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The Name's Kim!
"How can I write this without sounding completely full of myself or cocky?" I thought as I opened the "Profile" tab on my FanFiction account.

I'm a nerd to the billionth power. A dedicated gamer and Square Enix fan with a passion for writing. A girl who spends countless hours in front of her computer screen, getting her LCD tan on.


Most of you PROBABLY know me from YouTube and/or Instagram. I run the @kingdomhearts Instagram account, and I make GMVs on YouTube. If you haven't subscribed to my awesome Kingdom Hearts & Final Fantasy GMV channel, you should!

...okay, enough shameless self advertising! Here are some actual facts about myself; most of them are revised from the junk my seventh grade self wrote on here, so bare with me! xD

I'm 15 and a Sophomore in high school.

I have been playing Kingdom Hearts since I was 4 years old. It's my all time favorite game!

Hardcore Sora/Kairi shipper.

I love gaming. *

I know my GameStop employees on a first-name basis. xD

Fluent in sarcasm.

I overuse the word "epic". A lot.

Twitter addict. #winning

Steve Jobs is my inspiration.

I'm always making new YouTube videos; I'm an aspiring YouTube web celebrity (talk about BEST JOB EVER!).

I am in no way a perfect writer; but my imagination constantly flows with new ideas. FanFiction is my place to let my creativity out. :)

My current avatar on here is my seventh grade self. *too lazy to update right now*

I'm a lot more outgoing online than I am in person.

I have a really bad habit of writing down random things that happen during the day. :o

Seriously, if you guys want to know anything else about me, or just want to talk, feel free to PM me! I won't bite, I promise.

My favorite games are: Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, as well as KH3D: Dream Drop Distance, Final Fantasy games (specifically FF VII:Crisis Core and FFXIII), Heavy Rain, Syberia and The Longest Journey Series to name a few. I am an actual female gamer, unlike most of my "gamer girl" peers who only play Call of Duty, have a terrible K/D ratio, and feel the need to constantly post pictures of themselves posing with their Xbox controller on Facebook for male attention. xD

Until then!

Kim (KimxSora)

So, I haven't been on FanFiction since February 20th. Not as bad as the time I left for
two whole years. Well, I have been around reading stories and such, but I haven't updated you guys! I've recently become inspired to write again, so here's a quick rundown of what's to come! I'm going to make a very long wrap-up chapter for Beautiful Destiny. I won't continue the story any further, though, because I feel I can't connect to that story anymore. I have changed so much as a writer from 2009 to now, so it would be better to start anew. Speaking of which, I've been planning an all new AU Kingdom Hearts series for the past few months! The ideas have been stored in my head up until today, when I randomly thought out where i want to go with the plot. Expect a preface chapter VERY VERY soon! This story will be updated frequently, as I now bring my laptop to school, and I fortunately have a study hall
every single morning, so NO excuses! I'm thinking of making a schedule; maybe write a new chapter every other Friday or something. This story is going to take place in school for the most part, and it will basically be a dramatic version of my high school experiences (yay realistic fiction!). I've been obsessed with WhiteSimplicity's KH fic "First Love" lately; she inspired me to begin writing again!


xoxo -- 9/07/2012 11:27 PM

PS: happy Birth By Sleep two-year anniverary! (I WOULD remember the date, haha.)

Oh, thank gosh this FINALLY SAVED! I kept accidently refreshing the page while typing, so this is maybe the 4th time I've written my profile today! Fail.

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