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We like to define ourselves as two beings, not one, two. We are Luthien Tinuviel- Elven princess extraordinaire, the one who gave up immortality before Arwen, who totally ripped off the look : ) . We were formerly located in Saudi Arabia, even though we have absolutely no connection with the place, and now, we have escaped the desert to a tropical paradise. No, seriously- there's coconuts and stuff everywhere!
We're pretty much 'Tolkienists', lovers of anything by the good professor, but we're also into Harry Potter (like all good fantasy fans!). And we are very upset over what happened in Book Five.
*Moment of silent mourning*
We love the LOTR movies, but as for the Harry Potter ones, well, frankly, we'd rather not go there! Oh, and we love Star Wars! Beat that! And… and… we like the Utena series! Seriously, all we've watched in the Utena series are three episodes in Japanese (which we don't know), with French (which we don't know either) subtitles. We suppose it's a credit to the makers of the anime cartoon show that we like something we didn't understand at all… but then again, there's the fact that the main character's got pink hair and there are swords being pulled out of random females… if you have no idea what we're talking about, we humbly apologise for rambling and would like you to note that it happens often…
Apart from the two main fantasy franchises, we also 'dig' the Wheel of Time series, and, of course, Terry Prachett's Discworld, which is simply awesome.
We love writing fics and we love that people actually take time to read our random rambling, and we ADORE the fact that some gorgeous persons like the stuff we write!
Well, we believe that's all we can put in this particular bio, but we'll update as life goes on… unless of course Beren decides he doesn't like the idea! : )
Peace and love and all that!
Le gra,
Luthien Tinuviel
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