I could surely get a new cord that would fit the Palm model I have now! sigh

May 2006: My PDA got stolen, and along with it are the latest YGO chapters i had just created, which i STILL wasn't able to transfer to my pc because of that same usb problem. i'm trying to rewrite them in the way i had remembered it. but the pressures of studying in the most prestegious university here in the philippines are pulling me down, so i think i would be putting Built to Kill on hold until i am able to re-write the 10th chapter. (and the next 2 chapters stored in my palm before it got stolen). i sincerely apologize for the incredibly long delay.
and i hope you guys understand.

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